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Wanting some help with blood tests results

Hi there. Just had a blood rest for exsaution and tiredness with balance problems and the doctor said they are normal, but I wanted someone to tell me if they are on the low side. B12 -515 ng/L serum folate-7.1 ug/L replete 5.4 -20.0ug/L indeterminate 3 4-5.3ug/L I have no idea what all that means .is it low ? Serum ferritin - 137 .5 ug/L. Harmoglobin A1c level IFCC standardardised -39mmoL /moL there are others but I think these are the important results. They are all fasting results , and the glucose fasting was 5.5 . Thankyou if you would help I started taking garlic capsules to help with my colestral but they repeat on me, any idea how I can lower my colestral naturally. Or a good garlic with no repeat.

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Well I am not a Doctor and even if I was I don't have your medical records so would not be able to tell you any better than what your Doctor already has and if they say they are fine you need to trust that they are because why would they say they were if they wasn't they would want to treat you because that is their job :-)

If you want to get your Cholesterol down then diet is important , keeping of things that are high in fat , fish is good for you and they say walnuts one a day I think it is can help lower it or it could be Brazil nuts you would have to look that one up , there are also drinks which you can take one a day that claim they help lower cholesterol as well as spreads which you use instead of butter you can get these from any supermarket and of course exercise is up there to

There are many Garlic supplements that claim they have no after taste and if you go into any Health store or chemist and ask they will tell you which one's they recommend :-)

I would feel relief that all my results have come back ok so try and let go of this worry now , your Doctor has no concerns so try not to have any either when it comes to your results :-)

Take Care x

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