Feeling like just saying F... Everything

Been dealing with allot off stress these days biggest problem my son off 19 has moved in with me.biggest mistake..he is ungrateful. Demanding, selfish, lazy rude person..he speaks to me like I am a piece of garbage and I have cried many times because of the bad things he has called me. .. I know you all thinking well chuck his ass out and yes I should. I have told him just last night I'm done with his utter disrespect and like always he had plenty to say. . I have been seeing someone new and he has issues with this as well cause according to him because his younger I have a mental issue..I told him last night his causing my anxiety to get worse he said so who cares. I went to bed just crying..

The physical symptoms has become so bad I think I'm dying everyday. My left side of chest is always aching and burning. When I open my eyes it starts..I'm so scared of it.. When I get the sharp shooting pain from my top of breast to my back I like jump up.

I'm at this point that I want to say f everything and everyone


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  • You need to kick him out and do it yesterday. Or if not that get a big stick and hit him hard. Then see if he show you the respect you should get.

    You do not need the stress or the anxiety it's not good for you.

    You deserve better. Look after yourself

  • hi sorry your son is acting up,hes is just a big kid boys are a few years behind,when you get a chilled five mins sit down with him and try and talk things through,tell him how you feel and how upset he makes you,lay down some ground rules about helping around the house.

  • I agree totally with this advice and if he doesnt help he needs to leave doesnt make sense getting stressed out over someone who doesnt even care to try to make your life a lil easier. You defintely do not need the stress.

  • Hi

    You say your son moved in with you so I presume he moved out and has now moved back in. Never an easy thing to do for either party.

    Like moll said, you do need to lay down some ground rules, may be a good idea to write these down.

    Is he working? Is he paying rent?

    Is he willing to help you clean, do laundry, prepare meals?

    Try and explain your diagnosis and how it affects you on a daily basis.

    If all else fails, ask him to leave and give him a deadline.

    Hope you work things out


  • I have sat down with him many times and it gets to the point where he will just raise his voice at me .he is paying rent but feels like this is now giving him a title man of the house!!!

    He refuses to clean or help when I do ask him he starts making noices and that just irritates me..hr swears in front of his two little sisters even when I have made it clear no such language. My son knows how bad I have been dealing with anxiety and have seen me end up in hospital many times from it so sad that he acts like this..

  • Wow his behavior is unacceptable u have to stand up and do whats best for you.

  • Its hard to deal with a brat kid and someone who dont understand but you have to worry about you first your son is old enough to take care of himself now is the time to worry about you dear put your foot down take control and kick there asses im here if you need to vent or chat take care and good luck

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