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i always think I will have a heart attack!!! pain in arms and other parts of the body

Its started 2month ago. I got shrp pain my left upper abdominal and left chest. then I Google it, I read it can be. What they call "angina" That make me so depress. after 2 weeks we got my gp to take tests. blood, urine, ECG, and xxray. but they didn't see anything. normal blood, normal ECG ( 3 test ECG already) xray is fine. then I feel OK... then after 2 weeks I feel again the pin chest disxcomport, pain in the arm! it ruin my life! I'm only 16 male. I'm 190 pounds! but I started diet about a month ago. I run bout 2 weeks from now!! then yesterday I have palps and we go to my gp and he get my blood pressure and everything is fine!! how to fight this!?? MY MOTHER IS ALWYS ANGRY TO ME ! TOO MUCH MONEY IS BEEN USED BUT NOTHING BEEN SEE. SORRY BAD ENGLISH!! HELP

one more! I'll just notice that I'm always checking my pulse, beat and keep gogoogle it! is that the cause of my Anxiety?? Help

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i became too sensitive in sounds, easy to chill. is that okay?


Omg happy to meet someone like me im at the hospital rite now for the same reasons im so sick of it

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about 5 hours ago!! I just feel it again! my heartbeat fast and loud (about 100 beat)!! i just cry and pray nothing will gonna happen, and its just an anxiety!! I'm sick of it,


Me too im laying here cryin i feel so hopless..


I use to check my pulse all the time! This can not definitely be a cause of anxiety BUT instead of going back to your primary care dr if it would make u feel any better, set up an appointment with a cardiologist as they specialize in cardiac issues such as your having. But you are young, healthy and everything seems ok but I understand where u are coming from. Just to put your mind and heart at ease just set up that appointment with a cardiologist. That's what I did!


I just got in cardiologist! he just laugh at me! he say I'm to young to go with him! then he read my ECG and xray too. he say I'm fine! he said if I want a peace in mind, he will schedule me at stress test! but he's surely the result is normal too! And he said something costochondritis and that's the reason of my anxiety!!Now I feel something in my throat and chest like lump. what is this????


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