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Graduating after Head Injury

Hi guys, Im a student 20 years old, Ist semester ( due to one year gap) . I had a minor head injury in which turned out to be very troublesome lately. Every MRI, CT scan, blood tests, and other examinatiosn in my body turn out to be all right.

I have:

- Eye Floater ( Checked the eye everything is fine)

- Feel Fatigued ( Mayeb thats because I work 6 hours a day, learn at uni 6 hours a day, and read about symptoms 6 other hours at night, not sleeping till 2-3-4 A.M in the past 2 years)

-Have a tightness feeling in my forehead ( I Dont even know why , my body heatens If I start to do something when Im fatigued, Is that normal?)

-Feel anxiety everyday , like someone is watching me every single step that I take ( Inside I even know that I dont want to be this way, or that I dont need to be anxious but it just shows p out of nowhere)

-Have a good short/long term memory ( But due to other problems, and neck pain sometimes, I find it hard to learn and I feel a heatness in my body)

My father couldnt graduate due to low income, my mother wasnt allowed from her family to study, I was a genius pre injury and I need this diploma, Im 20 1st year and feel like a looser. I need some motivation, or a succes story, please help!

Can I even graduate, create a family, maintain a healthy life , drive and o other things liek other people do after injury ? ( I wasnt in coma, I wasnt dizzy, but in the same year I head a break up, my aunt and uncle died, and I had to take a surgery ) So it was basically a 100/100 chance that I would get up depressed, and th esymptoms of brain injury showed only after 11 months, or is this just deppression ? )

Sorry for the long post, Xx

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I've answered this before. You have health anxiety and introspective worrying and googling stuff will make this worse. It's unlikely it has anything to do with what was a very minor head injury, but more likely you own psychological issues.

You are a high achiever and need to work on anxiety symptoms and lifestyle. Try mood gym google it, Headspace and allocate some time each day to exercise and to socialise as these are important for you


Hey biggles,

Its me again, wow man I can sense that you are such an intellegent and wise man.

I really need some tips, even using facebook, instagram is overwhelming me, jsut to add something I watch the news a lot, right said I cant even sleep if I dont know what happened this day in my country ( tried to stop using instagram, reading news on internet and using only facebook for uni ) but couldnt, I cant find the motivation to sleep earlier, every night I find another subject to read about it and end up spendin 3-4 hours reading online..


That's bad. You need to limit your time on the computer and spend more time exercising and talking to people.

Too much computer is bad for your brain


I do think that you have the right to know, as you were the 1st one to help me here...

I work 6 hours a day in office ( talk all the time due to the type of work and use a computer for 6 hours ) , when I come home I just eat food, and than spent another 5-6 hour (till 3 AM) reading about symptoms, or other things, been doing that for 2 years almost.

Is there any chance if I stop using my computer, and sleep more, excersise and eat healthy, I can recover?


Definitely. I've also got very hooked on the computer. You must restrict yourself to only using the computer for say 1 hour each evening, unless it's for work.

You are young and will do better than me.

You've had the investigations so stop googling symptoms and trust in God for a few months. Set a definite time to go to bed every night - say midnight. Do some exercise each evening running or walking.

Make a timetable for these things and mark each segment of the day off. You must stick yo the plan

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