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Panic attack

My name is omer and I am 29 year old, from last couple of days I have had panic attack twice and today is the 2nd time and it's something like when I try to sleep I feel so panic that I wake up although I feel sleepy but still I couldn't close my eyes , when I try to close my eyes I feel so panic and wake up then I can never get back to sleep

I don't have any stress, no depression , my blood test is fine but still I am having these attacks

Could anyone please help me why I am getting this attack and what's the remedy

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You could be stressed without realising it., I went though this & I know what panic & anxiety feels like ., I started taking magnesium citrate powder in a glass of water only about half a teaspoon every day ., it seems to having a calming effect, but I am great now sleep well., I can't say it is that but I won't stop using it😃 Please google about magnesium ., good luck X


Hello Omar, you say you are not stressed but something has triggered this, are you taking exams, you do not give your age. Normally panic attacks arise from anxiety, it could be that you are concerned about something and you do not realise this. Do breathing exercises, do what Wendymary suggests and get a relaxing tape or download off YouTube, it is frightening to have panic attacks but you must conquer them. I have every confidence you will do it, good luck 😊😊

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next time you take a panic attack blow in to a paper bag breath in slow and out do it when your back is sitting up straight on the sofa I used to take them and it works good luck hope you feal better kathleen


Have you been tsking any mediction for anything before these panic attacks started x


Hi omer. You could be eating something that you are allergic to. Are you could have a vitamin B are Magnesium deficiency. I am not a doctor, but I have been doing a lie research on this condition. I hope you get well soon, and keep in mind. There is no quick fix.


Yoga helped, low sugar intake and walk long distances hearing peacefull music, it helped me a lot, other thing that truly worked for me was to think That What happen is what is going to happen, no more, no less, it sounds strange but IT is truth.


Anxiety and panic attacks don't discriminate. It basically grabs whoever it wants. I have anxiety and panic attacks on the daily. Usually lasts all day. It's very difficult to deal with especially when you need to sleep. Meds are obviously the key most people seek. However if you'd like to go more natural try drinking tea that is for sleep, and stress. Sometimes you don't realize how stressed your body is due to how busy you are. Try some tea before bed and see if it helps. Even lavender helps with soothing and chamomile.


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