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Still cant get rid of this lightheadedness

I still cant get rid of this lightheadedness,its getting worse,just feels like im on a boat,keep getting bad thoughts and feels like my head is jerking,and keep getting confused,is this normal? Ive been reassured at the docs n hospital and been for my eyes testing,i need new glasses but dont think its because of that,i feel like im going crazy and sometimes my vision isnt 100%,its really getting me down,im full of cold n dont know if the lightheadedness is because of that,i need to get my act together because im back at work next week,ive tried alot of meds but had bad side affects,n going to cbt,dont know what else to do,i have missed alot of social events with my friends n family this christmas xx

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Hi warkie

This cold has been a right pain for lots of us , going through it at the moment & I keep going light headed , i am trying to remember when bad thoughts want to enter , that its normal & the fact you have been seen by the hospital , GP & had your eyes tested I am sure there is nothing wrong as they would have picked it up , all 3 cant possibly be wrong

Again you are not on your own missing social events etc this Christmas , its just one of those things , at the moment i wouldnt be up to going any where , but I am trying to rest , drink plenty of fluids & I just take paracetamol , that is what most recommend , plain & simple , but as good as anything & they dont seem to have side effects

Be kind to yourself & rest , this will pass , the more you stress the longer it could take as you need to save your energy to fight of the virus , I no this is not as easy said than done , as I to suffer with health anxiety , but you are not alone with it

You have a week before you are at work , try not to worry

I am one of these people that feel guilty if I am not doing something , so I an taking advantage of this flipping virus to put my feet up !

Let us no how you go on



I will do thanks,i just keep saying to myself i hope i dont feel like this for the rest of my life,im ment to be going out with the girls in a bit but frightened the alchohol will do something and make me worse xx



you made me laugh , thinking you might be like this for the rest of your life , I hope not or we all will be that has got it , so no you wont be

If you are feeling rough though & have been taking meds go out but maybe drink soft drinks or just have a couple , read if its ok to drink with what you are taking :-) dont want you feeling any worse

Have a nice time & let us no how you go

I have to keep stopping to sneeze & blow my nose !

why why


im not on any meds,so hope the alhohol will be ok


If you are not taking meds you are ok to drink , but just see how you go , it might make you feel better lol but if you start feeling rough , just take it steady

Have a nice time :-)



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