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Hey everyone! I'm new here! Suffering terribly from GAD and health anxiety :/ symptoms have become so strong it's starting to affect my every day life. Feel weak, light headed, dizzy at times.. sometimes short of breath, heart racing, hot all over, nausea.. loss of appetite.. I fear that I have some serious health issue or something wrong with my heart. All this drives me crazy because I just went to the doctor and had a full blood workup and EKG.. everything was completely normal and healthy, but anxiety symptoms are so real it always makes me worry. Even though I've had tests and know I'm okay, anxiety has a mind of its own and tells me otherwise. I'm on 20mg of fluoxetine; been on this for 8 years and t just doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore. All this has out me it's depression, but have a doctor appointment today to get on a new med and hopefully that will be a start to getting better! Welcoming all replies and looking forward to getting to know everyone :)

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Hi faith9119 I have to go out for few hours ,but I will reply to you when I get back home.anxiety was my life for months ,you are not alone talk later

Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you!

Sorry faith was out longer than expected .will be at work tom but catch up in afternoon ,I promise

Faith, Anxiety is a bare faced liar, it sends you messages and you feel you have some major physical health problem. Then you see your doctor and go for tests and and they come back saying you're fine and you realise you've been tricked by those over sensitised nerves sending you false symptoms. Nobody should be surprised when the EKGs/ECGs and blood tests come back as normal, anxiety doesn't show up on an EKG, a scan or a blood test. That's because it's not a physical disorder, it's a disorder of the nervous system which is in anxiety overload because you've lived for too long with stress, worry, overwork and disappointment.

Anxiety is an accomplished impersonator as all confidence tricksters are: it can imitate stomach disorders, tumours, heart failure, visual disturbances,nausea and cancer of the everywhere you can think of. All this has been known for years. It can also send you bad feelings so you think death is imminent, you're constantly tired, you have a lump in your throat, you dare not leave home and you have vertigo.

Even when anxiety is exposed for the liar it is it still has a trick or two up itssleeve. You get the good news from the medical tests saying everything's normal and anxiety stops you believing it: you think the doctor or specialist has missed something, who says so, Doctor Google says so. So instead of giving thanks to Whoever you give thanks to and celebrating, you go on thinking you've got some undiscovered physical illness. Such is the power anxiety to lie to you and trick you.

My daughter has anxiety disorder, she discovered a lump on her breast, she has a mammogram and biopsies and back comes the verdict: it's not breast cancer. Her reaction was one of distress, 'Well there must be something wrong, what is it?' The specialist told her she was the first patient in her career who wasn't happy to learn they don't have cancer. Clearly the others didn't have anxiety disorder.

As I've said here many times, Faith: Nobody can recover from an illness they don't have, far better to spend your time addressing the illness you do have - anxiety.

So if you're not convinced by what the doctors and specialists tell you ask for a second opinion. But when that one also comes back saying there's nothing physically wrong then you must accept it. And spend your energy on looking for a road to recovery that may include medications but should certainly include self help methods such as the Acceptance method first set out by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book 'Self help for your nerves'. You will get there in the end, I assure you.

jessiejakes in reply to Jeff1943

Jeff1943 brilliant reply to faith you explained anxiety so well and everything you said is so true.well done.

faith9119 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me in such depth and detail. This made me feel so much better! I am having a good day, started a new anxiety med and have a positive mindset. We can conquer anxiety! Thanks for the uplifting message! You guys are great!

Yes very thorough reply-clap clap clap!

