48 hour heart monitor

Just got on the heart monitor due to some problems with my heart rate. But it got me to thinking to myself.... okay look you are 25 years old... you have had countless blood test.. numerous ct scans and X-rays.... countless ekgs.... and now you are on a heart monitor & due to see a cardiologist on Tuesday. I don't smoke.. I don't drink..do drugs etc. I'm at a healthy weight and I'm pretty active especially before this anxiety started 6 months ago

So when is enough going to be enough!! If there is nothing to show on this heart monitor and the cardiologist says it's anxiety and my heart is fine.... I swear y'all I'm taking my life back. There is nothing wrong with me and I need to accept that. Period

This has gotten too out of control with doctor visits etc..... I will overcome & so will you guys!! God bless & take care

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  • Hello

    I think you have got it spot on !

    I am sure these results will be fine when you get them back and when they are I agree it is time to kick the anxiety to the side and start getting on with your life , with the right support you can do it :-)

    Let us know what the results are when you get them back :-)

    Take Care x

  • I certainly will! Thank you!

  • I got mines done today at 1030 only for 24 hours gotta take it back tomorrow at 1050.

  • Good luck! Hope it turns out okay 🙂 Let us know how it goes

  • Thanks

  • That's the attitude! I hope your heart test comes out good reading your post reminds me of my mind set about 5 years ago when I was walking around for 4 days with a heart monitor connected to my chest I saw a bunch of dr's had so many tests just like you and all I heard was there is nothing organically wrong with you it's all in your head! I totally know where your coming from I have that heart palp issue heart rate beating hard all the time so I started a beta blocker low dose and it helps just wondering why I wasn't prescribed this years ago I got it only a week ago I read about them and it makes sense beta blockers block the adrenaline from running through your body and causing blood pressure to go up which means your heart rate doesn't go fast and you don't feel those surges of adrenaline and panic all the time and it seems to be helping :)

  • My gp doctor had talked about that a couple weeks ago. But then he was worried that I might bottom out when my heart rate gets real low at night.. like 50. Was that something that came up with you? Thanks!

  • No that hasn't happened I take a small dose to start off and the Dr. Didn't say anything about that

  • Oh okay. Well cool. Maybe that's a possibility. Thank you!

  • I'm hearing u but I'm 51 and all the tests but the shit keeps happening , it never stops . And yer I say all the time enough is enough get my life back on track it's only anxiety . But it's so frigin hard and I'm not winning

  • I know what you mean. Anxiety is so so hard! I think it has to be the right time & you have to put yourself in that positive mindset

    ( i know... it feels like the positive mindset never last) but then we can work toward beating this crap! You will overcome this! Best wishes & take care 🙂

  • I'm opposite I'm so scared to go to the Dr be they will find something bad wrong with me.

  • I know what you mean but Please Don't be scared 🙂 They are there to help you. And once you go and find out there is nothing wrong, it should make you feel so much better! Anxiety has a way of telling us that "oh the doctors are wrong.." even though in my case I've seen so many that at least one of them has to be right, ya know? And they went to school for a long time to be in the profession they are in so they should know what they're talking about

    Take a deep breath.. give your GP a call. I'm sure when it's over you will be glad you did. And will see that you are perfectly fine. Take care & best wishes x 🙂

  • Thank you and your right 100% I know your battling yourself with your health. I suffer from health anxiety so bad I wouldnt be able to get off my couch for days at a time. I would google and convince myself I was in bad bad shape. I hope you get to feeling better adn see your heart is fine and you can move on from all that!

  • Thank you & I hope you get to feeling better soon as well!!

  • Loads of people in their 20s with this sort of story and no physical problems.

  • Yeah it's pretty unlikely. I had heart surgery when I was little so anything heart related scares me!

  • I'm on a 24h holter monitor as well. I feel the same way as you. If this comes back normal, I'm done so done giving this anxiety so much control! I haven't even been able to go to work since I don't want to drive anywhere thinking I might pass out or have a heart attack while driving. Best of luck to you!

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