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Anxiety and dry gagging

Was wondering if anybody suffers like i do with dry gagging when anxiety strikes ? Im 55 and have suffered for years with this its worse if im going to social event when im going to eat ,or in an crowded enviroment or enclosed room .Its worse some days than others i had a suprise 40th and 50 th borthday and was dry gagging as i approached venue .I'm single so going on dates is a nightmare !I found Motilium which i take when its really bad and this relaxes my stomach so i can actually eat .Ive had CBT it helped talking but when that finished it just continued.Ive just got used to living with it all these years but life could be easier if i didnt have this .Just wondered how many othrr people suffer like i do

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Gstar1961, when suffering from general anxiety disorder the most common organ to be affected is the stomach so you're in good company. The short term answer is to discuss this with your doctor and obtain a prescription of tranquillisers to be taken just one as needed rather than a continuous course. See if your doctor agrees. The permanent dolution is to read 'Self help with your nerves' by Dr Claire Weekes obtainable from Amazon, and if you've already read it read it again and really apply the teachings within its covers. Actually, I've never heard of psychiatrists or therapists actually curing any body (and I've been to the Priory Centre) but doc Weekes' book has cured hundreds of thousands of us.


Thank you for this info jeff1943 i have had tablets from doctors but dont seem to have much effect ,il look at book though.The motilium really are good though for taking away that sickness feeling ,and its strange that sometimes il go out to social events il be fine .


Yes I'm 23 and have been having severe panic attacks since the day I turned 21. I was drugged on my birthday and had to have an ambulance as I was struggling to breathe, ever since then I've had trouble breathing every day I have awful choking sensations all of the time, it's so bad I've lost jobs because I'm unable to cope. I've tried so many different medications, therapies including cbt. But nothing has made a difference, if anything I'm getting worse I have this problem from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, rarely do I feel I can breathe properly it causes me so much pain and discomfort and most people couldn't begin to understand the pain it causes me, I feel like I've got an life threatening illness, yet I never die, but it doesn't make it any less scary. I'm beginning to loose hope on ever being normal again I try so hard to be strong and do everything in my power to try and overcome this, but it has stuck with me for 2 and a half years and the more time that passes makes me feel even more scared that this is it for me.


Princessjessica, I am very sorry this happened to you on what should have been a joyous celebration of your 21st b-day. Because of the traumatic event that followed, I would say you are going through PTSD these last 2 years. I don't know what the answer is for you in healing and moving forward. Everyone is different, so everyone responds in a different way. The issue of what happened to you needs to be addressed as well as your response to the daily thoughts. Possibly hypnotherapy may be something to look into since everything else you tried hasn't made a difference. I wish you well in your endeavor to find a solution.


Yes I have been told that I also have post traumatic stress disorder too I have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow, then going to see a lady who does hypnosis so hopefully might get some help but thank you :)

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