idk why am like this i just dont wanna be in world nomore 😒😒😒😒

For soem reason why am like this this is never gonna go away i feel like i have disablity or something my body always feels wierdd my head i get chest pains idk what to do anymore i cant stay still always twiching my back or neck jerk or something like i have a problem nobody understand what am going through these past three months been hell am afraid of being like this for ever and something happening to me because of the chest pain and my heart my vision seems to be un real or everytime i go outside i feel like something gonna happen because my head feels funny i get shortness of breath it like i have to go home right away or vibration in my chest.


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  • Johnnie, take your meds! I know you don't want to. But do you want to go through this for the rest of your life? And who says you have to be on meds forever. Take them just to get yourself balanced. I guarantee you'll feel better.

  • you think i have meds called paxil idk if its going to work they say it takes three weeks to really work

  • I've been on paxil before and it does work. You have to start taking them. The sooner the better so they can get in your system and you can feel better.

  • i have 10mg paxil and drink in the day or before going to bed and by the way are you in meds and how are you feeling?

  • I am taking meds now, but I still have anxiety. I just started taking it. I'm on Lexapro. I did not want to take it, but I'm tired of having anxiety and panic. It wears me out!! I'm taking it long enough to balance me out, then I would like to look at alternative methods of dealing with my anxiety. It sucks my friend...I know, but this is the hand that we've been dealt. We can beat this. You have to believe that.

  • Yeah after i smoke that weed it got me like this know garenteed because before that happen i never felt this way i wish i would of never smoked that day wish i could go back and say no i felt like it probably meesed with my head or something.

  • Johnnie, remember what we discussed before? It is going to take time for your brain to rewire. Take your medication. It will help your anxiety and symptoms. Your trying to do it without meds and I give you credit. But why suffer with all of this. Don't look back on your past! Consider it a learning experience and don't repeat the cycle. Take your medication.

  • Please try to take the Paxil πŸ™‚ If you find you don't like it, there are so many more anxiety medications to try, you just have to find what works for you. You've got to work on acceptance, your heart is okay πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

  • yeah i know but all this got me so tierd i feel like am sick or have a dieases or something the chest pains scared me and this everyday day chest pains and something pressure or like i could feel something in my chest then it goes away and when am out i cant stay still like am always twiching and cant realax my back always moving it its like i cant be relax period it just wierd and its every day its like i cant stay still

  • when you have gone to the er have they given you Ativan or anything to relax you? If so did it help? Sounds like you just need something to help you chill a little bit πŸ™‚ Even some hot decaf tea... a hot bath... deep breaths. You can get back to a normal life I promise

  • i really have bad health anxiety and no they didnt i have been to the er maybe like almost a month been trying to do it on my own because i know they favorite line is you have anxiety so dont bother

  • It's really hard to do on your own at first. Especially with health anxiety bc all the symptoms are so real. I would definitely call your dr tomorrow and ask him for something to calm you down... so you can think about this calmly and rationally. Then you will be able to get past this πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hi johnnie1234, your the same as me frightened to take meds. Just wish someone would force me to take them cos I'm not getting any better. Ive been fine for weeks but all of a sudden the anxiety is bk with a vengeance!! I would never wish this on my worst enemy as it's the hardest thing I have ever been thru. I can't sleep and I have wrk tomorrow. It's Really getting to me now

  • Yeah this is like am

    passesed or something

  • I've been given sertraline but have read lots of side effects so it's put me off taking them but my anxiety is too far where everyone thinks I need them to just get my head clear and be happy again cos I'm a right miserable person at this time. How can we feel happy tho feeling like this 24/7?? I don't get excited bout things anymore so that makes me feel more down

  • Yeah i know how you feel am only 20 years old feeling thins but mines is like really bad its a everyday thing all because of smoking weed now i been like this for three months am just tierd wish i can go back and never smoked that day

  • I've taken seraltine. It just makes you a bit sleepy

  • So ya don't feel funny on it or anything? I was thinking of trying half my 50mg dose to start with as I'm normally so sensitive to tablets.

  • Soo i was smoking weed for about two or three years i was always feeling my heart racing at time but wouldnt pay no mind So one day i was in the highway with A friend decided to roll up a joint and smoke i had a panick attack i couldnt relax i was telling him to try to pull over i cant breath my heart was racing my head got numb and tingling basically i was going nuts but he was fine because we were soming from the same joint but i guess it hit me harder then it hit him probably to much thc but long story short ever sense that happen i been like this for three months already i stoped smoking i dont smoke anymore after that but i been going to hospitals after hospital aftet that happen went to a heart focter to see if everything is ok with my heart because it continue doing the same thing with my heart after that day he say am fine went got a mri done noe am just waiting for results but yeah its been really rough for me and yes ive been loney and depressed because if you would of met met me before i was always active always happy person always out having a good time now i cant do that and i im depressed because people say am not the same anymore i dont wanna leave my house only if i really need to and because the way ive been feeling i never been through this the first time ever because that weed i cant reach my goals how i always wanted its like i cant do anything because i feel like something bad is going to happen to me because all of these sympthoms i have .

