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Anxiety and depression

Hello where do i begin im 18 beginning of july i went through a lot of stress but my past was worse for stress i never saw anyone about it till now every day i dont want to be here im constantly thinking about my past and other stuff such as do i love my girlfriend do i not do i leave her dont be bear her or my family but when im alone i want them to be there its killing me constantly there making me worried sick cry theres no end to it im on anti depressants and anti anxiety but that does is numbs it for an hour or two then back to square one im wating to do therapy but they said it could be four to six weeks so that dont help i just want the thoaghts and feelings to go away i cant do this anymore help please

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Hi Rob185, I'm sorry you are going through a lot of stress. Constantly thinking about something you cannot change, and that is the past, is making you struggle with the present. It's true that your medication can really just numb you from what is causing the feelings but it doesn't resolve them. I'm glad that you have an appointment for therapy because that will be the piece of the puzzle that is now missing. Therapy will help you sort out your thoughts and your fears of knowing what to do. As that gets resolved you will feel more in control.


Hello thank you for typing back i know i need therapy its just at this present time im stuck in a circle that i feel phisically sick and panic i just want it to end im constantly feeling like i cant be near my gf i cant stop thinking of just leaving her but when i try to i miss her and it shows me i need her but then it just starts again the hardest part is zoning out then remenebering what im dealing with i literally have no life left im stuck in my room 24/7


I understand Rob. It's a never ending circle right now. Being stuck in your room 24/7 is not a life either but it is a way to escape a decision that apparently needs to be made. I'm not surprised that what you are going through has also caused you to feel ill physically. I think when you start therapy it will help, not with the first session, but it will help you think more clearly.


Hi, I'm 18 in November. I would just like to say that I've been experiencing the exact same things. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and depression ontop of this. I'm on medication, however, my medication doesn't help me. If ever you need to talk, I'm here!


Thank you very much its as you well know eacth day is a struggle not only to do stuff but to keep myself safe im tierd of feeling this way my depression goes through the roof half of the day then stops then comes back i feel like i cant live with this and its really bothering me


Have you seeked medical help?

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Yes im on flouxtine ant depressants and busprone anti anxiety

And its gonna take 5 weeks till i can see a therapist


Feel free to message me if you like!


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