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Hi I signed up to HU yesterday. Basically I have come here because my doctors and hospital specialists say my physical symptoms are now in my head. I am tired and have heavy periods and I am constipated and my joints ache and I have short-term memory and poor concentration which has cost me my job. My feet have now become so badly affected by the cold that they have become purple/blue even now the weather has become more mild. I am waiting on a podiatry appointment to find out the cause of my purple/blue feet and my toenails pooling blood underneath them but I have been waiting for an appointment for nearly a month and I feel my concerns are not being taken seriously. I currently take Fluoxetine for depression/anxiety/OCD/nervous breakdown and I also have underactive thyroid, iron deficiency and B vitamin deficiency but I have been on and off antidepressants and antipsychotics ever since I was 24 and around about the same time all my other problems surfaced. I have also been referred to Positive Steps for mental health support. If anyone could advise me what next to do I would be grateful. Thank you

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Hi Pinkprincess2, I find it hard to believe that the symptoms you are describing are coming from your head. You need to take hold of your own health issues and become your own advocate. I would see another doctor and get a second if not a third consult. It's too easy for some doctors to just write it off as a mental illness. You owe yourself more than thank. My best to you.


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