my son as extreme anxiety

my son as autism and extreme anxiety he self harms to what i wanted to ask his that he has hallucinations he refers to them as dark shadows they talk to him sometimes is this part of the anxiety or is it something else he is only 10 he sees a phychiatrist at cahms i would appreciate any information at all thank you so much for reading this


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  • hello love sorry for this, I really feel for you and him. till now I haven'e heard of such a thing between anxiety sufferers. I did't experience that and it might be something else.

    hope he get better soon xx

  • thank you the phychiatrist told me that with anxiety this can happen

  • well all things i have heard about anxiety and no proper help out there for us it is a bit scary now!!! God bless, try to research it on the net, this is the only thing that made me feel bit better, understanding what anxiety is!

    God bless

  • Oh that must be so scarey for you both, I am not aware of hallucinations in anxiety however im no medical expert so I couldnt swear it doesnt happen. I would say this should be mentioned to you phychiatrist. Good luck I hope you find out whats happening :0)

  • I have just come back from seeing his specialist she told me what stephen has is rare probably about 10 per cent children with anxiety present with this the hallucinations are very bad ,she said anxiety can cause it as he has extreme thank you for taking the time to speek to me its very lonely theres no support groups out there for me to access

  • There doesnt seem to be many actual support groups around for anxiety, which is a shame and frustrates the hell outta me lol arrghh!! It does get very lonely and stressfull for people with anxiety and the people closest to them...feel free to chat on here anytime sometimes helps to get stuff out there verbally....well cyber verbally i guess this type of chatting would be :0)

  • my son is only 10 i forgot to mention that

  • HI ZOOZAN sorry to hear about your little one next time you go to see psychiatrist let him try and explain himself what he is feeling he may be finding it hard to get people to understand what is happening it is very important for you both to get correct diagnosis x thinking of you x

  • thank you xx

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