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Hello..I'm new here and am looking for a place I can talk about what happens to me with people who understand! I've been dealing with my anxiety and all the quirks and limitations and lessons and so on it brings with it for over 10 years now - long history of different meds, but right now on Sertraline 200mg/day and Clonazepan as needed, although I find this "as needed" to be relatively frequent lately. I've learned a lot about myself over these years and how to cope and strategies, I am able to navigate my days pretty well, but I just get so tired sometimes!! tired of having to always factor in my friend anxiety, which is not well understood to the vast majority of people in my life, but that are so, so, real! I mean, that's ok, i can live with people not understanding, i ahve learned to respect myself...but I wish I could talk about it without sounding so weird!

My biggest difficulty nowadays is dealing with weekends or holidays/vacations, when routine seems to go out the window. Routine is a big saver, although it is also a constraint. It's something I really wish I could "fix".

Now I have 2 children and there are times I wish I could just give in a bit to the anxiety and let it have the best of me, but I can't, I don't let it, because I want to be there for my girls.

Not sure I have a question, just wanted to get to now the platform and introduce myself. Thanks for listening..

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Hello and welcome to the group, I'm new here too! I'm loving the group, we can finally talk to others who are going through the exact same thing! There is no judging here and it's all positive and supporting one another! I am not taking any meds for my GAD at the moment, but I am taking a natural supplement called seems to work for me! I have taken antidepressants in the past though! I wish you well and once again welcome!! 💙💙

Hey you are in the right place to vent to believe me I've vented more times than enough and the help u get really puts ur mind at ease ... I have 2 children of my own and dealing with anxiety on top of that is horrible learning to live in the moment is harder than what people may think ... I went off my fluxitine due to family thinking I should go off them and now am in that spiral down wards again where it's making me physically sick with sweats lol ...xx

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I woke up this morning feeling sick and body sweating, is that normal with anxiety? I have also been getting headaches as well constantly

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Yeah it's warm as well .. am not feeling the best today or the past couple of days but wen ur body is in full blown anxiety ur whole body is going to be affected it can make u feel ill .. as for the headache ur head is tensed aswell so it's probably a tension head ache ... take some head ache tablets am gunny Try and get out a walk later see if can clear the head a little lol ... we need to keep telling ourselves it is anxiety it's not serious but changing that mind frame is a bit difficult lol

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I just find it so hard to believe that anxiety can give me a headache all day and it has been about one week now and also feeling sick with no appetite and feeling just generally unwell. I just can't see how anxiety can make me feel this ill all the time, yes go for a walk it will surely help

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So ur brain is working over time which means it's stressed with tensions even hormones can give u headaches wen your near your month ! ... I get migraines .. if ur near a computer or on ur phone even wen ur settles ur body is working over time to recover .. go get ur eyes tested cuz that could be the issue as well pet x

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I will go to the doctors first and see what they think but yes I'm looking at screens alot of the time, it's the only thing that can take my mind off my headache a little bit

Needing glasses/new glasses prescription, being dehydrated, caffeine withdrawal/over indulgence, allergies, and as mentioned above, tension, can all cause persistent headaches.

Yes i don't have classes but brain tumor can cause persistent headaches as well :(

If u need to chat private mail doll x

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Hey, thanks xogemxo! Just a thought though, if you went off the fluoxetine cold turkey it can take several days or weeks of feeling physically ill! The best way is to wean off it very very gradually, like taking away half a pill for a few days, then another half a pill..than spacing it out, like every other day. It's very painful to take them away all at once, especially without your doctor's help! Hope you're better...

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My doctor doesn't care lol .. he told me I could just come off them I was taking them every 4 days but am going back on them now again cuz it's just not the right time for me self at the minute


Your post is the first I've read. It felt good to read because it showed me someone who has survived what I feel like I'm going through at the moment. In many ways, your life is much different than mine, but I share your desire to be understood!

I hope things get better for you, and that you learn to manage the stresses of everyday life. I'm gonna keep working on it, too. You're pretty great to be able to deal with kids and family. I don't have any of that, yet! Also, what you're saying doesn't sound weird at all!

Very recently, in fact, I experienced my first panic attack. I had no idea what it was! I thought it was a heart attack, or my lungs were frozen, or something like that. I went to the emergency room, got my blood, heart, lungs checked, but they found nothing. I hadn't even considered the idea of anxiety, triggers, stress, or things like that. I never thought those things would affect me. I was promoted to manager at work a few months ago. I was thrilled! However, dealing with people and all the new projects that have been thrown at me aren't doing me any good. I need to continue to work on strategies that help me cope.

I hope I didn't rant too much. I thank you for your post and I wish you the best at tackling whatever it is that sends you into a spiral.



Thank you for that! It was nice to know my post touched someone. Yes, it's been quite a ride, but let me tell you, it does get better! It might not go away like you wish, but you learn how to deal and learn what sets you off and how to stand up for what you need...Therapy helps a lot!! If you ever need to chat you can count on me!

Increased responsibility at work can definitely be a trigger..the stress activates our anxiety circuits and when it's too much and too constant it turns into something overwhelming..especially if you are (as it seems) a responsible person who wants to do a good job and cares about what people think (which we anxious people tend to care about too much!)


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