Feelig so down

Soo am literaly so down that i feel like tearing so bad it just seem like i cant do nothing every one is out having a good time and i get invited places and cant go out Because am suffering from this like you dont know this is not me am always a happy person always active and always wnjoying myself and with all these sympthoms i cant do anything feeilng pains my heart racing sometimes feeling like i cant breath like why me please god i just want to feel better .


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  • U sound just like I did And still do . I have prayed and I have cried I just want to be me again I am holding to it's going to get better I will be me again.

  • Yeah am just upset right now and down like this cant happen to me wish i should of never smoke weed stupid stuff did this to me been like this for three months already sometimes i just wanna tear .

  • Yea I know it sucks then I read other post on here bout .something that's like a heart attack and that freaks me out soo bad like Oh God is that going to happen to me

  • Yeah i always think that when i have chest pains and sometimes shortness of breath

  • I recently stopped smoking weed too as soon was going in for laparoscopy n excision of endometriosis. ( I used to smoke to manage my pain n to manage emotionally. I suffer EUPD)

    Its been about 3 weeks! My anxiety levels hit sky high n i ended up smoking on n off the past last week. Feel very disappointed n annoyed with myself as I feel ive let myself down. 😪

    I was smoking for 1.5 years, everyday! I used to smoke max £20 per day! Prior to that I had smoked 2.5 years And in between I was clean for 8-9 months.

    Its not easy to break out of a vicious cycle!

    U done very well for abstaining urself for 3 months. U should be proud of urself as its a positive thing u did n a great achievement! 👏👏

    Wish I was actually on ur boat!

  • How long was u smoking weed for before u stopped?

    Also how heavy and frequently was u smoking?

  • Hey I'm here I'm experiencing the same thing but we have to stick it out we have to believe that we'll get better. If you ever want to talk I'll talk with you we experience the same symptoms and have the same HA thoughts

  • Yeah this seriously getting annoying like am trying to have my regular life back and i get severe chest pains aswell

  • I do too it's the worst I just want to be normal again

  • Yeah how long you had this for ?

  • Going on about 6 months

  • Hbu?

  • 3 months only and this all started after i was smoking weed ever sense i stoped so i got three months feeling like this and not smoking.

  • Well i think at this point we both know we aren't dying it's just hard to convense ourselfs

  • Yeah did you get the same way because of smoking or?

  • I had a health emergency when i was younger and never got it

  • *got over it

  • ohh so you didnt get it because of smoking ?

  • Well I will tell u it gets better I had my first anxiety and panic attack when I was 9 they went away and I had another episode at 18 and again at 24 and now 32 they have lasted 3 -4 months then go away for another 5 to 8 years and then they come back it will get better

  • yeah i have 3months already i feel like am loosing my mind or something and my vison for some reason sometimes feels unreal is just crazy

  • Yea that s part of anxiety . Even tho it sucks like I said be for it will get better and I was so bad the first 3 weeks I couldn't even get out of bed and I stopped smoking at the same time Cold turkey so it made mine ten times worse

  • yeah hopefully i get better and dont have to continue going throught this again

  • U will but I know what your going thru and I felt like I was the only person I. The world until I found this site and when I started to see some of the post I was like yep that it that's how I feel and it made me see there's a whole lot of people struggling it maybe different like some people have to deal with it there whole like mine comes and go's things like that but hurting feelings it almost the same . I know that when this episode is Over . I am going to enjoy the small things again like sleeping lol

  • Yeah lol they should have a full cure for this 💯

  • Hi Johnnie.

    Stay away from weed. It can be a real downer for some people.

    It's time to kick those bad feeling to the curb and go out and have some fun. Talk to people and relax, knowing you are healthy. I promise you will feel better the next day.

    Don't let the walls close in on you...break free


  • i stoped smoking weed for three months but i guess the last time i smoked it really hit me hard so now i have severe anxiety like really bad every time i step outside i feel my heart racing for nothing

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