Need some help right now and Advice Asap !!!

So right now i suffer from anxiety disorder if you didnt know everything is fine normal cardiologist said my heart is fine its just goes fast at times but its not serious i guess the docter say it might be a little bit arrythmia but when it bests fsst it beats fast Um Alright let me get to the point I want to go out tonight to a club but the thing is idk how i would act i havent been out in 4 months to one but the problem lately i been having trouble breathing sometimes like if im holding my breath or cant breath then feel a little dizzy and am still worrying about my heart would should i do stay home or should i head out ? and no im not any meds but i want to go out but idk i think something bad might happen because been having a lot of sympthoms .


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  • Go out. You'll be fine. Take the anxiety with you. Don't let it dictate what you do or don't do. Make your life bigger than thevanxiety and it will disappear.

  • the thing is right now i have a little bit shortness of breath and spasm on my chest and worried if my heart start going really fast again

  • So what? Your heart will cope. I can tell from your posts that it is anxiety, not your heart. Lots of "what ifs" which are tell tale signs that it is anxiety playing tricks on your mind. Turn all those what ifs into "so what" and get out there. Nothing bad will happen to you.

    The only way to recover is to learn to cope with the symptoms the right way by allowing it all to happen but carrying on with your life, regardless of how you feel. It's about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

  • You think soo i just like something wrong with my body or something or my heart when it happens just a scary feeling right now im dressed but idk if i should just dont wanna panick infront of everyone

  • If you do panic, stand your ground and relax towards the feelings as much as you can until the feelings subside. You see, it isn't the going out bit that concerns you, you are concerned about the anxiety. The only way to recover is to continuallyface and accept the feelings until they no longer matter but to do this, you have to put yourself in the firing line and get out there.

  • Yeah im just worried Dont want to be out there then say oh snap my heart is going super fast you knoe those be the big ones especially when i head out feel a bit nervous for some reason

  • I'm wearing a 30 day monitor right now because I was having some extra issues. If your cardiologist has cleared you but you still feel a bit paranoid you can always do that especially when you're having arrhythmias. That may help you get to where you need to so you can move on with your life. You're not alone my friend.

  • I ha e the exact same issues as you my friend. I've been making myself do stuff as I am told...and it does seem to get better...for me it's taking a while as I've had some pretty serious stress over the past few years. I am keeping the faith that a positive attitude will help. Look into a book called Dare. It's awesome. Google the book Dare along with the word anxiety you should find it. I listen to it on my iPhone. Peace my friend.

  • Yeah hope fully all this leave some day 🙌🏻😩

  • I know it sucks. I've had this particular issue several times in my life but this time it is lingering too long. Some days are better than others.

  • Yeah and i can do what ? see another one? and i seen him about a month half ago had a 7 day heart monitor and stress test on trim mill thyriod blood work and echo everything is alright and good he says but a day before i went to go take the monitor back i was in my friend car and my heart started racing i guess he saw it through the heart monitor and called me right away and ask me what is wrong and to calm down it doesnt look serious he told me my heart rate was really high and to take a beta blocker that i had they gave it to me in the ER but honestly idk what wrong i feel like something is wrong my heart is always going fast its like when im laying down and i get up i feel like its forcing to pump fast it start hard then fast but i have shortness breath aswell but when i start trying to breath smoothly it calms down but also feel pressure on my chest where i feel my heart is at and sometimes in the middle but then it goes away mostly i feel it when im laying down i bed i get up right away because it feel uncomfterbale my aswell but i dont get they say everything fine dont want to find out when its to late already you know.

  • Did they say for sure it was all anxiety or did they say you have an arrhythmia? I have pvc's and pac's which are premature beats, a lot of people do and don't feel them but I do. Especially with my anxiety. I had to basically reteach myself how to breed because that was making it worse. I notice I was breathing out of the top of my chest and you should really breathe with your stomach. Next time you fill up paying or your heart starts to race try this… Breathe in through your nose to the count of four, hold it to the count of seven and breath all the way out to the count of eight. Using your belly not your chest. Do it four times in a row. Remember to relax your stomach and breeze from there. As we speak I'm having indigestion and it's got me a little freaked out so I just took some pills for that but I'm trying to stay calm and tell myself it is not my heart but it said so did that I just drank that I normally don't drink and the food I ate for dinner. But any little pain I get automatically think it has my heart. I know how you feel my friend. Also if you have an iPhone, download the app Calm. It is so worth the $2.99 a month. It is for meditation and helps. The Dare book is great too, it doesn't really tell you to do the breathing and meditation but I think they help.

  • Yeah he said it was a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one but ever sense feel like it probably got worst i dont know it just firdt time experincing sll of this and i will try it then if its worth it.

  • Wow this is so me! I also have noticed that I breath with my upper chest. It's like I tighten my stomach. And I think that happeneds beacuase your nervous and that's how you feel like your in control. Heart palps and anxiety bring me here too.. it's funny how your mind works. I had these exact same symptoms years ago and I learned how to live with them and they actually went away for a couple years I even told myself "wow I think they're gone" and 3 months ago boom here they are again and back at square one I go. I should've stayed off google as it just amplified my symptoms and now I'm in that vicious cycle again and it's ruining my life

  • Yeah its a crazy feeling and yeah i stay on google trying to find out what us my symptoms

  • Most of the time it's GERD acid reflux.

  • Go out and have fun. What do you do at home if your heart starts going fast? Do the same thing when you are out. Don't let it take over your life, because it will, if YOU let it.

  • Yeah the thing is idk if its a really anxiety disorder but i feel it really bad in my body even doe i saw alot of docters and saw a cardiologist feel

    like something wrong wih my heart sense its always beating fast and hard and i always feel pressure on my chest and my chest sometimes feel uncofterbale

  • Johnnie, I hope this does not come off sounding to mean, but unless you begin to accept what all the doctors are telling you, (Anxiety) It will definitely get the better of you. I am saying this from first hand experience. Anxiety can and does do some very strange things to your body, to the point of feeling like you are dying. Please accept your doctors opinions and start to deal with your anxiety.

  • Yeah all this started smoking weed four months ago i stoped ever sense i guess it trigger severe anxiety

  • Stay home and chill. Maybe you don't need to go to the club. Stay home read the word. God is in control.

  • Yeah but also i will like to have some fun aswell and hang out with friends again and still young only 20 years old dont wanna be home and let this take over everything

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