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Hello all sorry to be a pest but having a rotten day today.Woke up after three hours sleep feeling sick,tight chest and scared.Tried to stick it out.At one pm I had two district nurses come round to give me a blood test because I've been unable to get to my local hospital for the test.

Now I have no issues with the poor nurses at all.But poor things they tried six times to take my blood but it would not flow.They tried twice in my arm where blood is usually taken from but got nothing at all.Then they used...I think they called it a butterfly needle...twice but still nothing.Then they tried on the back of both my hands and still nothing.

Then they said they were not allowed to make any more attempts and would report to my doctor.

Trouble is my doctor is closed on Wednesday afternoons so now I am working my self up to a right old panic.

Has anybody had a similar experience please?


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  • Bless you

    They find it hard to get blood from me :-o

    Is it because we don't like parting with anything :-o

    I havnt had to go as far as you have though , but I do no people that have

    They can only have so many attempts , not sure why , maybe the law is they cant leave us looking like a pin cushion ;-)

    I do find some nurses are better than others though at taking blood

    Try not to worry , they will sort it out , they will just have had to leave it for today

    They will be telling your GP , so they can either say , well still want them done , or set up someone to come out again

    But I am sure its nothing serious

    You look a healthy purple colour , so it will be fine :-D

    I hope you don't mind me putting a bit of humour in my reply , its just in hope it might make you smile

    Please though , don't worry , I am sure everything will be ok , this is common




  • Thanks why why.Yes you have made me laugh again.Mind you when I took my last photo I thought I looked a bit on the pale side.

    On the serious side...and it may interest others......I've just spoken to a great nurse on NHS Direct. They are quite happy to answer general health enquiries.She done a lot of research and came back with seven reasons why it may be difficult to take blood.Only one was serious and it doesn't appear that I have that.

    The main answer is to drink at least 3 litres of water per day so I am about to turn the tap on.

    Thanks as ever for your help.Better sign off before I get timed out again. ;-)

  • ERM

    I did think you did as well to be honest , I do feel purple is more your colour


    I am glad you have got some answers , I hope you don't worry now


  • Hi grog,

    I have had this, in an anxiety state the blood pools in the organs, muscles and centre of body, when I had my pacemaker reinstalled they couldn't find one, after 5 attempts the surgeon had to be called and he found a vein :-)



  • Thanks for the re-assurance and nice to hear from you

    Good luck



  • Hi grog,

    This is the reason I hate having bloods done. I tell them where they will get blood, they don't listen, they have trouble and I end up bruised.

    17 years ago I had been a junkie for 12 yrs so veins aren't in best condition but I do know where the good one is, shame they dont listen lol. I went 2 weeks ago and a young nurse got it first time. I asked if I could have her phone number for future lol, she laughed. Xxxx

  • Hello Cookster

    How are your drains? Can you find your stop cock?;-)



  • :-) Sorry

  • Lol, I have an aversion to cock, in whatever form it comes lol, but yes me leak is sorted lol xxx :-D

  • HA HA

    I do love your sense of humour Cookster.It's people like you that keep me going.I think that having a good laugh is half the battle.

    Well keep it up my old cock



    xxx ;-)

  • CHEEKY BUGGER, less of the old lol xxx

  • Sorry point taken youngster


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