Panic attack!!!!!!!!😥

Iam drainedddd 

I got super dizzy after that Huge panic attack i had a few minutes ago. Had to post a out it. I literally felt helpless.. Thought i was dying. Now iam dizzy and my headhurts and my heart is Pounding out my chest right now. Iam teying to relax but my mind is focusing on the attack. How to cope?? How to SNAP out of this NIGHTMARE????

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  • Hi, hope it's passed and your feeling a little better x

  • Well done mike listing all that and probably making the poster feel worse u idiot!

  • My thoughts exactly. It's not good to give someone with a lot of anxiety a huge list of things they can imagine they may be experiencing. 

  • Just makes us worry and panic more but mike doesnt see that

  • No, he doesn't. This list is only helpful for the person who is not currently in great anxiety to study. Then it can be helpful for them to understand that these symptoms aren't indicative of a real health problem, only of anxiety. It's not at all appropriate for the person currently experiencing great anxiety as they can easily imagine they are having any or all of the listed symptoms.

  • This is good and bad. Bad because yea it might make people believe they have all of this but even reading people's post about anxiety can trigger anxiety. Its also smart to list all of this so she can know OK this is a symptom I'm gonna be fine. That has helped me a 100 of times. I used to be a lot worse but I've been fighting and doing OK. Maybe this could help other people. 

  • Jedner I suffer from ptsd, had, panic disorder I am 42 years young and have lived with panic disorder grom the age of 14 I got a little experience dealing with anxiety. That was the way I help myself overcome my panic attacks but that is just one way of dealing with anxiety there are many other way's that you can as well?? Posting said symptoms helps to relate to the person that they are not crazy and are going through what is considered ( fight and flight) the body's natural way of dealing with to much stress. Just because I express my opinion does not make me an ( idiot ) but infact shows that I am in fact trying to care for my fellow man or woman.the fact that you would call me an ( idiot ) only goes to show that you are trying to be dominate and not trying to express your opinion in a rational way but more in a child like way. Happy Easter to you and hope that you can come to some sort of terms with your lacking of good social skills my friend.

  • I am 54 and have had attacks since as young as 8. Think i have a little more experience than u. People like us dont need all the symptoms ramming down our necks like u did when we are in a state, just makes us worry more, and yes u r still an idiot for doing that

  • Hello

    Liking your new profile pic :-)

    Hope you are feeling a lot better now but maybe try not to fight it as fighting something makes us anxious so when we are having a panic attack the more we fight against it the more anxiety we create which then makes it feel worse and last longer 

    If we can accept this is anxiety , this is a panic attack and ride the wave till it passes you may find it is not as intense as how you were feeling when you were having this one 

    Remember you have had them before and you are still here and this one will be no different , I know they are not pleasant but it will come and go like the others have in the past and as time goes on these will get less and less especially now you are getting some support :-)

    Take Care x 

  • Well said. Bounce........we'll said

  • No Jefner not an idiot??? Just wrong for doing that?? Pls when replying to me do not call me an idiot?? I was just trying to help sometimes taking a different approach helps some people but in your case it don't?? So my apology for underestimate your age? But not for lack civilized wording your kind likes to distribute at your leisure and when you feel like It??? Are you a violent person did someone mistreat you at an early age were you been bullied as a child?? I would never call someone that ever!!!! You are intittled to your opinion but until you have walked in my shoes do not pass judgment on me.

  • Blah blah blah yawn!

  • Hey Jefner go to my page see my post you and her. Hope that it helps the both of you??

  • Bet that you are one of those people that just gets on here to pickup lady's? My guess is you don't even suffer from anxiety. Why wait today to post these comment's??? If you were not trying to start trouble again you lack of communication skill's troubles me? And I think people with anxiety does not need that type of response from people like you?? Let's see if you want too cause trouble.

  • oh give it a rest Mike, you are like a dog with a bone and being pathetic.  Just consider it a lesson learned  instead of playing childish playground games in trying to get the last word. I am not the only one who picked you up on it.   I am female FYI, so grow up sweetheart.  I won't be wasting any more of my time replying to you

  • Sounds good to me?? And sorry if i offended you in anyway!! Good luck with you treatment and God speed.

  • There Jefner problem solved post deleted?? We all can learn from one another and looking at all the replies to my post I do see the wrong that list of symptoms could cause. Thank you all for the reply' sand sorry if it caused any of you to be triggered into panic. Happy Easter too all of you.

  • Mike, don't let this ruin your day.  We do all learn from each other as

    well as having the choice of not reading something that may be upsetting

    to that person.  I feel you have to read these posts with an open mind,

    pick and choose what appropriately fits you, if not, move on.

    Happy Easter Mike.....Start deep breathing

  • Told u it would freak her out even more reading that list. She said so herself in her post "would have probably freaked her out even more reading it"...... I rest my case!

  • This may sound impossible but you have to embrace it and laugh about it.....been help...medication and KBT...this Will take will not die even if it feels EXACTLY that way every time it happens....

  • Wow. Thank goodness i didnt have the chance to read the List knowing me i would of freaked out even More.   Thanks to everyone for their concerns and responses Godbless Us all ❤❤

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