All of a sudden feel so angry at myself

I've had worse things in life happen to me than anxiety and now depression so why ok earth am I letting this get on top of me and steal my happiness?????? I just don't understand it! I feel pathetic. Every other day I go into work and see poorly children who just want to go home and enjoy their life while I'm moping around feeling sorry for myself. I've never felt this frustrated with myself ever. When I was young I had one of the worst things happen to me that no child should ever have to go through and I came out on top. So why am I letting anxiety and depression drag me down to the point I'm scared to wake up in the morning through fear of going through the same dreadful feeling and thoughts all over again! Argh!


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  • Hi Key x I to had very traumatic experiences as a child and t this day I find myself questioning why I let them bother me now all these years later when i got over them so well then x The answer is that I thought I had healed myself and gotten over the past but in fact i had not x And now we think of these things subconsciously and they spoil the day x Try not to get up in the morning thinking the worst just go with it and see where it takes u x Donver x

  • Hi donver thanks for replying. Yep I don't think I'm over mine party because the problem has reared it's head again which is why my anxiety started again in the first place! I just want to enjoy things again you know and stop feeling sorry for myself. If you want a chat about things then message me :-) we've just got to stay strong in this big crazy world xx

  • Its hard to get over things more so when they do crop up unexpected x Sometimes we can enjoy ourselves when we just forget and let go x ty for the offer of chatting, i may take you up on it some day x :) Yes its a crazy world, just as well some of us are crazy enough to try it ;lol x

  • It may help to talk to someone, over a cup of tea. Turning that anger into positive energy might help too? These

    thoughts are just off the top of my head. I myself had a really bad attack of anxiety on Friday and have not yet recovered, and I too feel very angry about that too as it is years since it was that bad. I am trying to get support as well right now. Good luck!

  • Hi , I feel like you that I have no right to feel like this, as others have it worse. But you can not help the way your body reacts some of us just are wired differently, and sometimes it takes years for something to manifest , be kind to yourself , forgive yourself . If we could control the anxiety and panic we would x

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