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New to here

Am waiting for CBT therapy and looking for some non-medication things to help me. Have GAD (general anxiety disorder), panic attacks and unfortunately will self medicate on alchohol if needed. Have suffered this for about 9 years on and off. I have overwhelming fears when that anything and everthing bad that can happen will, I almost do a risk assessment on every aspect of things I am unsure about, even looking for the impossibilites. Looking forwad to getting better, anybody got any tips would really appreciate it.

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I would look into Mindfulness meditation. It has been proved to help people with mental health problems. Ideally you need to find a course near you where it's taught in a group - you'd have to pay, but it's worth it. Look up 'mindfulness courses' or 'mindfulness based cognitive therapy' in your area.

Failing that - or as well as - if you can afford it, look on Amazon for books on Mindfulness. There is one called Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman and it has a CD at the back with mindfulness meditations on - all short, all VERY simple and doable and you can put them on your Ipod or MP3 player if you have one. There are also other books on the subject which are helpful but this one is a good start. Look up 'Mindfulness and Depression or Mindfulness and Anxiety' on the internet and see whether you get any helpful sites - there's plenty out there.

I am still trying Mindfulness but you have to do the short meditations regularly and without judging them - ie saying 'It won't work' or 'wtf? How can this help? I don't feel any better' etc. It's about making it into a habit and it gradually affects your ability to look at life, but it's very much a long term thing, not something you can do occasionally and expect to feel better instantly, though some of the CDs available on Amazon are very relaxing and helpful. I'd also recomment BOdhipaska's Meditations for Busy People (think that's what it's called) because they are short and you can fit them in during the day to help you feel calmer.

Experiment with various meditation and relaxation CDs, read the Mindfulness book and hopefully those will help take the edge off your GAD while you wait for therapy. Much better than alcohol because it gradually helps your brain form new neural pathways - which self medication doesn't!


HI WELCOME HEDGECRONE has said it all here but please try not to use alcohol it seems fine at the time and i agree does get rid of anxiety but you will suffer next day good luck with your therapy x


Hi Hogeyb,

I had a lot of NHS CBT and it never did anything for me.

I agree with you that alcohol is the best medicine.

It helps me to understand that I am actually different to everyone else - it's not just in my imagination.

Best wishes,



Can I recommend to you the book 'Overcoming Worry'? I found it really useful, it'll help you with the 'risk assessing' all the time. Best wishes



i started cbt a few weeks ago and ive found it really useful if u go in thinking itl do nothing for you then it wont work, go in with an open mind, its not a cure, its to help u understand ur thoughts feelings and actions and it helps you to over come them, alcohol is never the answer infact its proved to make anxiety worse as when it wears off ur back to square one.

please keep an open mind for the cbt. x


hmm,alcohol and anxiety.I'm new to anxiety n panic, don't like taking my meds which is Prozac,but alcohol not sure if going down that road is good in the long run,what if you become addicted to it,wouldn't that create a whole new set of problems to deal with,i'm not judging in any way,i use to enjoy a beer or ten,lol,purley curious,as i have heard of people resorting to alcohol to relieve anxiety.pros cons,there must be some, i know there is with meds,i had a terrible time on citalopram.


please please do not go down the alcohol route, my sister took to drinking to help her anxiety .. 10 years on she is a complete alcoholic . who cannot function now without a drink

she has a beautiful home a fantastic husband and great children, they have tried everything in their power to get her off the drink .to no avail she is a prisoner in her own home now ..

still has the anxiety though, now she has 2 demons to fight


Thank you for your comments and good luck to your family.


Alcohol is a big factor for anxiety and causes more reactions when leaving your system. If you continue to drink your problem will get worse to an uncontrollable state where your just not functioning at all and your only remedy then would be to drink more and more to ease the release of alcohol. It really is not worth going down that route. Great at the time of consumption but ask yourself is your anxiety worse when your body starts to free the alcohol. Check the symptoms and see. Good luck x


Actually on thinking about it you are right Deborah, only problem is my anxiety is higher when I drive, and would not drink and drive, only use it leading up to my problems, but causes problems at home, thanks for your advice.


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