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Hi I am new here, just googled LUMP IN THROAT and here I was. Sooo stupid that I have to fight every single day of my life, just to sit in my damn living room, because of this crappy anxiety crap . Sorry I am mad. Mad that this is my life, mad that I feel like dying daily, and mad that I feel so incredibly helpless to change it or fix it, and sad, sad that I am wasting day after day with tears in my eyes because of this . I want to scream but I CAN'T CAUSE THERE IS A PRETEND BALL IN MY THROAT PREVENTEING ME FROM BREATHING AGHHHHHHHHHH

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HI Rose and Welcome, Have you spoken to your gp about anxiety and actually been diagnosed with it ? If not then that is the first place to go x If you have then I am sure you have been told there are lots of thing to try when you have anxiety x All of us on this site are fellow anxiety sufferers so I can understand where you are coming from when you say that you feel mad, for wasting your life on anxiety x But remember it is an illness and with the right help be it medication or therapy things can be done x We all say that the first rule with anxiety is do not google recipe for disaster x After all if it was right all the time why would we need the doctors x If you had a ball in your throat you would know about it, remember that it is anxiety and its trying to upset you but it can go away the more you learn to ignore it and let it pass the easier it will be to get control over anxiety x If you need reassurance go to your gp tomorrow if you can and ask him to examine your throat x Im sure they will be happy to help xx In the meantime try to remain calm and keep telling yourself its just anxiety xx Donver x

Hi roses :-) welcome I'm sure you will find this useful, funny at times and realise you are far from alone. I'm sure it's just the anxiety causing you issues at the moment. Never google (I try not to because it makes things even more scary and it's not the worst case you read about). Here's something to make you giggle ...I've just woke up it's 1:30am... In my dream I was rushing around cleaning up and I went almost blind and deaf eeek now I'm awake I feel dizzy, faster heart rate, feel sick and my whole upper body aches....that's purely from a dream ...oh the mind is a wonderful thing ....keep smiling and try and think of a happy memory to make you smile

Hi Yes anxiety is terrible, When you get caught in an (episode) it can take over your world... I don't suffer from HA... but many on this site do... My worst anxiety attacks have sent me to the Hospital looking for help ..with very limited results....MY GP helped by getting me on the right medications. But I know how you feel and I sympathize with your worry. We all have different ways of coping when the storm hits ...I hope you find some comfort with your struggle bless you steve

Thanks guys yeah I have suffered for years . This current episode is lasting waaay too long for my comfort so of course I assume there is finally something actually wrong with me . Which would be great lol so I can stop feeling liie a damn ghost of a person. I HATE ANXIETY AND IMWISH IT WAS A PERSON OR HAD SOME FORM SO I COULD BRAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

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Hi roses, can I just say on this site we have so e guidelines and rules, as a newcomer u have maybe not had the time to read so on thus occasion it's fine, but for future ref we don't allow capitals in posts as it could be deemed shouting, and no swearing please x Ty donver

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Sorry lol I was shouting. But that's because I was just so frustrated atnthat point. I prayed and it went away. Won't happen again.

Hello, just wanted to share my similar experience. I felt I had a lump in my throat I felt I couldn't breathe I'd lie down and struggle for breath I went to my doc he referred me to ent specialist, I was convinced I was going to have a lump found and that was it game over! I went to the specialist he put a camera down and said u r fine no lumps nothing have u ever thought it could be anxiety? Er no! And he explained it all to me! And now even tho I am riddled with anxiety for some reason I no longer get this symptom! Lots of love and positive thoughts being sent to you xxxxxxx

What is HA ,?

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Health anxiety

This is anxiety for you.

For me every day it's something new: I get over leg pain, headaches comes next, I get over that I get this bad cold that's suffocating me :(

I get tired if it sometimes I cry it out which helps then there are times I rush to the hospital thinking this is it let it come to me :(

The things that lately help me through is watching my kids be happy and me not wanting them to go through this, and all the wonder ful people on here that are here to help you through your bad times and good.


Stay strong

Hugs yaz

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