Wassup Everyone feeling a bit like i have a nervous system problem or do i really have mental illness

Wassup everyone soo i feel like my heart is beating in my throat when i touch it like my thyriod is like its hyper like beating hard and fast also my heart and a feeling that im going to drop dead like i cant breath and get dizzy at times always having headaches and rondom muscle spasms in my chest and mostly every where in my body i feel sick. Like lastnight i went to go pick up a friend at the train station it was really dark out and i feel like i was going to drop dead and fall out of no where its like i felt i couldnt breath and getting dizzy but i still walker to go get my friend and forced my self its like i was scared for no reason But the one thats worrying me the most is my heat and my throat why is it beating so fast and hard for no reason i get these headaches that just annoys me i try to go out and have some fun drink a bit smoke some hookah but its like im worried about my heart going to fast its like its a problem with my nervous system like its really bad . Hopefully i get better this is 8 months already . after some bad weed it messed my brain up and bervous system its crazy.


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  • Have you tried medication, counseling... anything to help your anxiety disorder? You have had your heart checked by a cardiologist.

  • Yeah but i feel like something is causing probably cancer or something thats been in my head because my friend died from that for smoking to much and coughing but thats bedn in my head to something has to be wrong thats causing all this

  • It sounds like your nerves are just very over sensitized right now. Feeling worried about your heart and having it beating that way is very common with anxiety even if it is healthy

  • Hi Johnny, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. If you don't mind me asking, when did your friend pass? Was it before you started having these anxiety symptoms? Could it be the weed triggered your panick attack but your fear of having health issues is due to the trauma you witnessed with your friend? If so, I can totally relate.

  • it start

    after abad experince with weed now its like it messed me up physcially and mentally its crazy

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