Hey all my lovely people am off for my 24hr heart monitor at 2 so am feeling really really nervous about the whole thing keep wondering what if but i do wish i could have it on for a week what if my heart doesnt have palpitations today and i get them the day after surely 24hrs isnt long enough so worried about that now what if i have a good day and it doesnt pick anything up in 24hrs oh dear i cant win i dont think i will feel any better as i know this will play on my mind now :( xxxxxxx


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  • Hi sheffield

    My hubby had one on for 24 hours , now while he had it on he didnt think anything was different with his heart beat as he gets double heart beats , which is nothing serious , but it did pick them up , so they are very sensitive pieces of equipment , they only have them put on for as long as they think you need them ....remember they no what they are doing , it would be more than their job was worth ;)

    Try not to worry my love , I no you will maybe , but 24 hours will soon be up , you will take it back , they look at it quickly , in your case they will say its fine & then that will be that

    I think you are so brave having it on , I am one of these that worry I have major things wrong , but would have heart faliure if they wanted to do something , how mad is that ???

    Thinking about you

    By the way , all my hubby has to do is take beta blockers , he doesnt even have 2 if he doesnt want to , as the condition like I say is not dangerous , & you havnt got it as i have been reading your posts & you havnt got the symptoms ....just incase your mind starts ;)




  • Ah thanks whywhy you really do put my mind at rest i have it on and too busy moaning about the bloody itching its doing i want to give it a good old scratch i thought it was fastened to my side but its just dangling in a pocket thing round my neck with monitors to my chest i keep telling myself its an ipod instead i think i was worrying because i thought 24hr would not be long enough what if i dont have any palpitations or chest pains today or tmw then i will feel as if its been a waste of time but know your right hun its just sinking it into this thick skull off mine thanks hun hope you doing ok today not heard owt from trip or donaf for a while hope they ok :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • I no what it looks like & made me smile when you said its hanging round your neck , when mu hubby had it on , he just made jokes all the time , if only we could do that , he was joking & I couldnt even look at him with it on , it was upsetting me lol

    Think I may need a trip to docs , think I have a BT & cancer today , cant get it out of my mind , so may have to go ...I get fed up of going & i am sure they are fed up of seeing me as well :)

    Yes Trip is missing , we may need 2 put a blog out asking where he is

    Donaf is on , I am just going to look at her blog now & see how she is

    Try not to worry hun , I no you are going to be alright , you are brave as well , dont forget that




  • The monitor is strange isn't it. And sooooo itchy I have blisters from it and I scratched loads so make sure you don't lol. I rang hospital about my results today after anther bad night. I handed it in a week ago and apparently I've got about two more weeks wait :( so fed up xxx

  • Ah love you havent got anything wrong just like me and it is quite funny it looks like i got a j cloth tied round my neck and had to walk down to school and my teenage daughter did nowt put take the p*** out of me charming but she made me laugh for a while then got on me nerves would have chinned her but she decided to do a runner :) and yes it would be nice to joke the same but everything is so serious to us wish we could just chill a bit thanks hun for being here for me and hey Maria too right its driving me bonkers hun and i look so funny as i said to why why teenagers do get a kick of such small things i had a really bad night too luv it must be in the air thing is i had such weird thoughts and feelings in my mind it freaked me out whats going off there then and i know you must be panicking love but i am sure you will be just fine think positive like i am trying too you will be fine we all here for each other :) xxxxxx

  • How you going love , you have been a bit quite ?

    I no hubby found it hard 2 sleep it kept getting in his way !

    Well soon be time to get it of & looking for your post when you do

    Hope you are ok

    Been thinking about you




  • I didn't have it round my neck. I had the sticky pad dead centre of chest and it was attached to it then I hada wire which went down to my side with another sticky pad. When I rang last week they said there was nothing life threateningly urgent n today they said it will take 2 weeks which shows they're not concerned. But these pains are do horrible. Worried a bit too because I'm applying for jobs as a primary school teacher and they look at medical records so I hope all this stuff doesn't effect it xxx

  • Please don't worry that it won't pick up any problems. Have high bp and at one time it was uncontrolled. I had a monitor for 3 days. F elt perfectly well with no symptoms. On the Fri I returned it to hosp I had a call from GP at 5.50 to say can you get here before 6, your bp is so high You must come in for more meds as I am worried you could have a stroke over the weekend! I don't have health anxiety so was just irritated that I had to drop what I was doing to get there before surgery closed! This is just to illustrate that it will pick up any problems and that if there is anything at all untoward they will get you back straight away!

  • HI i am waiting for an appointment for a 24hour monitor and i have the same query, what if i get no palps while im wearing it????? hope all goes well, thinking of you. is sooner be going to cardio than where i gotta go friday......in the day unit im pooing myself.xxxxxxxx

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