anxiety depression and panic dissorder

just came across this page and found it quite interesting that there are people out there that actualy feel the same way i do, i have suffered from anxiety, depression and panic dissorder for the past 6 years. it even got to the point where i got sectioned under the mental health act, after several failed suicide atempts. yes i have got it bad,,, ihave good days aswell as very bad the moment im going through a good patch so thought id write on here. its a terible illness that a lot of people dont understand unless they have experienced it, there are times when i cant even leave the house because im so scared of the anxiety and panic dissorder, as being around other people makes it worse for me, so over the past few years ive spent a lot of time in the house.i lost my job due to this.

my partner has been a real rock for me as shes understands me better than anyone. and the only time i feel safe out of the house is when shes with me to support me. ive had numerous counciling sessions and c.b.t which have helped me,,although i do find c.b.t to be very scary. i feel like my therapist is getting into my head...i guess that sounds strange, but thats the way i feel. ive been on various medication and find sertraline has worked better for me than most other medicines. and hopefuly one day i will be able to leave this bubble that i live in and resume to a normal life. i wish any of you out there that suffers with this the very best in your fight against it.. because as you will know its one big fight


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  • Hi misterm. Look at the blogs on this site about "fighting", especially the three that were put on this AM. Hope you feel better. jonathan.

  • Hi Misterm, So glad you could at last find some relief in the knowledge you are not alone! There are a good lot of us on here and we don't bite ...well not yet lol! Having this illness is very scary as you know only too well, but please continue to write on here as every bit of input is read and digested. I am glad you are having a good patch and that you have a sensitive , loving partner. I am feeling very shaky at the moment but with the help I get on here ( I have no one to discuss this illness with ) I feel I will improve. Welcome . I too am housebound at the moment. Yes it is a cruel illness. I hope you find some respite here xxx

  • cheers ellabella. yes it is a relief that im not the only one out there that suffers with this dreadfull illness. and a lot of other people dont understand it. people just look at me and think , well he looks ok to me.. thats not the case most of the time as im always fighting it inside. one of my worst problems is that i turn to drink sometimes to give me the courage to go out,,then after drink follows the depression,,caught in a vicious circle really,,,but at the moment im not feeling as bad as i usualy ill make the most of it while it lasts...good luck with ur battle to

  • I actually feel better knowing I'm not the only one suffering this. I hate anxiety. It ruins my life. Sometimes I wish I would just die. I'm constantly worry about my breathing.. Thinking ill stop breathing. When it gets bad I sweat up and think of bad things like I'm gonna die. I rock myself back n forth trying to relax. I don't watch horror films anymore as it makes it worse. I'm trying to cope, I'm just glad I can relate to people here. It cheers me up :)

  • Hi Lynsey. You won't die!. There is a part of your brain which is not under our direct control that keeps us breathing; heart beating etc. Try stopping breathing (voluntarily) and see what happens. You will be forced to breath again in spite of yourself. Good, forget the horror films; there is enough of it around without watching it on TV. Now I am going to say something that you may find difficulty in understanding. DO NOT "HATE" YOUR ANXIETY. Go with it. Accept it as the state you are in AT THE MOMENT. Believe me, you will not always be like this so take heart. IT DOES PASS but it takes TIME. Do not be impatient with time. Breath deeply when you feel panic and try and relax your body. Sit down or just stand still for a while no matter where you are; GO THROUGH the panic then CARRY ON. Not easy I know but practise in this case does make perfect. Blessings and good luck. jonathan.

  • hi johnathan,just want to say that you do make a lot of sense about the things you say,and i try to take it on sounds like you have been there longer than most. my worst time of day seems like early morning waking,then shaking and panic waves,even wretching.. as the day goes on,working etc,whilst i still get very wobbly moments,but manage to conceal it from people,i do get through the day,and look forward to a rest in the evening. Is there any advice from you on coping any better. im on anti-depress,a few weeks in,this time.

  • You should all try a thing called "Binaural Beats", these computer generated sound files are said to massage your brain and produce all sorts of effects, and are excellent for stress/ depression/ anxiety disorders. A binaural beat is created by playing a different tone in each ear through headphones, and the interference pattern between the slightly differing frequencies creates the illusion of a beat. It's completely safe and scientifically proven - google it!!

    If you search the Internet for "binaural beats" you'll quickly find there's a whole industry built on the idea that listening to binaural beats can produce all kinds of desired effects in your brain. It can alter your mood, help you follow a diet or stop smoking, get you pumped up for a competition, calm you down, put you to sleep, enhance your memory, act as an aphrodisiac, cure headaches, and even balance your chakras;-)

  • do you have any sort of structure to your day? the reason i ask is all to often people in your situation tend to get caught up with the symptoms. when you feel depressed you don't want to go anywhere or do anything likewise anxiety makes us afraid to do things sometimes to the point when we are house bound in bad cases.

    these affects makes are life really shit so you have to find ways to break the cycle you may want to look into cbt its free and will give you a new out look on things. also think why you feel so bad is it because you live a crazy lifestyle and don't allow any me time their can be many reasons why you feel so bad at the moment take time to stop take a good look at yourself and the life you are living be it good or bad.

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