Can't stop thinking about my heart

I've had so much stuff done these past couple months to check me out.. even have had a 48 hour heart monitor. I've been told my heart is fine... I'm fine.... I just have a fast heart rate at times.. which may be anxiety related

Now I have costochondritus(however you spell it) inflammation in between my ribs. I also have something wrong with my shoulder on the left side and pain in between my shoulder blades. 🙄

Well all these aches have got me wondering about my heart again... like what if I have a-fib and they don't know... what if these are actually heart related symptoms and the doctors just dismiss me because of my age

I've actually been doing great with my anxiety until I started having these pains.... I'm definitely not as bad as I used to be. But I'm just ready for all the aches and pains etc to go away!


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8 Replies

  • Oh I know all this to well. That's what gives me the anxiety the physical symptoms start me off. I can't handle the chest pains they are terrifying & the shortness of breath. I'm tired of it to it's completely depressing.

  • I have the same. Ugh. Can't handle it. It's like everyday you don't know whether to run to the er or try to wait to out

  • I gave up going there also, just a waste of time they look at you like you are crazy and making a big deal out of nothing. Anytime I get chest pain I pray to myself hoping it will pass.

  • I breathe. In with the good. Out with the bad. Seems to help.

  • Been to the er so many times. Nothing is wrong with my heart but a little fast. Physical symptoms r the worst. Damn. Just thinking about it. ugh

  • I was where you are a year ago. It really sucks and the symptoms and feelings are really real. It's horrible. I remember being scared to walk around my neighborhood without someone with me, and I constantly checked my pulse. I went to the ER twice and also didn't believe doctors

    I don't worry about my heart anymore though and I don't have anymore physical heart symptoms except a few palps now and then. My heart rate is back to normal and everything.

    All I can say is trust the doctors. They know what they're talking about. And I'm assuming you're young. I'm 26 so I can relate. Things started getting better for me when I started challenging myself. After getting a bunch of tests done I decided I'd run like a half mile a day just to push myself and it actually really loosened up the chest area and then when the symptoms let up alittle bit then the fear did too.

    It's so hard to break the fear cycle, but from someone who went through exactly what you went through you have to trust me. It was horrible I remember. But you can get over it and you can feel horrible without it being your heart.

    Also a fib is super easy to pick up on an ekg so don't worry about that if you had tests.

    But anyway. You may feel like you're special and you're the one case that's actually a heart attack, but that's how we all feel haha, and I don't think any of us actually were right, and we all think ours is the worst or different. Try not to be afraid you'll be ok

  • Wow thank you so much. I feel the EXACT same way you describe. Yes it is sooo hard. Thanks for telling me about a fib... that eases my mind a bit!!!

  • Drink a glass of wine. Or a beer. If it goes away then you'll know it was just in your mind

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