Panic Attack

Today i have had a panic attack.

After some information came to my attention at work, My manager told me that my colleagues have basically had enough because they wrote a letter with some "concerns". It actually wasn't a letter about concerns because of some of the things they had put in the letter, it turned into a personal attack.

I feel as though i can not go into work when i have a depressive episode or panic attack because of my colleagues. I feel like they have all turned against me for being ill.


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11 Replies

  • Wow how cruel.. Your better than them.!! They obviously don't understand anxiety and they better hope that one day they don't get it too!! X

  • Thats what I have been thinking. They have made me feel to afraid to go in when this happens because they will just Bitch and moan and make me feel uncomfortable. When I go in they don't talk to me or acknowledge that I'm there.

  • Hello, Jess said exactly what I was thinking.... They sound like a right cruel lot. Unless people go through this they just don't understand it. Sounds like your work colleagues are a bunch of creeps!! Take care x

  • Wow that's so bad!!! That's bullying and I'm sure there's someone you can speak to about this? You have nothing to be afraid of go in there hold you head high and smash it coz your better than them!! Makes me so mad 😡 I hope actually they do get this so they can put them selfs in your position and see if they are any better than you!! X

  • I am part of UNION so they are advising me. It feels like im being punished for being ill. My unison rep said to my manager that her staff are immature and are being lead by an immature team leader and manager and that she suggests the staff educate themselves on mental health issues. I can understand them being frustrated with me being off work and it is going to take a long time to heal but they dont have to bully me for an illness, its like pressuring someone to wake up from a coma, Its just not going to work.

    When the letter was read out to me and my Union rep she just said " oh boo hoo, they are not suffering with a mental health issue, i feel really sorry for your staff as their intelligence and maturity is quite clear from that letter and it seems you have a team of bullies on your hands",

  • How petty hope none of your collegues ever get it that really annoys me so much judging people who knows what round corner for anyone take care Paula xxx

  • So sorry anyone has made you feel that way, hope karma sees to it that one of them experience this feeling and see the struggle just getting to work never mind being perfect whilst there

  • Same sort of thing happened to me at my previous job😥 I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. The people at my new job don't know I'm depressed and have severe anxiety.

  • I have noticed that most of my panic attacks are caused my the actions of other people and not my actions. How people act effect my panic attacks

  • I know exactly how that feels. I've had co-workers approach my Supervisor voicing "concerns" of my behavior. (Like I didn't know). Take a step back and think what it's like to be on the other side. We have been there at one point or another, making fun of the weaker person. Stay strong and get help. Do not allow others to cause you more harm. They won't stop. You can't make them stop. Always remember that ansolutely no one is perfect. Everyone is dealing with something in their lives. It's not evil to think about other people's pain to make you feel better, it's human. That's what keeps me going.

  • People are greedy and cruel! They've never been in our situation! They have no clue! You need to speak to ur supervisor! Someone needs to put them in their place! Here there are laws about that and it doesn't sound right! It's called harassment on the job!!! I'm from USA! Sorry they better b careful cuz one day it will hit them all like a ton of bricks!!! Good luck my dear!

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