Waiting for blood tests results

Hi all

I had some bloods drawn Wednesday morning which was the full range including liver, kidney functions etc. but the other one was a coelic test.

The main blood tests normally come through quite quickly but I am being told that all these tests can take up to 10 days due to the coelic test.

My question is seeing that the normal blood tests can take up to 48 hours for results do you think that they would run the normal blood tests & if anything was abnormal they would send the results through to the surgery or would they wait till the coelic test is done and then regardless of result send it all through in 10 days?

I am just going slightly out of my mind with worry here....

Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • I had my full blood tests done wed rang me Thursday with results

  • Yes so wondering if they just going to run the normal tests next week once the result of the coelic is run first....

  • They prob will try not to worry I have also got to go for a chest x ray I do smoke so bit worried about that

  • thats what I thought or they might run the normal tests and if there is any abnormality then they would tell the GP before the result of the celiac test.......

    I do smoke too and had a chest x-ray in January....why you having blood tests and chest x-ray if you do not mind me asking?

  • I have aniexty/depression lost a lot of weight and feel dizzy and sick all the day, had most tests done all come back negative but doctor said to rule everything out had bloods and wanted me to go for this X-ray

  • What did your blood results come back as & how old are you?

  • All ok I am 54

  • You probably are a little run down...... :)

  • I have had this for 16 months now

  • Ah ok, it is very scary to wait for results and stuff isint it....my chest xray was back within a day, hopefully that can be the same for you...all this worry is driving me insane...

  • At first thought it was a brain tumour then googled every night which was the worst thing I could of done had a full ct scan everything come back ok

  • My doctors says which rightly so you are scared of getting cancer but you are still smoking

  • YUP my doctor said the same thing to me!!! Its hard to stop but then when something goes wrong we are thinking the opposite....are you a heavy smoker?

  • I am now

  • I stopped smoking for 3 months when my cough wouldnt go....strangely I started smoking again a month after the result...

  • I have got slight emphysema and still smoke

  • Its difficult trying to do the right thing though.......

  • It sure is never had this in my life before

  • You should ask for copies of your results!! Receptionist will print them off for you.that way you can check them yourself. For example without going into lots of detail you could be just within normal range on some of the tests. So as I said my B12 is 347 pg/ml the normal range is 187/883. So mine are on the lower side!! This is the case with all my blood results. So I'm now taking supplements and feel so much better 👍

  • i think if it was an infection or something that could be treated then they would get in touch with the surgery. why would they leave it longer leaving whatever it was to get worse. im not saying there is nothing wrong but definately if it was something that needed urgent treatment they would be in touch. thats what happened to me. i had an infection and had a full set of bloods taken for many things but within two days the doctor was on the phone to me and get me onto anti biotics that day. all the best dear. try not to worry they wont leave you if its important.

  • Hello grace

    I agree but I am just nervous as to whether they would have run the tests now or waited for the lengthily one to be completed first.......

  • well i'v already told you they wont do that but your not letting go. that was 5 hours ago. are you going to stay like this all week??

  • I know you have!! But anxiety takes hold! Do you suffer from anxiety at all???? If you do then you would know how it feels, surely???

  • i do suffer but its still hard work reassuring people. its hurts when they dont believe you. its not that im critisizing you but its hard work.

  • They would send all the results accept the coeliac

  • I am wondering why there is no results as yet....today is 48 hours..

  • Have you rung te surgery?

  • I have been ringing them non-stop :( and the last time I rung which was 10am they said nothing is back and should allow 10 days because of this celiac test....

  • I does sound unfortunately as they are waiting for the complete results

  • Hi thanks for all the replies.

    Im just wondering if they do the celiac test first and once thats back then only do the normal blood tests or do they do the normal ones and keep the results and once the celiac is back they send it all together

  • I hope the quicker ones have been tested already. Was sent on wed afternoon

  • My GP surgery the results usually take a week. If there is a problem you would normally be told sooner rather than later. I've had a phone call in the past asking me to ring them. So they do say no news is good news!! Easier said than done I know but try not to worry.

