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Concerned About My Heart

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Hello All,

I have been dealing with what seems to be heart palpitations. I've been to the ER and Urgent Care many times. I've seen my Cardiologist and had several tests done. I have went to my Internal Medicine Dr several times and even a couple more Drs to figure out why my heart is beating over 100pm! I am so aware of it....even at night! I am sleep deprived. Been told I have sleep apnea and need a cpap machine! Every doctor I've seen has told me that I suffer from anxiety! I have been prescribed Buspar, Zoloft and Kolonopin by my internal medicine Dr. I'm Just afraid to take the medication concerned about side effects. I would try one med for a couple of days and be afraid to take it and even trying to give it a real chance to work! I have been dealing with this vicious cycle since August of this year! Seems like my heart is thumping all of the time! My cardiologist says there is nothing wrong with my heart. I've been having tingling and pins and needle over my feet have ber cold, I have been dizzy...experincing numbness in my right leg and foot. Could my anxiety be the true culprit in all of this?? Should I be afraid to try meds for it? I fear becoming hooked...smh! I just want normalcy again. My doctor said my heart is beating at a regular rhythm. I am seeking counseling with a liscenced therapist. I just don't want to be on meds and walk around out of my mind. I want to feel aware and be happy again. Please help and thank you for any advice and tips. I loss my job in October and going through lots of stress at home, financial and some marital and I am a Mom. Could my stress from everything be making my heart feel this way? God bless you for any response that can help me. Thanks so much.

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This Is A Post I Put Up Just Yesterday On This :


Thank The Good Lord Above I Had Some XANAX On Hand ! I CHEWED That 1 mg. Tablet & 10 Min. Later CHEWED Another Half !* I'm Like, Where Did This Come From ?* Got Dizzy & Nervous & Said, " Just Calm Down It's ANXIETY SPILLOVER"... So ? [ Although Thats Easier To Say To Yourself Than Done ] I Sat Up, Took A Deep Breath, Yet I Could STILL Hear My Heart POUNDING In My Ears !* I Took My Second BP Med Of The Day About 90 Min. Before This All Took Place & Said, " Surely This Can't Be A Sudden BP Spike" ?* So, I Get A Little Settled Down About 5 Min. Later & Grab The BP Monitor To Check. It's 133/73..That's GREAT ! But ? My Heart Rate Was 125. That Sucked. Now ?* Rates Fine. IF I Didn't Have That 1.5MG's Of Xanax On Hand As A Clutch ?* I Am SURE My BP Would Have Shot Up There Sky High & I Would Be Spending The Evening In The ER. I HATE "SPILLOVER" !* But The Good Thing Is ? I THOUGHT Properly & In Order....


YES !* Anxiety CAN Speed Up Your Heart & Blood Pressure Too !*

Your "Subconscious" Gives You A "ADRENALINE DUMP" From A Trggerpoint You May Not Be Aware Of Yet.

Here Is Another Post I Shared That May Help :

ANXIETY & PTSD ? Always Remember "THE LEMON EFFECT" > [ true story ]

Let's Say You Meet A Doc For The First Time. Let's Say You Sit Down, They Check Your Vitals & The First Question They Ask You Is:

Do You Like Lemons ?

Like Me, You'd Most Likely Think, "That's Odd" ? We Just Met & That's The First Thing You Ask Me ? Then If You're Like Me, You May Say Sure ! Kinda. [ just being polite ]

So This Doc Says, " My Wife Packed Me A Lunch But That Lemon Is Huge & I Can't Eat It All That By Myself ." I'll Half It With You A Little Later.

So, We Continue On With Questions & Conversations Concerning My Conditions, & He Wants Me To Come Back In At A Later Date. Then Right Before We Get Up & I Get My Coat He Says :

"Wait ! Sit Back Down. I Almost Forgot Our LEMON !

So He Pulls Out His Pocket Knife & Says, " I'll Roll It & Make It Nice & Juicy ".

So He Rolls His Chair To His Desk, Starts Opening All The Drawers & Says, " Do You See That Lemon In That Drawer ?" I Must Be Overlooking It. So You Get Up & Look In His Drawer & You Don't See It Either. Then He Asks You To Sit Back Down.

