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Anxious as always

I'm new to this. Forums have pretty much consumed my life. I've always been a pretty anxious and stressed out person. Panic Attacks have hit me very hard over the last two years. Kind of been rocky as well. Well this has brought on a bout of existential anxiety I would think. These thoughts have been recurring since childhood. But we're in the background as I had more to do, and was not fully aware of them or what it meant to question existence. The thoughts have suddenly moved to the conscious side. Like this: Basically does life have a purpose? Why can I only see through my eyes and not someone else's? Why do I experience life through me but nobody can see what I see? What if this is a movie and I'm the main character? I feel like an alien almost that will never escape or die. Very crazy stuff. I feel like I'm constantly aware of myself and the fact that everyone else is carrying on with their lives unbothered. Makes me feel crazy! Which is completely a lie. I feel cut off from the world when this started to happen. I am on 100 mg of Zoloft. I do believe that is helping to an extent. I have had bouts of anxiety, mostly dealing with thoughts for the last 5 years but have seen peaceful times for a year or two. I have had intrusive thoughts about hurting someone or myself but they cleared up after being on Prozac. Caused lots of anxiety when they would pop up in y mind. They started again but have slowly tapered off again, which I am very thankful of that. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or felt the same.

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Hi Tb,

Yes, I can relate to all this to a degree. If you have not already done so, could you show your doctor all you have written in this post. Doc appointments are usually very short, not enough time to explain all, but you could write it down. It's a bit quicker to read something than to listen to an anxious person try to explain.

Do you need a review of your meds?

Best wishes,



No. I pretty much know my meds. I don't know if these are common thoughts or if I'm going crazy. It really stresses me out.


I know the feeling well so can empathise. It's horrible.

Do you have a job? If not, how do you fill your time?

I have got an app on my phone called Calm, and the basic one which is free is very helpful. Have you tried meditation, Or, power walking? I find these helpful but it's just actually motivating myself into DOING them that's the problem.

Maybe you could make a daily achievements list. If you are able to tick just one thing off, it's a start. 😊

Wish I could help you more, TB


Yes I have a job. I used to enjoy lots of things. But now I feel weird and remember feeling weird sometimes throughout my life. Feels like a never ending circle.


I am so sorry you have to feel like this. It's horrible, I know first hand. There can't be just me or just you feels like this. Brain & mind are very complicated. Are you eating properly? Do you have any allergies?

I know that can be boring, but we are a lot more complex than the running of a car for instance, but if we don't the right fuel in the car it won't work properly, and likewise, we don't 'run' properly if we don't have correct or enough nourishment.



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