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I am in a GREAT relationship. I bought a house about a year ago. My job is not perfect, but I do enjoy what I do. My anxiety is just always in the way. I cant seem to stop worrying about everything! I cant relax, my fatigue has increased. I am having headaches daily, nausea, sweating. I am anxious all day/every day it seems like. I have tried Celexa for 2 years. It worked for a while, but then my anxiety worsened. I have been on Buspar 10 mg three times daily and Prozac for 6 months. I feel these are no longer working either. Any recommendations? Advice? I just don't want to feel like this anymore. Things are going my way for the most part, but I am still not happy and still stressed to the max.


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  • You should try Magnesium, it helps with GABA in the brain which gives you the same feeling a sedative gives as well as silences the constant voice in the head thing. It helps with depression too. Magnesium glycinate.

  • I heard that too! I think I need more magnesium!

  • A specific kind not just any. Magnesium glycinate will honestly sort your head out. It's like having a drink without getting drunk or feeling dizzy. Just makes you feel nice, relaxed, calm in the head and no rapid thoughts or negative voice.

    Give it a go !!

    Best one available,

  • Link isn't working but I think Holland and Barrett do a good one.

  • No, Holland and Barrett are crap !

    Link works for me !

  • they are expensive I know that. Is the magnesium you recommend ok for somebody on a vegan diet?

  • Yeap is vegetarian friendly. The one in the link is cheap considering it £14 on Amazon. 1 tablet a day is all you need, 120 tablet's for £8 with postage which is 4 months supply is cheap in my opinion !!.

  • Actually just looked at the carton and it says Vegan friendly on the front.

  • That's alright then thanks! Yeah good price that actually.

  • I had never tried this before. I guess it is certainly worth a shot. Thank you!

  • I know the feeling well. I don't want to feel this anxious any more either. I am on meds. and have just lined up appointments with a psychologist and psychotherapist. I need to reprogram my brain and body away from anxiety. For me, it will involve meds, cognitive behaviour therapy, and work with the psychologist and psychotherapist.

  • Its nice to hear from other people going through it. I continue to hear "just get over it", "learn to deal with it", "pills don't fix everything". I have set up my first therapy session for next week and changed my meds. Good luck!

  • You, too!

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