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IM NEW HERE! Stroke or Anxiety?



So to start off I am a 24 year old single mother. I live with mom and boyfriend (whom gives me a lot to deal with as he complains about everything I do) - Just to give a bit of my background there.

So for the past month Ive been getting weird "symptoms", and for the last week it just got worse and I get it every single day now too; since 2 days ago I have been getting it the whole day and night, none stop.


Pressure in head

Tingling and hot feeling on left side of brain

Pressure by ears

Fatigue, but can't sleep


Shortness of breathe

I feel that my brain doesnt get enough oxygen

Numbness feeling from back of head down to my back


Loss of appetite

Chest pains

Numbness in face and sometimes back of ear


I think I might have missed some more, but these are what I can remember right now. I went to the doctor twice, and he says that Its just stress and Anxiety. But honestly, I think and feel there is more to this strange feeling as I have NEVER experienced this before.

When I google my symptoms I either come to "anxiety" or to "stroke", and I sure don't want a stroke, as no one believes what I am feeling, they just think Im seeking attention..

Can somebody please help me..

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HI, I know that not all the cases are the same, but I have all this symptoms (exception of the chest pain), I was going crazy with the idea of a AVC or brain tumor. I did a brain scanner and evetything it's okay, most of the symptoms are still here, but now I know that they are not the worst case scenary, they are part from my anxiety, part from temporomandibular joint disorder". I guess the frist thing you should do is observe if you pain go away easily... like when my head is feeling weard, if I move a little or, take a bath, I feel better... this would not happen with a physcial condition. The second thing: Do you have anxiety? You was diagnosticed? If don't go to a doctor! Ask for a CT. A neuro can, in the avaliation, see if you need one.

p.s: sorry for my poor english, is not my idiom. I'm from Brazil.

Hope you get well soon. If it's anxiety: I also hope you find support, because I'm dealing with this for 2 years now, and I know how hard can be without love and understendment. If you need talk, let me know.

gekac in reply to gekac

AVC = stroke.

laylashaylene in reply to gekac

I went to the doctor a few days ago, twice in the week. He prescribed me amitriptyline, for my anxiety.

I understand that it could be anxiety, but its just so hard to believe that you could have so many other symptoms along with it, giving you odd feelings. I have the biggest fear for death. Especially now having my little one. I honestly hope not to suffer for long, I can't even handle it for a week. Just want to feel and be healthy again.

Caramadden4 in reply to gekac

I have a pituitary cyst 15mm. It dont even show on a CT scan. Always ask for MRI. When I first found out I had it was at the ER by CT scan so I dont know how they dont show up anymore. Its much bigger now than it was then...🤔

Hi hope you are ok.sounds like you are stressed to your limit.if you are still feeling like this tomorow make an appointment with your doctor just to ease your mind.the boyfriend just ignore him .just remember you are a brillent mum.all single parents do a good job even though it hard sometimes.i was a single mum at a point myself.lack of sleep for long enough can make you have the symtoms and stress.see your doctor .hope you are feelung better soon.😊

laylashaylene in reply to Nina78

Thank you so much, really appreciate it :)

I went to the doctor a few days ago, twice in the week. He prescribed me amitriptyline, for my anxiety.

I understand that it could be anxiety, but its just so hard to believe that you could have so many other symptoms along with it, giving you odd feelings. I have the biggest fear for death. Especially now having my little one. I honestly hope not to suffer for long, I can't even handle it for a week. Just want to feel and be healthy again.

Fear does very strange things to the body. As we speak I'm having many of the same symptoms you described! 😂 prickling down the back of head and neck, dizzy/ lightheaded, chest pain, not feeling as if my brain is getting enough oxygen. It's all very scary. Ive been dealing with anxiety for about 2 years now. The symptoms still come and go, but I've found ways to cope with them. It's not fun, but it has become bareable, and I am finally able to enjoy my life again. :) The medication your doctor prescribed you should help you keep a hold on these moments, but I would also very much recommend going to counseling if possible. If that is just not realistic for you at this point in time, finding online coping methods can be very helpful as well. Medication can only do so much, and getting into a healthy mindset is important! I wish you good health and happy times ahead. Keep your head up!

Thank you so much. I still need to learn how to cope with these issues, hopefully Ill get there soon. I am seeing somebody, as I have been having many other issues, but now Ill have to start speaking about this.

I have had all these symptoms and they were really freaking me out tonthe point that i was in like a constant panic attack and i couldnt walk because i was dizzy. I just wanted to be in bed all the time. And I have 2 small children and a husband and I couldn't take care of anyone because ibdidnt want to get out of the need I was barely able to make it through the days at work.i started seeing a psychologist and working on cbt therapy. I learned to accept the anxiety and it's symptoms, once I learned to stop fighting all the symptoms and stop fearing them, they started to go away and i started to have normal days which in turn helped me realize if it was something really physical then it wouldnt just go away for days and come back. I have a huge fear of death and that has brought on the worst health anxiety, everytine I would get a symptom it would be a life ending cancer. I have learned there can't be that many things physically wrong, it just doest make sense, if we can get over our fear of death we would have nothing to be afraid of so our health anxiety would diminish because we would no longer fear the symptoms so much. Just my opinion of course

Death is a ugly thing to think about, like I said, I have feared it since a very young age, about 9 or so I think. I am seeing a psychologist, she helps a lot with other issues, but now I started these anxiety issues, so now Ill be speaking about that. Its really scary to be dealing with all these things, especially when you have no support. My only support is my boyfriend and my closest friends, whom all stay on another continent.. miles away from me. So I need to start teaching myself to think that its just the anxiety playing tricks on me, and that it will all be okay.. EVEN THOUGH feeling like this is just so terrifying!

Hi laylashaylene, First of all, you are not attention seeking. Actually when feeling overwhelmed by anxiety the last thing we want is to be noticeable. Your list of symptoms even with omitting a few, still add up to Anxiety. You notice I didn't say "just" anxiety. It was something I hated to hear feeling like people including doctors minimized the impact anxiety has on one's life.

It's true that you may never have experienced these feelings before but then again, you have never been a new mother before. Your life has changed and change is usually the cause of anxiety coming to the surface. Life may seem overwhelming in many ways which makes us feel some loss of control in our life. Since it hasn't been that long since all this started for you, it would be the best time to gain back your control by seeking help with a therapist who can help you in accepting and prioritizing your life. Medication for short term if needed, but it can be done with you working w/ a therapist as well as helping yourself by reading all you can on Anxiety and how the mind/body connection works.

Continue using the forum for support and understanding and guidance. Everything will fall back into place one day soon. x

hi Lay,I can identify with a few of those symptoms,such as pressure in head,and dizziness,also some stabbing pains around chest,breathing is shallow and taut feeling in diaphragm,and although much older it appears to be very high levels of stress,plus in my case have form of asthma,never been a problem before but this past year has affected me and balance.It seems that you could have oxygen probs.solution drink plenty water as that carries blood round the body and is essential for the brain and to avoid dehydration...if you can sort out the relationship issue your stress and anxiety will lessen.hope that helps a bit....most Gps don't seem to know how to handle get a library book or somewhere that understands you like a friend …

Private message me and we can set up a time to talk. I'm brother Tony to me it's more helpful to hear it than to read it

I get the same symptoms and I suffer from gad try doing some breathing exercises they help me a little.

I have all this.. it’s anxiety so calm down

Nothing to worry

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