Feeling bad tonight

Soo these chest pains wont stop on my left side for some reason i could laydown and soon as i get up my heart starts to beat fast and hard but then start to calm down but i dont get it i went to the a heart docter everything is fine did a stress test my heart is strong and he told me nothing wrong with my heart But i have a lot of sympthoms on my body alot of tension on my back i keep moviing my back be cause i cant relax it


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  • Hi Johnnie1234, I'm sorry the chest pains continue. The fact is you checked out okay by your doctor in regards to your heart. So now that it's not coming from your heart, you wonder what is causing the pains. It is severe anxiety and tension. When we are anxious or scared, every muscle in our body tenses up. Your body becomes rigid, tight causing muscles and nerves to cause us pain. It is not dangerous. It can be abated by getting those muscles to relax and getting your mind to accept that it is anxiety and not heart related. The pain from the tense muscles can show up in your head, neck, chest, back, stomach, face, armpits, down your arm etc. Anxiety can cause indigestion causing gas bubbles to be felt as sharp stabbing or pinching type pains. Indigestion is not always confined to the stomach area. It can be felt in the chest and arms as well. You can relax Johnnie, you need to work on that. It doesn't come by itself or wishing for it. You have to commit to taking things in your own hands and wanting to feel better. And if by chance, you can't, then ask your doctor for a little medicine for a while that will give you that peace and calm feeling that you need. You should not have to feel this bad every day. Keep coming back to the forum, we will talk you through this and help each other. Do you know any coping skills to relax??

  • Yeahh i doo but this all day like idk why like i want my regular life back i was always having fun now whwn my friends go out i cant go because of this thing going on and i just get down like every one is gonna go have some fun and i have to get stuck with these anxiety stuff pains and every time i get up from my bed my heart race like a pressure or something but then it relax

  • I know Johnnie, it's a bummer for any age but I completely understand when you are young and want to do what your friends are doing, it's rough. Have you talk with your doctor about taking a short term medication just to calm you down some. It might make quite a difference in feeling better. With feeling better, you may be then able to join your friends for a fun night out.

  • if i take medication i wont be able to drink or anything right ?

  • I'd asked your doctor but normally you shouldn't drink when taking antianxiety or antidepressant meds.

  • Alrightt thank you so much once again sorry i might be annoying posting all the time it just i realky never experience these things

  • Johnnie, you are not annoying anyone. That's why the forum is here and will continue to be here because there are just so many people like ourselves who go through this on a daily basis. (whew long sentence) :)

  • thanks alot

  • I feel the same way. It was a true God send to find this forum for me. No one around me understands exactly what this is like and everyone here is really friendly and understanding. I too always wonder if I will ever feel great again...but I just keep telling myself that its the anxiety talking and I keep fighting it day by day. It slowly gets easier.

  • Yeah you right i do think god did this to me so i could open my eyes and change my life around

  • Well I know for me my eating habits were bad before this as well. My wife and I are having our first baby in about another month or so...and I feel like this was sort of a wake up call to myself as well. I just take everything day by day. I have the bad days as well and sometimes just sit around and cry. Then I pick myself back up and move forward :)

  • Yeah every time think something going to happen to me like die or something just want that to happen

  • LISTEN to your doctor!!!!!!!!! Unless you have studied for 7 years at Medical school your doctor knows more than you. Listen to your doctor.

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