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Blood test results scared me saying

Soo scared today

Did fbc

As I asked for them

Waited 2 wks no calls from gp

So I called today as it was playing in my mind

Dr called me back and said all bloods are fine apart from I have high chorestral

Can’t spell it

The reading was 6 sumthing

Omg my heart was pounding

She said come back in a year to have another test

Like wat the hell!!!!

No tabs offered


Any help plz

I am not overweight In fact prob under weight due to anxiety

And I am active but must agree my diet is rubbish

Lots of chocolate and crisps

Plz anyone can reassure me I am not gunna peg it

I am 48


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Why wasn’t I given tablets ????

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That’s not a life threatening reading even though I know you’re worried. A few lifestyle changes should help get this sorted 😺

My cholesterol was 7.4 a few years ago and the doctor didn't seem worried and I wasn't given any meds either and I am fine.

I was given advice to change from white bread to wholemeal and cut down on hard cheese which I did and it went down to 6.2. I was also told to stop eating butter and change to fortified marge but didn't.

You need to tackle your diet and eat more fruit and veg too. There is lots of advice online.

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Thank u

Been so scared today thinking I am gunna die

It’s anxiety for me

I smoke too don’t help

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I am thinking wat the hell do I eat now

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Please do what they ask and change your diet to healthy eating and at the least walking a few miles a day!! If you “don’t stop smoking”, cholesterol level will be the least of your problems!!

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The excessive ruminating may make you feel worse? Can you quit the cigs? That in itself will probably get you into the healthy range.

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My son got me this spray

So gonna try tackle my smoking

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Ps just brought myself grapes and almonds

Feeling positive

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Fab!! You'll get this cracked don't worry 🤗

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So confused now on wat to eat

Panic now on wat I can eat


I usually miss brekkie and just have coffee

Lunch normal sandwich







Then lots of naughty snacks like crisps biscuits and whatever’s there

Now I am eating hardly anything as scared

Can I eat eggs ?

Pot noodles ?

Any chocolate ?

Any crisps ?

I luv beef

Just so confused xxx

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See the link for a healthy diet. Basically you should eat 3 times a day (breakfast very important so never skip it). Each meal should have protein, meat, fish, eggs, cheese etc. Also carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and so on. You also need to include lots of veg especially green veg and fruit. Make your diet as varied as possible.

Keep junk food like biscuits, cakes, crisps, chocolate, etc. to a minimum though there is no harm in having a bit. There is lots of info online about healthy eating.

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What worries me is that dr said come back in a year for blood tests

So I won’t know if my numbers are down

All she said was eat more veg and fruit that’s all she said


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If you eat healthier the numbers will be down. That's the whole purpose of a good diet. Follow the doctors advice and ours. I think your main issue could be health anxiety!

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Yes yes yes

Suffer with it bad x

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Wish I could get rid of it x

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Are you getting any medical help?

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Going to cbt nxt week

No medical help

She said no need for meds just eat more healthy

And come back in a year

That’s it

Told her I am off my anti depressants she said that good news x

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Was offered floxetine but not taken them too scared

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I am not talking about medical help for your cholesterol but your health anxiety! Ad's should help so not sure why you are stopping them. Hopefully the CBT will be of benefit to you.

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I stopped them as was switched too different ones

And then back to original citrapram I was on

But they weren’t helping this time

So I stopped

But they did offer flux but scared to take them as side effects

Just too much

I also want a hormone test as I am at that age but they said it’s difficult to do them as they fluctuate so much

So just don’t know

I only take diazapam now

Not much though

Only 1-2 mg a day

I asked bout tablets and she said I didn’t need them and just to eat more healthy and give up smoking and exercise

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Follow those recommendations. Things won't change if you don't eat properly and exercise.

And to go back in a year for another blood test Just bout to drink green tea now as heard it is good

Mines higher than yours and not on medication. You need to read up on what you can do to reduce it

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My result was 6 something couldn’t think straight when she was saying it

Wat was yrs and y can’t we have tabs to help it xxx

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Be thankful she didn't give you tablets. Statins are terrible drugs, my dad is like a walking zombie on them!