He Looks At You With This Big Grin On His Face....

He Says, " I Watched You Very Closely. " Your Feet Started Moving As Your Toes most Likely Curled A Little, I Saw Your Muscles Tense Up, & Even Noticed You Salivated A Little. You Had Some Twitching, And Your Mouth Smacked About Ten Times More Than Usual In Our Conversations Over This Period Of Time. My Pulse Rate & BP Was Higher Than When I First Came In. He Said, "He Knew It Would Be".

The "Sub Conscious Mind" Is EXTREMELY Powerful !*

My Body Was In Auto Mode Getting Ready For That "Sour" Blow From A LEMON That Didn't Even Exist !*

So, When You Experience "Physical Problems" From Anxiety & PTSD ?

It's NOT Just All In Your Mind. Your Symptoms Are Real !

It May Not Be A Lemon. But It Could Be Your Sub Conscious Not Feeling Safe In A Situation.

So My Friends. NEVER Be Ashamed To Go To Your Doctor or/ Hospital With Your Physical Symptoms Because They Are REAL.

True Story & Lesson Learned For Me. Loved That Doctor !*

Peace & Prayers~*

Awesome information! I think I have spill over most mornings. I wake up with an extremely high heart rate and dizzy. I tell myself if it was a heart issue, it wouldn’t just happen in the morning.. I would experience this issue randomly.

Oh !* You Might Ask Your Doc For A Fast Acting Med Too If He Thinks You Have A Anxiety Disorder. Like Valium or/ Xanax...At Least Til The Zoloft Kicks In....That Could Take Weeks Sometimes...

Prayers For Ya !~*

I've struggled with all of this at some point too. Heart palpitations at night, chest pains, muscle pains, numbness in arms legs and face, dizziness etc. I've started to accept it's all just anxiety and I'm sure if there was something seriously wrong the doctors would have picked it up by now. I know that's hard go believe, just this morning my anxiety was telling me I was having a stroke because my right arm and leg felt weak. But I was fine!

I have only ever tried fluoxetine medication and was also scared to take it because I didn't want to become dependent but I had some kind of reaction to it and was advised to stop taking it and never tried any other medications. I do take 5HTP which is a natural supplement. I think it's working as my panic attacks stopped when it kicked in but everyone's difference and it could have just been a placebo effect.

I hope you find some peace soon x

Thank you so much for your post! I am so glad that I am not alone in this. I plan to take my medication as prescribed and take better care of myself. I am probably worrying myself sick thinking the worst when all of the symptoms I am having are anxiety related. Thank you for reassuring me. God bless you.☺

Try a lot of exercise . If you have been told by many Drs nothing I’d wrong , let it go ! Your Worrying about something that is not worth worrying about!!!

You are right! I need to quit worrying and do my part to ease my anxiety. I need to get lots of exercise and take my anxiety medication as prescribed by my Dr. Thank you for your post.☺

palpitations can actually be normal and most people experience them. it's just that because we have anxiety we're more aware of feelings and sensations in the body.

you wont get hooked on zoloft or buspar. in deciding to take them i would think about would you rather feel how you are now or take a chance to feel better?

also look into the DARE book. it's pretty helpful for overcoming anxiety.

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MizGreen78 in reply to Rilo7268

In response about the Zoloft or Buspar...which is better? And is it better to take at night or the day time? My dr. wanted me to start with 25 mg of Zoloft. His nurse advised me to take half a pill for 2 weeks then after 2 weeks take the entire pill. She advised me to take Zoloft also cause of my bad anxiety and she suspects some depression as well. I was also given a perscription for Buspar 7.5 mg...I just want to know which would be better. I fear taking meds and having side effects. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress for a few years now at home, financial and I loss my job in October. I want to cry, but some reason, I can't...would the anxiety medicine balance me out and help me to be able to cry if I felt the need? I've been on Lexapro before but it made me too sleepy. I am in the process of going to see a therapist/ counselor too. Just needing some advice. Thank you.☺

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Rilo7268 in reply to MizGreen78

I actually take both zoloft and buspar. i was having the same heart anxiety you are after i had a panic attack that i thought was a heart attack. i just couldn't stop obsessing about my heart. I would take it in the morning with food. im on 25mg of zoloft and 5mg of buspar 2x a day. that's a pretty low dose. I think the medication will definitely help level out your feelings. like you i really would have preferred not to take it but was spending day after day having panic attacks while home with small children. medication doesn't have to be long term. it could be until you start to feel stronger and capable again. the zoloft might make you sleepy or nauseated in the beginning. i didn't notice it making things worse because i was already so anxious and i only realized after a few weeks that i was feeling better.