  • So i was referred for a colonoscopy on Wed and received my referral letter this morning!! My anxiety is sky high and dr only refers on the 2 week urgent referral if they suspect cancer!!!

    I now have a fear of the blood results and the fear of him referring me urgently!!! Anxiety is sooo high right now

  • Based on the symptoms you've told him/her they would not take it upon themselves to dismiss cancer or any of the 100's of other reasons for a colonoscopy. They would be negligent to do so. If not an urgent referral you'd be waiting 8months or more for one, so they've done good getting you seen quicker.

    The blood results, if Dr doesn't have them back from lab yet, i would feel reassured.

    Try hard to not worry, my mum just had an urgent colonoscopy as she mentioned weight loss and not feeling too great. (Results are fine) No good Dr will "wait and see" if they value their jobs and patients:)

  • I made my appointment today for the Gastro doc and it is for Sep 22nd, I ask if this referral was marked as urgent from the GP and she said no, she said the reason I got the referral letter so quick was that they are not too busy right now with their admin...

  • That's excellent. Our routine referrals here are shocking and long. I hope you're feeling better about it all even a little bit x

  • Slightly but now I am obsessed with checking the bottom of my eyelids and if they pale it means iron deficiency which again a big symptom of what I fear.........

    sorry I am just very anxious and scared....

  • I understand.

    How about taking a short course of vit c and iron supplement?

    If it was caused through any internal bleeds or serious gastric/bowel problems it would be much much more obvious, you wouldn't be very well at all. I know that won't ease your worries much, I know with health anxiety you will *always* find something that concerns you if you look for it.

    Only 23 days left until you know what's going on, try hard as you can to give yourself at least 20 days break from worrying.. You deserve it!

  • I know and I keep saying that to myself but there is a demon in my head pushing my anxiety further everyday...

    I cant take any vitamins unless prescribed by my GP as I am on warfarin for DVT & have been for 16 years, do you think if there was any internal bleeds there would be visible blood due to the warfarin?

  • I think bleeds would be worse with warfarin, id imagine if there was a bleed it would be an emergency really quickly.

    Did you get your routine results yet?

  • No thing is back, I checked this afternoon with them

  • It's good that it seems there is nothing urgent the lab found, but a shame because it could've helped put your mind at rest a little :(

  • yeah, depends if they have actually run the routine bloods yet they might be fermenting my blood in a chiller.......

    I wish this was all over!

  • I guess you are right its just my anxiety is really fuelled now by this referral coming through so quickly

  • You are going to make yourself sick worrying about all this. I thought I had breast cancer when I had to have a biopsy. I thought for sure it was cancer why else would dr want biopsy. Well my anxiety was so bad I lost over 15 lbs in a month. Couldn't eat sleep or concentrate on anything I was so anxious felt so bad I even had to take a sick leave from work.when my anxiety got to the point where I thought about taking all my anxiety pills to stop the hurt went to hospital and blood pressure was so high. I was given a stronger anti anxiety Ned and talked to a councillor. To make a long story short the biopsy results were negative but I ended up in a deep depression with severe anxiety. I know what your going through and it is very hard to be positive when your scared about your health but this anxiety is more likely worse than anything physically wrong. And the waiting for results is just agonizing isn't it? All the what ifs and your thinking worse case scenarios. My thoughts are with you. Your gonna be ok. Hope this helps calm you if only for a little while.

  • Thanks for your reply. Its making my whole lofe a misery(whats left of it) its so horrible. I want to crawl into a hole right now!

    I cant be social either as my mind is focused on my results and what ifs......

  • Hi all

    Sorry never posted but the results were all normal including celiac, I have the gatro appointment next week Thursday BUT I am really really really freaking out now....since July 28th I have lost 7 lbs...........OMG feels like my life is falling apart right now and 1000000% convinced THIS IS THE BIG C....

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