  • and people say forget about that dont pay no mind to but people just dont understand its hard for me its like basicalky fighting for my life my body is just tierd and in pain of all of this

  • how do you get tested for that they never tested me they just say when i told them what wrong that its anxiety

  • yeah my mom is just a really nervous person

  • yeah i already seen one said it was anxiety told them was smoking

  • Your mom. Will she be supportive of you

  • yeah everyone think am going crazy or something but know one knows how i feel like actualky feel it

  • Yeah i was always smoking because i was stress alot of stuff going so probably it triggered me and yes live in the us NYC

  • Yeah for three months already been trying my best but its really hard

  • yeah i got alot of blood work aswell they say everythinng came back normal xrays sonagrams of my heart alot of stuff told me everything is normal and the next step would be a mental health program they say because everything looks fine but i dont feel like everything is fine because i feel physically you know so its hard

  • thank you πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―

  • yeah like me was just about to fall asleep had like a bad dream my face felt tingling and body woke up right away

  • Hi Johnny. your symptoms as u have described are all anxiety. It seems hard to believe but those are the symptoms you get when your body is flooded with the stress hormone and fight/ flight response. i think if you have seen a heart doctor ,a and e ,have worn the holter monitor etc.. then you really do need ,1. Start taking your meds. your way is not working, so take your meds. This will settle everything down. The twitching etc is also caused by stress. I know i had it very badly aged 17 . I had the neck stretching and contant figits as well.Whilst you are unmedicated ,in hyper stress mode and dealing with diagnosed health anxiety you are not going to believe what you are told no matter who you go to.Heart specialists and doctors train for decades . Usually have seen everything before and know what they are about,You have no medical training so you can see really it is silly for you to not listen to the experts.I know how hard it is when your life is on hold. i have been bedbound ten years with very severe M.E. and fibromyalgia.I know the lomliness, the fears going round and round in your head on a loop! and the hypervigilence that comes with this high anxiety not a nurse anymore ,i had to leave work due to my illnesses but i treated people daily with health anxiety symptoms just as you describe.Give your self a break from the internet, try not to google endlessly and know you will be ok eventually ,and taking the first step is you taking the meds you have been prescribed as prescribed when you asked for medical opinion. You have had multiple different medics opinions all saying the same thing. please understand the path to less symptoms will be much quicker once medicated than not. Best of luck


  • thank you so much hope fully do get better not years doe very soon

  • You will.Once i stopped being so anxious all the time all of my anxiety symptoms dissappeared over the course of six months. some take longer some less it just depends on how well you take your meds, stop checking yor body over and over etc.... The mad thing is once you make the decision to stop all the unhealthy loop thinking body checking googgling etc... your stress hormones drop and you start to feel better.Its not instant as nothing ever is, even morphine takes time to ease my pain ,but i trust that it will and it does. You must trust the highly trained councel you have been given ,take the meds to give yourself a working shot and you will see things begin to turn around for you.


  • i guess thats what i have to do take meds because me trying do it my self isnt working

  • Hi I'm an asst.Pastor been thru that last yr, yes even christians get hit, it hit me like a ton of bricks,a real living hell, I took small doses of xanac, medicine wont heal you but will help you get some control ,make a plan,get someone involved who can help you along the way ,drugs and sin open doors to the invisible world, begin to read the bible and cry out to God and watch what happens, this is a turning point in your life, no more business as usual, he'll has targeted you so you have to fight, but be encouraged with Christ on your side you can win, if you haven't invited him into your heart now is the time, oh by the way I got careless in my walk and got floored, the devil does play dirty, and for all those that dispute that you will have a rude awakening, I overcame so could you

  • Yeah idk if will ever get better and i have meds but refuse to take them i hate pills thats why

  • Johnnie, you can't continue to refuse help whether it's meds or therapy or both. You are stuck in a fear cycle with adrenaline going wild in your body. Short time dose of meds may be enough to break that fear to allow you to move forward and feel alive again. Believe me we all hate medication, we all fear the side effects of it. You won't get to the top of the hill unless you climb up step by step. Would you rather just stand at the bottom of the hill looking up in what could be??

    No matter how you decide to kick anxiety to the curb, it's going to take effort on your part. Effort, determination and hard work. If you don't start a positive approach in dealing with accepting anxiety you will forever be back to 3 months ago when you had your first panic attack. It's time to move on....

  • Yeah maybe you right


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