I went on the buspar after being on the zoloft awhile because i still felt a little irritable and short tempered and raising the zoloft to 50mg made me too anxious. you may notice your symptoms worsen before they get better. try to hang on.

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MizGreen78 in reply to Rilo7268

Thank you so much for reassuring me about the anxiety medications. I am glad to know there are people on this site who care and really understand what I am going through. I think I have been suffering with anxiety for years and did not even realize it! I really thought I was dealing with Adult ADD. I am working on getting this anxiety mess under control. I am changing my diet, getting in more exercise like walking and getting my cpap machine tritration study done. I will see my therapist and take my medication as prescribed for my anxiety and learn natural ways to handle my stress. Thank you for your post. God bless you.

I have been having this problem for over a year now. I have been waking up with a heart rate of 180s. I sit on my couch all day with my BP cuff and heart rate monitor. I stay locked away in my house afraid I will drop dead because of my heart. My cardiologist tells me my heart is healthy, I just have tachycardia and PVCs which are very common for young women. I just can’t shake being scared and living my life. I’ve tried all the SSRIs. I was on Zoloft for YEARS and it was a great medicine but I couldn’t deal with the restless legs anymore. All SSRIs give me restless legs unfortunately. Buspar is also great but I ended up having an allergic reaction so I had to stop it. No one will prescribe me Xanax or anything because I have 3 small

children so I have to work through my panic attacks alone and it really affects my quality of life. I would give the Zoloft time to work! It really is a great medicine.

Thank you for your response! I truly appreciate you. I know how you feel about being afraid. I have fears too and I want to enjoy my life again and be happy. I hate the thought of being on a medication for's not something I truly want. I do need relief though! Tired of feeling my heart beat hard and rapidly all day and waking me out of my sleep at 1 am or 4 am. I was told that I have sleep apnea too! I plan to get a cpap machine to help me with that. I will be going to a counselor too in a few weeks. So, you feel I should give the Zoloft a try? My Dr wants me to start with half of my 25 mg pill for 2 weeks then go up to a full pill. I know I need to give the medication a chance to work. Does it help with emotional response? Sometimes I want to cry but, I can't for some's so weird. I just want to feel balanced again. A few people in my family suffer from include my deceased parents. My Mom had horrible anxiety about a lot of things. I feel I inherited it. Thank you for your advice and any additional advice is fine anytime. God bless you. I hope you get better soon.

Do you deal with random symptoms/pains out of nowhere? Like chest pain/ arm pain/ fatigue/nausea etc? I have very very bad anxiety but also a suspected arrhythmia but I’m not sure what kind yet. I get random episodes of pounding racing heart like 144 and I’m currently wearing a 30 day event monitor. But most of these symptoms come when I’m not even having an episode. That’s what makes me scared that it’s something more serious. I have been sobbing the past few days because of the amount of fear I live in every day constantly worried I will drop dead. These random pains scare me because they happen for no reason even when I’m not having anxiety. I feel like there is something very very wrong with me and I can’t handle this panic and fear

Yes I do, daily.. that’s why I check my BP and heart rate so much. :(

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Sorry that you are having anxiety symptoms that affect your heart beat. I also am aware of my heart beating at night, and made many trips to the ER years ago for ekg, etc. I take klonopin for restless legs syndrome, and have taken it for decades. I only take 1/2 pill as needed. My doctor said I also suffer from anxiety and she said the klonopin works well for that also. In all of the years I've taken it, I've never developed a dependency or had any side effects so am happy with it. The only thing my doctor cautioned me about was stopping it suddenly..she said to wean off slowly.