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Hi mine is 7.4 but that’s not high enough to be put on meds as Statins are not good for you. Ask your GP if you can see a dietitian to guide you on healthy eating. Please don’t worry about your results as they are not very high at all xx

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I have centrum 50 +

Not taken yet are they any good x

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I’m not sure but give them a try 😊

Thank u

Could not sleep yest

Woke up with panic attack

Can’t help but worry

I am not over weight I fact probably under weight due to anxiety

I just took a Diaz as was so anxious

Gunna try give up the cigs today

Doesn’t help I have stopped my anti depressants 2 wks ago

I think my issues is that I don’t eat meals as live on own so I grab chocolate and crisps and peanuts

I luv crisps and chocolate but I guess that’s out the window

Thank u for replying it actually eased my anxiety hearing from people

Dr just said your full blood count is fine apart from high cholesterol which was 6 something

I asked wat bout meds to take she just said no just wat more veg and fruit that was it

She was so blunt knowing I suffer with anxiety


Thank u xxx

Most folk have advised to make changes in your lifestyle, diet, exercise smoking etc. I'd say the same. Best to try make lifestyle change before consuming unnecessary medication. I've managed to reduce my cholesterol levels, which is probably down to planted based (vegan) eating, but I also eat oatbran every morning. Oats are very good at reducing cholesterol levels. Easy to make, a couple of spoonfuls in water brought to boil, ready in a minute or so, when it starts to thicken. I put mashed banana and fruit - apricots or nectarine, in bottom of plate before pouring on oatbran. Just makes it more palatable, too. I don't eat animal (dairy) products, but reducing any fat in diet is good. Lots of advice on internet. You can make a massive difference to your health stats, by making change. Taking control and making better choices will help alleviate anxiety levels, too.

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Hello I am curious about a plant based diet, since you don’t eat meat where do you get your protein from if you don’t mind me asking?

Thank u xx

Actually by making some small gradual healthier lifestyle changes, you will probably find that your reading will be lower next time. I would say maybe try to clean up your diet? Do this gradually and make changes to your unhealthy treats. Even if you can start with 15 minutes a day exercise then build it up? I’m not suggesting anything as horrifying as joining a gym (!! ) I like getting outside in the fresh air for a nice walk. Try not to over complicate this. I know that a reading of 6 can quite easlily be lowered 👍

Yeah I am trying slowly

Eating more fruit today and had oats for brekkie and vegs for dinner

I will stop the crisps and doughnuts But atm it’s hard to eat because of my anxiety

It’s been bad last few days as I stopped my anti depressants two weeks ago and feel it’s all coming back and to top it off I get that news


Eating bananas and apples today but not much else xx

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Please don’t limit yourself either, going cold turkey will actually make the cravings come back with a vengeance, there’s plenty of yummy healthy things you can eat or even semi healthy stuff, I’d start of with chicken breast over brown rice, spinach and kimchi (: pretty yummy meal, if spinach is too gross for you add some red grapes to it!

Fruit with some Greek yogurt for breakfast or oatmeal, if you have the money there’s a company called OatsOvernight that makes GREAT oatmeal!

Try some walks and low cardio workouts, there’s plenty you can follow on YouTube right in your home (: it’s a lifestyle change that won’t come overnight, a doctor told me no food is BAD food, it’s actually all about MODERATION. You can enjoy your crisps and donuts without having to completely give them up, moderation is key, maybe once a week? Maybe Once every two weeks, make it like a little reward (: I truly wish you the best, this is NOT a death sentence 🥰❤️

I got my cholesterol down from 5.6 to 4.2 in three weeks just with diet, just don't eat rubbish, lots of salad, veg lean meat. Doesn't mean you can't have bad things sometimes.

Thanx guys

I am defo eating better

Cutting down on butter and white bread

Eating lots more fruit

Bannna oatmeal porridge

Red grapes and apples also almonds

Just not sure on meal wise

Yest I had a roast

But I cut out the roast potatoes

Well saying that I had two on plate and lots of veg

Carrots sweet corn



And chicken

O and I had one Yorkshire pudding

Thing is with me

Any pain I get them that’s it panic kicks in

I have lost weight due to anxiety in the last two yrs and wasn’t eating much

Is there any protein shakes or anything to build me up and good chorlestral ????

Are ensure drinks ok or actimol?

As wanna build myself up without causing high cholesterol xxxx

Any ideas xxx

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Also I am peri menopausal

Was wondering if this was effecting my levels too

As my bloods always been perfect

But last two yrs my anxiety has been soo bad

Came off citapram 2 wks ago


Wake up most mornings

Heart palps panic and butterflies in stomach awful xxx

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Dr offered me fluoxetine 10 mg

But just so scared of everything so I take Diaz to help x

You could consider nutritional therapy. There is a lot you can do yourself to lower your cholesterol levels even at the stage of progressive atherosclerosis. Plant-based diet is THE most powerful measure you can take for reversal of this condition. Or at least more towards mediterranean diet.

