Does anyone get weird heart palpitations?


I keep getting weird flutters in chest and yesterday I got a major thump in the middle of my chest which triggered a panic attack ofc. I had full blood tests and one specific for heart tissue, several ecgs and holter monitor but nothing happened while I had it so I don't suppose anything will show up. As well as that I get weird pressure in my head and chest every time I get up ( i am laying down a lot ) and sometimes when I walk I feel lightheaded. Doctors say it is anxiety, but is it possible to be something that they cannot catch from these tests? And has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Ive experience the same symptoms and today I have a drs appt so hopefully I heat good news.. also ive had EKGS done and xrays and bloos work and ultrasounds and drs keep on telling me im healthy. . So ive come to realize that maby they are right amd it really is anxiety

  • reply after your appt. Hope it's all good. I've been told the same thing and I know how hard it is to accept it.

  • I experience the same thing ! Palpitations are VERY common with anxiety. And if you are laying down a lot and getting up for a bit it's going to take time for your body to adjust because it's use to laying down. It's kinda like when you are laying down and you get up quick and you get dizzy. Your body needs time to adjust. Just try and sit up more. I sometimes feel really lightheaded when I'm walking around. But just know that this is also common with anxiety. And if your doctors have done test and your ok. Try to keep telling yourself that. "I'm okay this is just anxiety. " I hope you feel better I know how anxiety can make you feel so terrible but just know that you are perfectly okay. And there are many people that experience the same things. I have a blog and write about my life and dealing with anxiety daily I also talk about tips and coping skills you may find helpful. Take a look !

    I hope you feel better ! You will get through this ! Hugs ' 😊

  • Hi yes I experience the same thing upon standing my heart rate sky rockets and I also feel lightheaded when walking around not constantly but a lot of the time. I too have had many blood test ecg, ultra sound of the heart and have worn a holter all normal apparently. My theory is as we have anxiety our heart rates are higher then usual for eg. My resting heart rate pre anxiety was 60 since my anxiety has started at rest my heart rate is between 80-100 so when I stand up or move around as normal heart rate increases a bit and with a resting heart rate of let's say 80 it will go over 100 when standing/moving around which in turn makes you feel more anxious and the feelings of lightheadedness etc as our bodies are not used to it. I'm not sure if that makes sense but that is the theory I have come up with lol

  • Im having heart trouble too because I was training too hard in gym and using a lot of caffiene, I wantto see a cardiologist and have more tests, I think I could have a weak heart muscle from all the training in hot conditions.

  • hey, how old are you? I don't really think that you can get yourself heart trouble because of training. You might get a tired heart for a while if you push yourself too far, but nothing much I believe.

  • Im 49 and for the last 10 yearz I have been working lots of overtime and training hot to sweat out my smelly armpits, my heart problem started after one of these very high intensity hot training sessions with heavy weight. I have been trying to repair my heart with nutrition, COQ10 Omega oils, heart nutrients, wheatgrass juice and eating sunflower sprouts everyday, I have almost completely recovered but last week I had 5 sweating sessions 2 saunas and 3 training and Sunday I got heart pain and felt unwell again, too much again. I want to ask a cardiologist if I have overloaded my heart or is this a mix of anxiety and physical stress, or damage.

  • Physical stress and anxiety is what sums it up. You cannot drain your heart by exercising... When you do that it only gets stronger and your blood travels easier. Your body might be tired, yes but the heart pain (as you say) may also be a pulled chest muscle, irritated wind pipe, even gastro related. Heart pain is a crushung pain in the middle of your chest, it is not dull or "just a little bit", when you have heart pain you get dizzy, feel draimed you could even faint. If you're 49 and you train as much you're on the right track. If you're worried go have an ecg again as well as xray and ask for a heart tissue specific test.

  • Thanks that sounds good, Im worried because all my training was in hot conditions and very intense in a sweat top and that is stress on the heart. I was training too hard for my age. As it is the heart I want to eliminate anything sinister.

  • What actually happened is I had a lot of tea and bacon and eggs (salt) and a shot of high caffiene dose pre training drink. Afterwards I was really rushing to get to osteopath, I got on the tube (central line) and suddenly felt very ill trembling, breathlessness, passing out, I got out of the tube and it started again, no chest pains at all, I got into ambulance and ECG was fine, blood pressure fine, drank a lot of water in the A and E and recovered but had severe palpitations in the night and passing out feeling in day at work, but these symptoms have gone, now I get dull pain under left nipple, little breathlessness, feeling unwell, what has happened to me?

  • Hello, you just had a very high dose of unpleasant foods which caused the palpitations, probably the sick/illness feeling as well. Because of the situation you were in the adrenalin was a bit too much for your body and it went in overdrive. The dull pain you feel is called nerve pain and it happens when you're under a lot of stress. If you had all of those tests that means you're completely healthy. The quicker you relax the better for you. Trust me on this. Take a warm bath, cut off caffeine for a while so your body can relax, eat fruit and drink vitamins. It will go away.

  • I have only had static ECG , blood pressure, 24 hour ECG, thyroid test, all fine I would like to have echocardiogram and speak to cardiologist to eliminate all possible heart problems. I have been training in a sweat top for 5 years really hard, Excercise in hot conditions is bad for the heart, I hope you are right anyway.

  • If your blood tests are fine and your ecgs too, then you're most likely healthy. When the heaft suffers it releases enzymes in the blood which are caught in the simplest blood tests. The one thing an echo can show you that a blood test can't is if you have a prolapse but that causes murmurs which can easily be heard by any doctor when they listen to your chest. Trust me, I have been having health anxiety related to my heart, i had all possible tests more than once and it was all perfect. I read all there was to read relating heart conditions haha

  • What about cardiomyopathy? A weak heart muscle not pumping blood propaly, a type of heart failure,? Why did training make my heart palpitat at night and give me dizzy spells the next day at work, this has got better but after my sauna Saturday I felt unwell and had left chest pain again.

  • If your heart was not pumping enough blood your muscles will go a bit numb or weak and you won't be able to exercise properly. As well as that they do an oxygen tests in the a&e or any er which shows if the blood is oxidatited enough. Another sign is swollen knees.

  • Thanks you have really have been very helpful , you have a lot of experience , I feel better.

  • I have bad circulation in my lower legs and varicose viens. What tests did you have?

  • Just say you want a heart tissue test, that checks if your heart is harmed (the tissue) by anything heart attack etc

  • I've gotten those in my throat as of just recently during my workouts. Usually when I take a deep breath. I'm glad you are fine, but I hope you find answers you need.

  • Hey, yeah, for me is really random and sometimes while I am doing specific physical things :D as well I get them in the shower. Drs say it is because it's steamy in there and body temperature shifts, but that doesn't explain the rest. Besides that, since every test came back normal I just assumed they were ectopic beats cause by anxiety and decided to live with them. Since then I get them really rare. So that is a good start.

  • I'm glad to hear that you are doing better.

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