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Anxiety and depression

Ive been going through a though year.ive slowly forgotten who i used to be. I dont eat that much im underweight. I dont know what im meant to do anymore. I feel completely lost. At times i feel like im seeing my body move but im not controlling it. I slept late thinking so much bad habit. I can't see myself getting better its depressing. Or better yet it seems like i dont want to

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You should start seeing psychiatrist and start getting knowledge about how anxiety affects our life.

The more you understand about it, the more you would be able to help yourself!!

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I understand it alright i was diagnose with agoraphobia. I have a psychiatrist


Hi Alex, I'm so sorry you are going through this... but the other two responders are right in saying you do need to talk to a therapist or a professional counselor. Talking with somebody who can be detached from you and objective is what it takes for us to really feel we can release what is troubling us.... Keeping it stuffed away is NOT good. You may say "Oh nothing is really wrong"... and that is usually a good sign that you are not admitting it to yourself...maybe you feel GUILTY for blaming her/him/this or that... And then there are many cases in which Rx meds CAN truly help you... The key is: you have to help yourself and really WANT to help yourself... and I have a feeling you DO... otherwise you never would have written that post! :) So, best of luck to you. You can do it!!


Hi Alex,

I'm really am so sorry to hear you are going through such an awful time. I am in the same boat as you at the moment minus the weight part, i hope we can get through this together. Are you currently taking any medication? If so, what type? As sometimes this may affect your appetite as well as feeling low. Do you take Anti-Depressants? Sometimes it may seem like nothing will ever get better- no matter what you do or change. However i've been told that once on these it relaxes your thoughts and it makes things seem a bit brighter.

Have you thought about contacting italk? This is a self- referral free telephone counselling service which may be beneficial for you. The first phone call will be an assessment and then you will get called again at a later date to be told what your care plan is. Don't forget also about contacting Samaritans- you don't have to be suicidal to contact them.

Have you thought about attending your local mind group? There may be one in your local town, and you may find the people there really nice and relatable, as they can empathise much more than people who may not have experienced a low patch yet. I met other depressed people recently and we all grew very close in a short amount of time and really cared for each other.

Also, I know its sometimes over said but excercise can really help, maybe going for a walk or cycle can clear your mind a little bit.

One thing that helped me at my lowest was hearing ; "Tomorrow could be the best day of your life, you've just got to get there." I hope this helped.

I really hope you are feeling better soon and that you return to your old self again.

All of the best of luck in your journey


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You definitely need to talk to your doctor and he can refer you to a therapist and maybe prescribe meds. You are definitely thinking too much about your thoughts and feelings. It takes strength, courage and determination if you really want to feel better. Again start by talking to your doctor. Stay active and be with people, friends, family and whoever else you want to talk to like a pastor. If dr prescribes meds, these meds take about 4 weeks to become effective. The wait is worth it if they make you feel normal. Your doctor will want to monitor you on meds so keep appts and be honest. Can't help you if they don't know whats going on with you. Help yourself also. Exercise, drink water, eat healthy, Stay active and don't be alone so much. Hang out with friends and family play sports, take walks with someone, go to movies and any other activity you like to do. Push yourself to do normal things and it will get easier. Remember push through, don't give up because it's hard. You will feel stronger and better about yourself no matter how small a step you took.


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