Halloween spooky walk and anxiety

Sooooo my fiance and i are going on a spooky walk tomorrow IM TERRIFIED as i used to LOVE horror movies now.. idk why but im terrified of most of them especially rhe SPIRITUAL ONES ghosts terrify me anyway the reason im anxious is brcause its in an area im not used to which is anxiety already due to agoraphobia now my huge concern is if i get so terrified by being scared on the walk and not knowing if there is an exit or a safe word but my main worry is if i drop dead lmao due to a heart attack im going to go in with that SO WHAT attitude with it but im just trying to PREPARE a back up plan lmao any ideas guys? Could you be scared so good you faint or worse? I think im healthy haha got a physical and blood work when i applied for emt school they said im healthy so i took their word but im just nervous in back of my head


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  • kevoreally, you are braver than I am lol It's been a long time since I've been to a "spook house or walk". Halloween is an eerie time to begin with. I say go for it, enjoy it but just make sure you take the time to "deep breathe" along the way. You don't want to end up shallow breathing or holding your breath. Also remember, you have EMT training, walk in with confidence with a positive mind set that this is all for fun. Nothing bad is going to happen. You are trained for emergencies, you are not going to let a little "Halloween Spooky Walk" make you fear. Enjoy :)

  • Everytime I see you like a comment i know im getting answer momentarily

  • How did you know, I had just written a response about life being mundane

    and deleted it. :) You know I mean well :)

  • kevoreally, I did it again didn't I? Responding why I didn't respond lol

  • Haha i just know youll respond :) thanks for the advice

  • Why do it to yourself? Find something better to do...x

  • Happy wife happy life thats why lol plus its a fear not a deadly one :) like spiders get accustomed to seing them youll never fear em

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