Sooo, random panic attack!!

last night after 2-3 weeks I had a random panic attack. It was different

I was watching tv (comedy movie) and relaxing on my couch. All of a sudden I had a wave of lightheadedness and foggyish feeling then my body felt very hot and heart started pounding. Took a Ativan and fell asleep shortly.

Woke up in the morning confused like why did this happen so randomly.

Has anyone experienced panic attacks while just relaxing as well. 😳


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12 Replies

  • Thank you so much. You've been a great help 😀😀

  • for so e reason i get the same thing it happen when i was in a car all of sudden i wanted to jump out of the car because i felt soemthing that triggered on my head tinglig feelig and my heart was going really fast idk why it happend the docters say anxiety disorder

  • It was very random lol I felt like I was in a dream for a second but slowly after 10-15 mins it relaxed a bit :)

  • Yeah the good part is that i went to a heart docter and told me everything is fine made me do the stress test run on a trim mill and it came out good told me my heart is strong just to hit the gym but i still be scared because why my heart be going so fast

  • Yes exactly, every time I go to a doctor lol I feel great afterward

    They make you very informed and it feels great

  • Yeah i just dont want nothing to happen because my heart worries me the most 😞

  • It's all anxiety, it can't harm you if you don't let it get to you.

    We have to stay positive

    It's hard :/ but we can do this

  • Yeah like today i got chest pains and right in the middle aswell only if i touch it hurts

  • Sounds like sore muscles maybe tense

  • Yeah i just think bad thoughts when it hurts

  • See Sam your getting there lol I've been a good help ooooo wow thankyou x

  • I have experienced the same wave of panic you described but it usually happens to me in public.

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