Anxiety Disorder

Hey guys so i woke up this morning feeling like my body is sore my arms hurts lags hurts and my hands shaky and feeling like my body is vibrating or something really wierd like they tell me all the time is anxiety disorder i just wanna get back to my normal life again i cant even go outside with out my heart racing or my hands shaking and cant be relax !!!😩 but i dont like taking meds


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  • Hello Johnny 12 34

    Have you been to be checked out by doctor yet with this x

  • Yess i did went to like 6 hospitals this week ama go see a neurologist

  • this all happen because of smokig weed but it didnt get laced

  • Read through some of my past posts if you like. Sore muscles come and go for me quite often.

  • alright i will right now

  • I don't really know about side affects of smoking weed x but perhaps that is the problem with your body shaking x

  • yeah every sense 2months ago i was smoking and i felt panicked my heart started racing i couldnt calm down at all and now i started all types of sypmthoms

  • How long was you smoking it for

  • two or 3 years

  • Seems like that your body is craving for it then x all the side affects that goes with it x but even if you try coming of it thars going to be a challenge as well for your body x ask your doctor about going to get help for yourself to try and come off slowly x you can turn this around for yourself x

  • Yeah i got two months doe with out smoking after that happen that my heart was racing and panicked after that day it continue for two months already feeling all these sypthoms and i havent smoked at all

  • Well that's great that you have stopped x but your body is craving x but don't let the syptoms win x your stronger than that x try listening to relaxing music or go for a walk or even if you have time on your hands go to the gym if your fit enough x the anxiety trying to win x I know I've been having anxiety since last March and I'm 95% better than I was x when I feel these anxiety syptoms coming on x I just tell it to bugger off as I haven't got time to deal with it x I need to get on with my normal life x and it does work just need to keep yourself ocupid x x good luck and keep me updated x

  • Alright thank you so much and i will how long did it took you to get better ?

  • I got ill last March 2016 so up to now is 11 months it's taken me x so I have another 5% to go to reach the 100% x I have had some set backs but I deall with them a bit better than I did x deap breathing walking exercise reading listening to relaxing music x just to take your mind off it x

  • Oh alright thanks alot what sypthoms do you get if you dont mind me asking ?

  • Doctor said it's all down to anxiety these symptons x let me know how you get on x

  • Lots of symptoms x fuzzy head , feeling light headed, dizzy, feel like I've got a lump in my throats going down to my chest then stomache x pains in my back and shoulder blades x

    didn't want to mix in with people or go out any where as I was afraid I was going to pass out x panic attacks in shops I needed to know where the doors where so I could get out when needed to x

    Always worrying that there was something else wrong with me x

    Pains and tightness in my chest

    Doctor sent me for ECG's. Had heart monitors in for 24 hours had scans blood tests bowl cancer screening test x all came back clear thank god x

    But I have learnt to realised the more your worry about things that are going on in your body the worse it make your anxiety x it flares up so much and it gets the better of you x it's not going to be easy x I've only learnt this as I've gone through this and it's not a easy ride x

    Doctor did try to put me on tablets x I did try a couple of medications but didn't treat me to good made me feel worse x so I told the doctor I would try and do this myself x and I'm winning up to you x

    I don't eat spicy food now as it's makes anxiety worse also no fizzy drinks x or no caffeine. tea or coffee no alcohol x these things do make anxiety worse x if you do drink tea or coffee x do it in moderation x I have tea and coffee maybe 1 or 2 cups a day x but I have herbal tea in stead x camomile tea / peppermint tea / green tea/ licorice tea / fennel tea x or just plain water during the day that is better than anything else x make sure you have plenty of water flushes your system out x hope this helps you x

  • Yeah am always drinking water the only thing i think j need is a cat scan to make sure but idk why docters say i dont need because i think because of the smoking it probably triggered something on my head like right now while talking i feeling like tingling headaches and like my vision seems to be wierd

  • Just go back to doctors and say to him that you would like a scan to stop you worrying that maybe something else wrong x tell him you just want to give you peace of mind by having a scan x

    Don't mind me asking you x but what is your age x

  • Yeah ama ask and am 20 years old how about you

  • So you are young enough to go to the gym and get yourself back on track x don't let this anxiety rule your life x you need to take control x don't let the anxiety take control of you x you can do it what ever you do don't go back on the drugs x your better than that x

    My age is 64 x

  • Yeah but do you think it just anxiety ? it wouldnt be anything that effected my brain ?

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with your brain x I reckon it's just where you have been taking these drugs there still in your body and the anxiety is telling your brain that it wants the drugs as your body is used to taking them x but you need to be stronger than the anxiety which you are stronger your young and you can control this and you will control it x. Keep on telling yourself when you feel as though the feelings are coming on x it's not going no to get the better of me x just bugger off anxiety x you have no time for this x you need to get back the control of your body and mind x You can do this x

    Can you get yourself out and go to the gym get yourself focused on something x

  • Yeah thank you so much πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’― i will keep you posted

  • Yes keep in touch x and also keep positive x reemember you are in control the anxiety is not going to rule your life x can do this x

    Take care x

  • thank you so much and hope you get 100% better πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―

  • Hello johnn ie 1234 how are you just lately

  • Am alright just trying to not focus on these sypthoms and idk for some reason feel like my head feels wierd and like sometimes headaches and my vision like unreal or something πŸ™„ how about your susanna

  • Yes best way keep keep your mind on something else x keep up the good work johnnie x yes I'm good and getting better every day x thank you for asking x you have a good day speak soon x

  • The same thing happened to me many years ago. It was the beginning of my anxiety disorder, which has affected me on and off for the last 30 years. I pretty much have my anxiety under control, until things get stressful in my life and I am back to square one. I am going throug something right now and my anxiety is right with me.

  • wow thats crazy am 20 years old idk why just feel like am dying or something just need this to go away already

  • I hadn't smoked weed for very long when I experienced my first panic attack. Like you I thought I was dying?. When I went to see my Doctor, he told me that it is not uncommon for weed to cause this reaction. It would be a good idea for you to see your doctor soon and see if he can give you something to help with the anxiety, before it takes over your life. But, I can tell you it will get better, but not overnight.

  • Yeah so what should i do i already seen docters

  • they tell me is anxiety disorder idk if i should get a catscan

  • Anxiet disorder has nothing to do with your brain. Your brain is fine. It has to do with your nervous system and your emotions. Before you had your first anxiety attack were you a nervous person or did you ever experience any kind of depression?

  • yeah type nervous but this happen two months ago after i smoke my hurt was racing and felt my head tingling maybe is my nervous system that damage or something because x-rays and blood work came normal i went to a heart docter made me run on a trim mil and told my heart is good aswell so idk what is really is the hospitals are just its anxiety disorder

  • but i felt like the smoking triggered something on brain probably idk

  • I am not a doctor, but I can pretty much guarantee you, there is nothing physically wrong with you. I know it is hard to believe but your mind can do some weird things to make you feel like you are dying but you're not. Right now you are highly stressed out from all of the awful feelings you are having. So in order to start to feel more relaxed you may have to take anxiety medication. It won't be forever, just until you feel more relaxed.

    I really encourage you to see your doctor again And tell him or her that you need help dealing with your anxiety. But I can guarantee you that it is treatable and you will start to feel better with the help of your doctor.

  • alright thanks alot hopefully start getting better πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • and yeah i have tharapist

  • Do you get a tingly and vibrating feeling in your arms?

  • Yeah alot of tingling sometimes and vibrating yeah even on my chest

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