Panic attack

Just had a panic attack felt this overwhelming feeling I jumped up and started walking around the house I couldn't sit down just had had to keep pacing into the kitchen and living room I went dead hot kept talking see if my speech was weird I thought it was but my mum said it wasn't it's passed abit but I'm still red hot and and fidgeting loads I can't keep still thought I'd share it on here get my mind off it abit feels like I'm just gonna shutdown:/


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  • This morning a panic attack woke me up at 5am i did the same thing you did i. JUMPED out of bed! Started pacing back and forth around the room talking crazy to myself i thought i was going to die and ever since my day has been like crap

  • It's like your just gonna pass out don't ya and my legs and arms felt horrible still feel it abit now it's horrible just hope I get some good sleep tonight :/ hope your feeling better

  • Aw that sucks. Thanks i hope you get better as well!

  • Try getting in the fetal position when having a panic attack it's actually a yoga position that's meant to help with anxiety

  • Hi this may sound old but helped me and many friends please try it!! Great little book DR Claire Weeks self help for your nerves

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