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3 hour panic attack

I had to pull over on the motorway yesterday as I had a extreme panic attack again. The police and ambulance came took my car away. I had to take 6mg of diazepam to finally calm me down after 3 hours. I was convinced I was having a heart attack. I'm having these worse full blown attacks every day at the moment. Is this normal for a panic disorder? I'm really scared as they are horrible :(.

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Hi sorry to hear about ur ordeal, hope u feel beta now, I was

Like this at the start before I went to the doctors, I look bk now and think how did I cope or get thro it, but I did I know there horrible and feel for but pls stay strong and positive and if u need a chat anytime xxx


Thanks I just feel how my body gets through it every day at the mo. I'm scared of doing anything at the moment with the fear. X


I'm trying yo stay positive but I still fear leaving the house or goin out, it's one horrible illness I really hope we all can find the strength one day and get bets xxxc

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I pray they get better I used ti have them that bad an fight sometimes that wa they don get like that cause I don wan To take medcine it makes me drowsy I don like that I am on medication though an still have some not how it used to be are yo on anything that can assist on the controlling over them


They gave me deizepam to take I took 2mg and nothing. Then they gave me another 4mg and it wiped me out. Woke up this morning after a rough night feeling anxious and sore. Dud it make u ache ect after with tight breathing ect


I myself have never taken that drug nor heard it that wh I'm not real big on medcine cause when yo wake up it still tend to kinda be there but when yor that bad yo usally have to fo to that resort yor body at least gets rest that wa yo can tr an deal when yo wake up I guess do yo see a docter


Thanks Clair I think I'll have a few days of rest I need to go for my cbt apointmemt but every time I move I feel it. It's so embarrassing as the doctor ignored me last night saying your heart ish fine and it's just panic. I just couldn't take it as it's only panic as we all know how severe it feels x


Hi there

I'm so sorry you're going through a tough time.

Cbt is the best way forward and it will help you.

Have you looked into mindfulness?

Check out headspace and

Hope you feel better :) xx


Thank you for the advice I will stay strong x


Unfortunately it can be very normal. Everyone’s experiences can also vary. I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad. Have you tried talking to a therapist to help you tecognize triggers and develop coping and relaxation skills? This can be very helpful in helping you not have so many severe panic attacks so often. They can be so debilitating! Hope you can find the relief you need.


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