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Just started having this horrible thing called Anxiety!!

I have never experienced anxiety before 4 months ago.. I havnt been diagnosed by a professional but I'm most certain it is anxiety. I don't have these feelings or thoughts all the time or everyday it just happens out of nowhere. I'll get hot feeling, my heart will beat so hard I can hear it and have a horrible headache.I will have awful very uncomfortable thoughts and feelings for no reason. The last two times it has happened while just lying in bed at night..... Idk what is causing these feelings and thoughts but by reading all of these stories it makes me feel somewhat better about the situation. I start thinking that I'm losing my mind or need to be put in a home for going crazy. I have had a lot of stress in my life lately but also a lot of good things too. Idk what to think about all of this, I would love to hear back from someone

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Hi there,

I am right there with anxiety and i have depression. I have been diagnosed and had it for 3 years, if you need to get reassured, go to your GP to have a chat, this is very common and they know by your symptoms straight away. I was reffered to a psychologist for assessment and I see her every 3 months for a catch up. The first step would be medical advice

Good luck x


Thanks I will do that. Good luck to you as well

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Thank you


Hiya Wb88

Have you had any luck with the Gp xx


I actually havnt made an appointment yet. Had some things come up. I've still been experiencing the same thing a couple times


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