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Test results


So I got test results my highest heart rate was 165bpm, and my lowest was 45bpm, what the hell!! They said everything looked normal, well why is it that low then?

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I know we worry part of anxiety but Doctors do know what they are looking for and if they spot anything that they are concerned about they would have you in and not let you out

The readings may not seem right to you and maybe you have Googled and that has told you they are not but we go to the Hospital and Doctors and we have to try and trust them or there is no point if we don't going

I know it is not easy but put your trust in them and if you really think they are wrong then ask for a second opinion you can always do that x

Thankyou, ye as I said the 45bpm for me is scary :( but it was a 24hr ecg and they probably looked for like different wave patterns etc on the ecg and caught nothing x

Hi Trust me they know exactly what they are looking for and if for one minute they doubted those readings they would have you in not let you home :-)

I looked at a few of your posts and you are so young which makes me feel for you as I started young having health anxiety and you sound very much like I was when I started and I think this is what you are really suffering from health anxiety and I hope you can get the support you need to break the pattern of thought you have so you no longer live in fear

Meanwhile trust those Doctors , look at them now saving all these life's due to the pandemic , they have trained to save life's they went to medical School for years to save life's so they would not want to get it wrong and tell you that you are fine if you were not

I know sometimes even though rare young people can have heart issues but it is rare and there is nothing that indicates you are one of those people , try and turn these negative thoughts into positive one's and hopefully you can get control over this health anxiety :-) x

I get that and I’ve had it a while but surely my heart can stop if it’s going 45bpm that’s way to low x


I am not a Doctor so I could not possibly say but the one's that are are happy with it and if they are then you should try and let go and be reassured everything is ok x

Did you wear a holter monitor? The low reading is more than likely while you were sleeping?

Yes I had a 24hr ecg, I’m so scared

Well low reading will be while sleeping which is normal, I had several tests done on my heart last year, which included this one, my readings to were as high as 150's and lowest around 50, try not to worry too much, I also had an ultrasound on heart and a ct scan, I dont panick too much now when heart rate is up as all my tests came back fine, maybe request further testing to put your mind at ease.

45 tho? At the age of 22 :( that’s scary

Oh definitely

Definetley scary?

Just had a quick look at your profile, you mention breathlessness, tachycardia etc, has your doct checked your vitamin levels, low iron and b12 can cause breathlessness, weak legs, fast heart rate, jittery, chest pain etc, also have they checked your thyroid?

Ye I had a full blood check, yeno vitamins etc all fine

Could be SVT. I have this. Benign condition. My heart rate is all over. Sometimes in the 50’s and sometimes 170. I take a beta blocker which helps.

I don’t want to take beta blockers in case it goes even lower

That's a normal heart rate whilst sleeping, no need to worry at all, it would be worrying if it had been high whilst sleeping.

I don’t know if it is why I’m sleeping or not

Ask if it’s while you are sleeping? Why would you go into overdrive and not Ask them to explain the results .Your heart WILL NOT STOP BECAUSE IT WENT TO 45....!!!

It’s just abit low for my age I think imagine when I’m like 30, and it’s even lower it’s just scary lol, I get dizzy and tired when it happens to

And ye I messaged them and they said ring up to discuss results, why couldn’t he just say no it’s all fine and ask me to ring up instead?

Because you apparently Need an in depth explanation...they already said it was fine.. you don’t believe them..I’m a retired 73 yr old emergency department RN.. my heart rate has dipped that low....it’s not going to worsen with time and it’s NOT going to stop.. it’s normal !!!


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