I hope this makes you feel a little more comfortable about the medication. I guess my way of thinking is that stress and anxiety are probably a lot harder on my body than a low dose medication.

Best wishes!

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MizGreen78 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your positive response. I appreciate your reassurance and kindness and understanding. You have made me feel better about taking medication for my anxiety. I am glad to know that I am not the only one dealing with these issues. I was told to take my kolonopin as needed...if I really needed it by my Dr. I am not a huge fan of meds at all. But, I can't allow this anxiety to take over my life. Thanking God for you and your words of hope.☺

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Hidden in reply to MizGreen78

I find that I don't need to take klonopin very seems to reset me somehow, so I only take about 2 tablets each month. I'm not a fan of medication, either, but this one really helps my restless legs and anxiety. I'm glad you feel a little better about it 😊

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Thank you so much! You have really put me more at ease. My Dr. prescribed me with 25 mgs of Zoloft and .5 mgs of Kolonopin as needed thankfully both are small doses. I hope that those small doses help me and do what they need to do to get my heart rate under control and comfort my mind. Thank you for your helpful insight!😊

Don't Understand The Deal With The Xanax ? People Take Xanax Everyday With Children. A "Small" Dose Starting Out Isn't Going To Cause A Collapse Or Anything Like That. Not That I've Ever Heard Of ?* It's Merely A Nerve Calming Agent, Helps With Sleep, And Even Acts As A Muscle Relaxant. It Can Even Help You With Your Heart Rate & BP Control. They Are Afraid Of It's Addictive Nature. You Start Out On Say 5 mg. That's NOT Gonna Make You Anything Near Collapsing or/ Have Extreme Side Effects. [ unless you have a allergic reaction to it. but that is with any med ] Who Knows ? You May Do Better On A Little More ?* I Am On 3 Different BP Meds. "EVERY" Test, & I've Had'em "ALL", Show My Heart & Cardio Is Just Fine. I Ask The Doc, "Well Why Do I Have HB" ?* He Shrugs His Shoulders & Says, " So You Won't Have A Stroke". Cause ? "ANXIETY DISORDER". I've Been Rushed To The ER With BP Being 240/170 w/ a Heart Rate Of 165 Over A "Adrenaline Dump" From An Anxiety Attack. More Than Once Too. My Vitals & Heart Are Fine, They Give Me A Shot Of Xanax or/ Another Nerve Calming Agent & EVERYTHING Returns To Normal & They Send Me Home. But When You Have Rates Like That You SHOULD Be In An ER So You Don't Have A Stroke. Xanax & Valium Over The Years Have Helped My Heart Better Than ANYTHING. But ? I Take My BP Meds Too As You Can't Just Suddenly Stop Those Kinda Meds. That Can Be DANGEROUS. [ that includes xanax and valium ]. I'm On Paxil Too [ low dose of 20mg a day ]. Have Been On Zoloft [ but it made my mind race ] & Buspar In Which I Couldn't Tell I Took A Thing. But The One Common NOBODY Will Change Is The Xanax. I DO NOT Abuse It. I Take As Minimal As Possible On A As Needed Basis. BUT ! I Have To Take Some Everyday. [ i will not share any either because i will not be a part of an addiction to others ]. Xanax & Valium Both Work For Me. Xanax Is Faster Working But Valium Works For Longer Periods Of Time. I've Been Tried On Several Different Nerve Pills. But What's Odd Is That NONE Of Them Worked On Me Unless It Had "PAM" On The End Of It..LOL..Don't Know Why But It's True. I Look At My Xanax As No Different Than A Diabetic & Their Insulin. There Is NO DOUBT. Your "Anxiety Disorder" Is Causing Your BP Spikes & Rapid Heart Rates. PLEASE Go See A Psychiatrist & Your Heart Doctor About This. Heck, Copy & Paste This & Print It If You Want To & Take It With Ya !* I've Had This Every Since I Was Burned In An Explosion Almost 30 Years Ago. They KNOW I Know What I'm Talking About. THEY Can Balance Whats The Best Course For You. Should ANXIETY Wear Your Heart Out or/ Cause A Stroke ? or/ Is It Better To Have A Possible Addiction To Keep You Level & Safe.