Ashleyw1987 in reply to Jeff1943

Hi Jeff! I'm currently really worried 3 weeks ago I had rising heat up my back then head zaps and pins and needles in my right leg so went to docs Monday she prescribed me citalopram I had a massive reaction to them blood boiling etc really depresssive thoughts and burning sensations in head etc only took them for 5 days went back to docs she prescribed me a lower dose tried again for 5 days not doing anything had a 3 day break but decided to try them again ended up ringing ambulance as I've just been getting worse everyday there's a new pain it's like my body's trying to fight something I've had blood work and doctors done obvs etc but I'm still not right 😩 Just feel lost it really feels like I have a terminal illness

Jeff1943 in reply to Ashleyw1987

Ashley, I'm so sorry to hear of your experiences with citalopram, it certainly sounds that this is the wrong med for you. But I'm sure that there is an alternative that will provide you with relief without the bad side effects you mention. This is a matter for the professionals to sort out for you and all I will say is to keep on at your doctor until you receive the right treatment abd din't be reluctant to 'bother' your doctor for as long as it takes. I'm sure that in time you will emerge from this unhappy experience and recover your peace of mind.

Tamlg in reply to Jeff1943

This is a great post!!! I have suffered with G A D my entire life.from age 13 to my age mow 56.i have been to the hospital several times a year thinking I was having a heart attack,even went by ambulance twice.Yes,these symptoms feel real and are debilitating for several minutes,but as you said in your post it's all a trick..I finally deal with them when they come on... breathe,drink water try n relax and tell myself it's just an attack.nothing is seriously many others have,I've been to MULTIPLE doctors ,cardio specialists come up with the same answer..." anxiety".so many years have been wasted thinking something was wrong with me,not to mention filled with fear..I now finally have it under control,meaning I believe that what is happening to me is not going to end my life.i go through it and it's still scary but it doesn't consume me anymore.took awhile to get to this point but I hope whoever reads this doesn't through this for 40 years like I did.these groups are wonderful for support!!!best wishes everyone!

jessiejakes in reply to Tamlg

So sorry you have suffered all those years.but great to hear you are now learning to get through them.thankyou for sharing .

Marie_Anne in reply to Jeff1943

You said that so beautifully. Thank you.

I have the exact same symptoms! I really thought something was wrong with me when I became dizzy for about a month straight. I had the same testing done and guess what? Everything came out normal, but I didn't believe my doctors. Still trying to come to the realization that my health is fine & my anxiety has just taken over. It's tough to deal with I know.

faith9119 in reply to TiredOfA

Yes it is hard to overcome your mind sometimes, anxiety is a strong manipulator. Are you taking any medication for your anxiety. My doctor prescribed me Effexor XR today, feeling better anxiety body will just have to adjust to the new medication. Just feel like I'm in slow motion a bit

TiredOfA in reply to faith9119

Yes I've been on Lexapro for a little under 3 months. Started out at 5mg and gradually up to 15mg. I also take .25 of Xanax as needed. I guess it does take the edge off, but I know I need therapy to start to feel whole again.

faith9119 in reply to TiredOfA

Yeah meds can only do so much. We have to overcome it in our minds as well. We can do this!

TiredOfA in reply to faith9119

We can & will!!!

Hi Faith it's nice to meet u. Sorry to hear about your anxiety. This is a great group 4 support. I went and go thru those symptoms too. It really taxes the mind and body. But I'm glad u r seeing a dr and I hope that went well. I'm going thru a med change and it's hard to b patient! Good luck to u and if u need to talk, someone will b around.

Thanks so much! This group is so welcoming and full of positive words. Hope you are doing well! We have to take anxiety one day at a time! Glad to be a part of this :)

Hello there!You're definitely not alone and I'm going through the same symptoms too :( Nausea,loss of appetite,cold sweat and feeling like I can't breathe properly..and idk how to handle it either.I tend to worry and overthink too and I keep thinking that it's a serious health issue which makes me panic even more.

I hope you're feeling much much better and that your new meds will help you feel better!Have a blessed day ahead :)

These are all such scary and real symptoms. It's crazy how our mind can put our body through such terrifying things. I'm so glad I joined this group and am finding amazing support. Anxiety will not conquer us! I pray you have a great day with a peace of mind! Thanks for your reply :)'s scary how we jump to the worst case scenario (health problems) and even when the test results come out okay,we're still skeptical over it.Hopefully one day we'll be able to triumph over them!

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