Anxiety out of control

I feel like my anxiety is out of control Im in a constant state thinking i have got every disease illness .My present one is i feel like my tongue is so dry and coated that i can't swallow and the more i think about it the worse it gets when Im asleep Im fine but as soon as i wake up Im constantly swallowing Im terrified drinking ice cold watery help me at the moment i have anxiety


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  • Hi Sharonlou

    Its awful that this is making you so distressed. Do you have anyone there with you? I have had a similar experience in the past - I felt that my throat was closing up all of the time and it took over every minute of every day. I was convinced I was going to suffocate. I was petrified all of the time ... I really feel for you! I know its easy for me to say, but it really worked for me - just try and keep telling yourself that this sensation is not going to hurt me, it doesn't work straight away, but keep saying it and you'll hopefully start believing it. You don't deserve to feel like that, its horrible. Its worth a try. :) try looking on the website - it helped me turn my life around when I was feeling the way you are now. Hope this helps a little. Xxx

  • Hi yes I have my partner with me.Its not my throat its a sensation on my tongue its dry and coated but the more I think about it the worse it gets have had it before and been checked out but its freaking me out.I have looked at the Linden method before but its too expensive for me as Im not working at the moment so money is very very tight.

  • Lindenlea I have had anxiety, agoraphobia, monophobia and deepdepression, have had this feeling when my throat seemed as though there was a lump in it, the doctor told e it was anxiety and it was called GLOBBUS HYSTERICUS, I still have panics and deep depression crying all time as my husband has Altizheimers, and cant go out alone, or stay alone in my house, Had the Linden Method bought them and sent them back, am still awaiting the money, do not waste your money. Best wishes

  • I am also in an heightened state at the moment had a terrible night never slept at all so much so i cant get out of bed this morning feel dreadful with all my symptoms.I am convinced i have got something dreadful as i cant function properly.I cant face food but my partner is very good and encouraging me to just eat a piece of toast it was a struggle but managed it.I will try and keep myself occupied but it is very hard when all you can do is think of how ill you feel.

  • Im with you Devon bloody awful feeling.Im trying to eat and drink as I have not ate or drank much for days

  • Hello Sharonlou, I know how you feel as I go through the same things. Everybody is commenting on my weight loss because I dont feel like eating. You want to try to eat because I know for a fact that if you dont you feel worse. Take care, hope you feel better soon. Carol.

  • Hello Devon, Im sorry that you arent feeling so good today. There is nothing worse than having a terrible nights sleep and when you wake up you are absolutely feeling terrible. I was like that the night before last and woke up feeling drastic. Every morning I wake up and I say to myself is this the day I am going to die. I have said this the last 7 years as the first episode I had was so dramatic. I still cannot accept that the episodes I have are down to anxiety and depression and panic attacks. It isnt easy to occupy yourself when you are feeling so ill but I think this is the best thing to do. It is getting the energy to do it. If you are anything like me I am scared to do much in case I become worse so it is a vicious circle. I hope you start to feel better soon, take care Carol x

  • Hi Sharonlou yes it is an awful symptom my mouth is so dry and my tongue coated but that might also be the meds causing those symptoms.My stomach feels weird as,well above the naval area a very deep churning feeling.I am going to try and have some soup later as that will be easy to go down.I always usually have a good appetite so it is horrid feeling like this. We must keep strong its good we have supportive partners.

  • Hi Devon well I have drank 4 glasses of water so far and ate 3 bananas as that is all I can stomach.I dont have the stomach thing just the awful sensation on my tongue and it keeps making me feel like Im going to be sick but I havent.Just wish it would go away

  • I'm pretty anxious today as well, and funnily enough my mouth and tongue feel dry and sticky. I was on one of those 'I'm starting to worry about my mouth' turns as I read this post. I felt fine on Saturday but today from the off I've been anxious and worrying about what illness I could have.

    I know just how you feel Sharon.

    I've been on what I can only call 'Health Anxiety binges' myself where I've been unable to function properly so terrified was I of whatever perceived illness I've Googled upon and decided I've contracted!