[ that wasn't meant to scare you ]

Your CARING Friend,


Thank you for your reassuring words. I appreciate you taking the time to post your message for me. I thank you for keeping it real with me. Every single time I would go to the ER, Urgent Care, or any diagnosis is ANXIETY! Every single time...smh! My meds are definately low dose and I should not be afraid of taking them. I am in the process of seeing a therapist early next month...they are booked up until early January! Geesh! A lot of folks seem to need therapy. Lol! My Dr. told me that if I chose to not take my anxiety med it would be on me...and I would have to be referred to a psychiatrist! I am going to give the Zoloft a chance to work it's magic. I am dealing with way too much stress and it's affecting my sleep at night. I am going to start getting massages and find ways to help myself cope with my anxiety issues...I will help my medicine work. You did scare me a little bit! Lol...scared me straight! Thank you again for your post. God bless you.

I know a couple people with sleep apnea and they say they felt 1000% better in a month with the cpap machine. Sleep apnea does affect your heart rhythm so I’d give that a try. As far as your other symptoms I can relate doll. I was wishing my issue was sleep apnea related so I could have an excuse for my symptoms but my results were negative. Seems like everyone has this same symptoms with anxiety so know you’re not alone.

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MizGreen78 in reply to Julie_z

Thank you for your response to my post. I am definately looking forward to getting my cpap machine and working to get this extra weight off. I am tired of fighting what I need to control. I will take my prescribed medication for anxiety and take better care of myself. My father had sleep apnea and was severely overweight and had issues with did my Mom..she was ocd and was severely afraid to take medication of any kind. She had chronic high blood pressure and died as a result of not taking her bp meds at all! I take mine faithfully! She passed in 2015 right before Christmas...Dec 22nd. I am having anxiety over thinking of her and what she allowed to happen...smh. It's been rough. Thank you for your kindness and helping me get this anxiety stuff figured out. God bless you.😊

Look up the Dare app on your phone or dare away by Barry McDonough

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MizGreen78 in reply to Julie_z

Okay I will do that today. I am looking it up on my phone in a few mins. Anything that can help me is great! I have been in denial about my anxiety issues for way too long. 😊

MizGreen78, you took the first step forward when you accepted the fact that anxiety is at the root of your symptoms. You did the responsible thing by seeing a doctor and being assured this was not caused by a physical issue. The fear of taking medication is a given with all of

us anxious people. We fear the fear as well as fear the cure with something that could help. There is a time and place for medication along with therapy that will help get you

unstuck and moving forward. Exercise, avoiding caffeine and high sugar and fats can help

as well as drinking plenty of water. Being well hydrated helps with the blood volume in

our bodies and our heart function.

Follow your doctor's orders, give your medication time to reach full efficacy and you should do fine. One last thing is giving yourself some "me time" every day.. 10 minutes

of finding a quiet spot where you can tune out the day, relax and do some deep breathing

and meditation. You will be okay. Believe in that, as positive attitude plays a big part in

getting better. :) xx

i had the same thing every day i thought i was going to die because of my heart but guess what ? i didnt i kept saying to myself this is a joke its playing games with my mind i need to stop letting it get to me i would just not pay it no mind i have it time to time but i just pay it no mind i seen plenty of docters they said i was fine did multiple exams and nothing i was literally going to the hospital all the time , also now what is messing with me is my mind trying to think negative thoughts so it went from my heart to my mind trying to mess with me it moves from one thing to another when its not the heart is my mind thinking bad things i never thought about it . its just trying to make you scared and afriad so it could put you in a place you would always be scared trust me im going through what you are you going through but its times you need to

face and be stronger then your body remember you control your body , your body doesnt control you. from johnnie

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

I'm proud of your response Johnnie. Did you ever think you would help others with the

same issues you have struggled with? In time, we all understand better in how

with anxiety, it's a mind/body connection. Enjoy your Christmas :) x

Im going through the same thing. My cardiologist told me everything is fine. Im constantly taking a deep breath too. Does anyone experience that?

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