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Hi guys, I have spent the last 2 years of my life only reading, checking, obsessing about anxiety symptoms. Just to add something Im 20, good shape, student and work part time. I laugh , smile, but do not seem toenjoy life ( depersonalisation ) due to the past 2 years of getting stuck in the vicious cycle. I need to take my life back, Im not sleeping well ( stay late till 3 am every day for the past 2 years reading about symptoms and so on ), cant wake up refreshed ( wake up as someone beat me during my sleep idk why), and I seem to get pretty nervous during the everyday things like ( getting ready for uni or for work , helping my family and I dont know why , it isnt liek I wanna be nervous it just kicks in). I need some basic recommendations to catch up in my life, it seems like im stuck in the past, I dont even enjoy life, everything thqt I do I keep reminding me of my past please help... Can I really recover from this?


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  • I'm 19 and my first sign of anxiety hit me when I was 15...I got rid of all those thoughts for years until now that anxiety hit me again and it hit me ever since I graduated high school. Don't read symptoms don't do that to yourself, I know it's hard I myslef battle my own brain because all these racing thoughts are stronger than me at times. Relax and stay away from checking things online.

  • Hi mate, it is hard ,really even my facebook feed is popped up with a lot of neuroscience thing, once I see only the title there isnt any turn back .. I just want to catch up in my life ..

  • You aren't gonna catch up if you keep obsessing over these symptoms. I know it's not easy but the only way to not let this affect your life is by pushing it aside and realize that it's all mental. If it's mental you can fix the problem yourself. That's anxiety .

  • I'm 38 and have lived with anxiety since I was about 22. The checking symptoms is definitely one way to actually make the anxiety worse. Everything you google is something awful. If you have a doctor I would maybe talk to them about some medication. It definitely has helped me. I still get attacks once in a while but most of the time I can keep them from going full blown. One of the worst things I have is every time I feel an ache or pain I immediately fixate on it and that of course makes it worse. So bad I actually ended up on the ER earlier this year thinking I was having a heart attack. It wasn't and my heart is fine but every time I feel anything I freak. But I'm able to calm myself down instead of letting it get into a full blown attack. Keep your head up it defiantly gets easier.

  • Don't google symptoms, socialise, get to bed regularly at 11, good diet, exercise, trust in God.

  • I feel the exact same.

  • Yes, you definitely can recover. It sounds like a good therapist could help you with this.

  • I mean, I even go out, talk with friends, and so on... But this one is killing me , Im just looking forward to recover but it seems hard..

  • Firstly you must except this as just Anxiety. Please get yourself check out firstly from your GP, blood work, thyroid etc. (For assurance) Definitely avoid the web for diagnosing yourself medically. I feel there is a component of depression with anxiety suffers also, they do go hand in hand. Cognitive behavioral therapy and perhaps some medication. Lay off the caffeine and booze, avoid smoking cannabis. I've been struggling for 15 plus years and still don't have all the answers. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours.

  • Hi Hardluck

    You may have just explained why you have been struggling for the past 15 years. The clue is in your next to last sentence. Read it again.

    What if there wasn't an answer for all that you are going through? Have you ever thought that your constant searching for answers is the very reason anxiety sticks around? Have you tried doing nothing about the symptoms of anxiety and just let them run their course? If you have an anxious mind, it will produce anxious thoughts and to the uninitiated, they will spend time and energy trying to figure it all out. The thing is, those anxious thoughts aren't real, they only exist because you are anxious but by battling the thoughts, you are trying to put out a fire with petrol. When you recover, those anxious thoughts just won't be there so don't give them any respect. Doing nothing means just accepting all thoughts and feelings and not trying to do anything to get rid of them. It's the "trying" that keep people stuck in the cycle. Doing nothing means allowing yourself to feel crap but being ok with it. Takes a bit of practice not to react to it but it can be done. If you haven't already done so, read Essential Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes or visit a website called Anxiety No More. They explain everything you need to know to overcome anxiety without medication. If you know what you are dealing with, it takes away the fear which is the root cause of all anxiety related disorders. Basically, the less you do about anxiety, the more you recover. Give up the fight.

  • Hi Ive read the book , and wow I didn't not I had so many fears, thanks a million,

  • Just to add something I never smoked in my life, I dont drink even alcohol, never did, I dont even drink Coca Cola, I only drink Tea and Water. Thyroid, blood, mri, ct scans everything turns out allright,

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