  • Hi Bramwell thanks for your comment Health Anxiety is awful I hate it every little thing becomes something major in my head.Ive had this before and as soon as the doctors tells me its fine it goes.But I cant stop thinking about it now.My food what I eat gets stuck on my tongue Im always looking in the mirror at my mouth its crazy crazy crazy

  • HI sharon, i had that the other day when i felt really low, i felt like i had something the size of a rock in my throat and found it hard to swallow, and yes your right the more you focus on it the worse it seems to get. try and get involved in a task today that really diverts your attention. i know its easy to say rather than do but it took me about 2 hours the other day to work my way around this feeling, also i sucj ginger travel sweets which help. x

  • Thanks Sam,its not the feeling of something being stuck in my throat its the sensation of my tongue when I swallow as its that dry and coated it just feels thick if you know what I mean

  • have you tried sucking hard sweets , it keeps the mouth moist

  • yes constantly got a sweet in my mouth x

  • hi sharonlou sorry your unwell and in this state of anxiety when are you going to your g p the sooner the better we are too stuborn and fools to our selfs we have tried our best without meds i dont think its working i am getting worse i think i will start my meds soon it cant be much worse than this go ahead and make appointment today if poss thinking of you x x

  • Hi Milo Im there on Thursday and I know I need some meds cant do this alone.You start taking yours please x

  • i am not sure how your system works there but can you get emergency app here where i live there is always a doctor available in the surgery x

  • the doctor I see is not in my surgery till Thursday x

  • o k i understand roll on thursday hopefully you can get something that suits your needs i sincerely hope so i too am not having good day trembling all over body really hurting did not get hardley any sleep last night sweating all the time x

  • Have you started your medication yet ..I didn't steep to well either hoping for a better night tonight

  • no i am going to wait untill friday my partner will then be off for weekend so he can be with me incase i have side effects x

  • Well please do start them then if they are going to help you it will be worth it x

  • Hey Sharonlou, So sorry you're suffering at the moment. May I suggest instead of icy water you drink warm or hot water, I find ice cold actually heightens my anxiety.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well for your docs appointment, there is no shame in letting the meds help you over this bump xxx

  • Thank you will try the warm water its not as bad today,Ive tried to go without the medication do have diazapam when I need them but need something for every day just to balance me out are you on any medication ?

  • Yes I am on Quetiapine (usual one not the XL which is slow release) I take 50 mg a day in the evening. I managed to get down to 12.5 when I was feeling better but it's been tough lately so I've gone up on it. It makes me drowsy which is good as I take it before bed and it helps my mind stop racing and get to sleep.

    I have a problem where my mind goes off and runs and runs I can't stop thinking about things and relax...the Quetiapine somehow stops it doing this. I couldn't get by without them. I take them each day, have been for a year and half now. My GP says that he is happy for me to control my doseage up to 50mg per day with regular checkups with him...I am now at the point where I can accept I am struggling - that might not work for everyone - but within 30 mins of taking them I notice a difference and I don't feel so zombified like I did when I was on Diazapam and Lorazopam.

    Let me know how you get on.


  • I have that problem too my mind is going all the time and I cant relax will ask about them when Im there on Thursday as I didnt cope well with Citalopram it made my anxiety worse x

  • Hi Sharonlou,

    A lot of interesting thoughts on here. I am sorry you are feeling so anxious all the time. I would defo go to see your GP and if you are not happy with what the outcome is then see someone else, think of yourself only and you know how you feel and need the support.

    If like me, the GP will give you something to see how it reacts with your system and keep seeing you to see how it goes. I am on Sertaline 100mg and this was 50 mg at first until i said that my anxiety was getting worse, so he increased the dose, still feel the same though and i have Diazapam 5mg , which helps if i am wobbly, but they will not give this out as a regular thing as it is addictive, I have not felt too much from it so far and would not be surprised if that increases as well.

    I spent a long long time struggling on just thinking i was stressed but when i started to stop enjoying things and had no energy to do anything and my moods were bad and i was abit obsessive as well, thats when i thought i would check it out.

    I know for sure that I have to change some of my ways and behaviours if i am ever going to move on or live better with this. If you need any support, give me a shout. All the best ;-)

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