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So I'm anxious I've passed on my anxiety to my Son!

Hi, I'm Saz. I'm 43.. Single and live with my Son who is 22. I've lived with anxiety most of my life. Only taking control in the last 3 years. I'm taking 30mg Citalopram daily. It works for me. However, 5 weeks ago my Son started experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, dizzy spells amongst other things. He has always been a fit, healthy and confident lad. Various blood tests, ECG and chest xrays have out ruled anything sinister (although he is convinced he is dying or has something really bad). His Dr has prescribed Propranolol 10mg x3 daily. Tonight he has started having pins and needles down his left side. Of which, I Googled and it is known for this to happen. He is now not wanting to take the tablets. I'm at my wits end.. It breaks my heart to see him going through what I did. Is it possibly that I have done this to him? I tried to be open with my anxiety with him so he understood why I would have bad days.. it never really bothered him. I just have no clue what to do next? :-(

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Having had anxiety since the age of 7, I really understand where your coming from and you have my sympathy, this is the very reason I have never had children as I never wanted them to suffer as I have.

But you must look for the positives in your situation, as the only people to really understand anxiety is anxiety sufferers and you can help and reassure your son, and eventually him you. Your both gain strength from each other and probably beat this horrid illness.

I have found it all ways seems to be easy to advise others, but not listen to my own words when I am suffering my self. But I would of thought getting help from close family would be very rewarding and easy to accept.

This anxiety is very cruel and has ruined my life in so many ways from relationships to health and stopped me doing so much like travel, work, etc.

But you have each other so use that and bond and help each other to get past this, and I wish you luck for the future


Thank you xx


You know how to take control if it, show your son how to do the same.he is fortunate to have someone who has been through it to guide him and help him.

I hope he will be OK good luck to you.

Come onto here for a chat there is a lot of support on here for you.

You can chat with great people on here.


Thank you Jim x

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Any time at all :)


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