But I think it is best to work with a nutritional professional rather than trying to figure it out yourself. 6 is quite high but not at the life-threatening end yet.

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Yeah not sure y high

As I am slim and active but agree my diet is bad

But working at it

My gp said I don’t need tablets but to go back in a year for s blood test

Just said eat more fruit and veg

Plus I am giving up smoking so hoping my lifestyle changes will help

You saying 6 is high

Some people on here are much higher yet not on tablets ?

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Is 6 your total cholesterol or your LDL or your non-LDL?

EDIT: you don't have to be obese to have elevated choelsterol levels. Obesity is a risk factor but not a cause. The cause is a combination of environmental factors, lifestyle/activity levels, diet, stress , genetics.

Umm I did a full blood count and she just said my chorlestral was 6. Sumthing that’s all she said and told me to do another blood test in a year and to eat more fruit and veg that’s all she said

I asked for a fbc because I have anxiety and peri menopause so wanted to know if my irons levels were ok and b12

Didn’t hear anything for two weeks

So I called up few days ago and gp called me to tell me

She said everything else was fine in blood test apart from that


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I said do I need tablets

She said no

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If she said than you don't. It should be in your interest NOT to have to take statins, they help but they mess up with your energetic levels by depleting CoQ10.

Anyways, diet will be at the top of your recovery, here are some tips you can already start doing:

* reduce your intake of all animal foods especially fattyy meats, cheese, butter and fried eggs.

* dump all takewaways, process sugar, crackers, biscuits, fizy drinks, cola, milkshakes and all the typical crap. Frenchfries, fried potatoes. Cakes, muffins etc all of that needs to be drastically reduced.

* eat more oily fish such as salmon, mackrel, sardines and anchovies, these are full of essential fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol and protect vascular lining.

* lot of fruits and vegetables. Focus on berries and dark fruit and darker vegetables, you want to load yourself with as much antioxidants as possible.

* Increase intake of lentils, beans, chickpeas and edamame beans - these are superior protectors of heart and choelsterol reducers

* fibre intake should ideally be around 50g per day. Most people get around 10. The more veg and fruit and legumes you get the better.

* replace all rice and white pasta and white bread whole their wholegrain alternatives. So focus on wholegrain pastas, brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, oats. Dump all breakfast cereals filled with sugar and go for oatmeal with plant based milk and berries.

* raw nuts every day (up to 40 grams) ideally walnuts or almonds.

* up to 2 litres of water per day

Second cruical factor is exercise: you absolutely have to get your body moving. At least 45 minutes a day of walking and at least 30 minutes 3 times a week of high intensity exercise. There are now classes in gyms such as HIIT, bodypump etc. You can ofcourse do other things such as swimming, dancing, colelctive sports. Just make sure to move every single day. If you have any heart condittion, always obtain approval from your doctor first.

And finally, stress should be regulated. So something like meditation every day for 15 minutes to reduce stress levels could help a lot. Headspace app is very practical or there are guided meditations on youtube.

Good luck !!

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Thank u

I have already started oats for brekkie with a banana and snack on almonds

Also snacking on red grapes

Eating more veg

Sprouts carrots peas

Trying to give up smoking which is damn hard

My fitness is ok

As I work full time and constantly on feet

And I don’t drive so I walk everywhere

I still think it’s something to do with hormones or my anxiety

As 2 yrs ago my fbc was perfect but within those two yrs I have swapped and changed anti depressants

And started peri menopause

I have recently stopped my anti depressants 2 wks ago too

My mum had high cholesterol she had tablets but that didn’t kill her

It was a brain tumour x

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You are on good way then, give time for recovery to happen. Cholesterol reduction takes months even a year so be patient and most of all don't drive yourself crazy.

You could look more into plant based diet, the book "How Not To Die" is a good start to that, this has been a lifechanger for tens of thousands of people :)

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Forgot to add

Both my older brothers have it too

One of them not on tablets the other one is

Yet they don’t care and eat anything they want and they are both healthy

Puzzling !!!!!

Will do thanx


Ok as was thinking y dr said come back in a year

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