MvP, irregular heartbeat, panic attack

Hi all,

I had been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse in 2012. And, nothing has been relaxing ever since. The problem is sometimes my heart skips a beat (or I feel it does) some time I have shortness of breath and my heart start racing. whenever I go to er nothing on ekg, nothing on holter monitor. The symptoms never showed up during tests. I am not sure whether it's an arrhythmia or panic attacks. I have had two episodes in last three days and I don't even know if it's life threatening or not. I don't know how to cope with this..... just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.


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8 Replies

  • Mine always turned out to be panic attacks. I wish you the best, do not worry, you will get through this. 😊😚🙄God bless you.

  • Thanks a lot. did you ever had an episode during holter monitoring or long ekgs? thanks again for your kind words.

  • My holter showed nothing and it was frustrating because i knew what i was feeling. Ekg's always look good! So I simply have to give it to God.

  • Thanks for sharing. I hope it's just panic.

  • We will be ok 🙄🤗😇

  • Sounds like the same thing im going through except thr dr diagnos me with PVC meaning premature ventricular contractions, which my heat skip beats an race alot, as of now as im writing this post to you im here at the dr office waiting to see a cardiologist. Its a very scary feeling to feel if you have heart problems or not, but how did you hear of your condition?

  • You got diagnosed because something have shown up on EKG. In my case, I never had symptoms during EKG tests. that's why I am worried about, not know what it is.

    If you are asking about mitral valve prolapse, I read a lot when the symptoms started. so, when I was at cardiologists office, I was pretty sure he's going to say MVP, and he did. But the problem is with arrhythmia. it's not getting detected. MVP, in itself, is a benign condition. Some doctors don't even tell patients that they have MVP

  • Well if u haven't been diagnosed u shouldn't worry

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