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Weird sensation in head


Im experiencing something new... I had a horrible headache the other day but after i slept it went away mostly. Now im left with head pressure and a weird feeling that feels like the start of a head rush.. Its so hard to explain. It happens at random times but its like a tightening that comes from back of my head to my temples and behind me ears, it even makes the bridge of my nose feel tight for a second. It goes away and then comes back. I hate it and now its got me worrying about yet another thing. I hate this pressure in my head. I also feel nauseous. Has anyone experienced this? Its got me so uptight wondering when its gonna happen again.

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Have you seen your doc ?

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Yes I did a couple weeks ago he said it was all anxiety after I told him the list of symptoms. He also said migraines but im scared to take the medicine he prescribed because its supposed to narrow blood vessels and its only supposed to work when the migraine is happening, it doesn't prevent them. i don't know :(

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Don't take meds- do yoga

What your having is cluster headaches. And complicated migraine - Iv had it .. And yes it sucks! It made me feel all off balance and weird spots on my head would feel so crazy like all around my eye and other times i would get a burning sensation on one spot of my head where it would actually feel like it was on fire!

It's another lovely symptom of anxiety.

Trust me you name it Iv had it!!!

I deal wth symptom after symptom.

Complicated migraines don't always feel like real headaches - they cause weirdness in certain spots on your face and head, and can make you go numb or feel HoT in your head.. Ugh, honestly just have to wait it out and try to relax. It's a stress related anxiety symptom.

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yes i hate having a new symptom every day, it just causes more anxiety. i don't have a hot feeling in my head but i have "cold spots" where it feels like ice water on a part of my head for a couple seconds.

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Hi @hidden .. I get both! The hot sensation and cold spots. For a full 2 weeks now. I’m curious do you get this often? And do you feel any pain at times

Are you discontinuing any medication ?

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no. I'm just on the mini pill and the dr said that is a big cause for migraines.

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Well, there you go. I am on a medication that causes me headaches and it sounds just like what you are describing. I have discontinued medication that caused me headaches… Not to worry But make appointment to speak with the doctor who prescribe the medication for you or even call the office and speak with staff so they can relay the message to the doctors he can call you back. Also speak to your pharmacist about the symptoms you are having with the medication. .

Best of luck

Hi! I suffer with health anxiety and i have had exactly the same thing. I couldn't get it out of my head that I had a brain tumour. However I went to the doctors about it and they said during stress and anxiety you're always tensing, even subconsciously in your sleep. Which could make you grind your teeth and tensing your jaw which can make you have pressure headaches but obviously with us suffering from anxiety we think it's 10x worse. My advice is if it gets too bad, or you're getting too worried about it go and see your GP. I always feel 10x more relaxed after i've seen them! You're not alone x

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Thank you that makes a lot of sense about the tensing up. I feel like I'm always tense and can never relax and then when I have a weird symptom i freeze up and feel a rush of anxiety because i always think the worse. I feel like I'm gonna drive my dr crazy if i keep seeing him over and over for all of this random stuff. Please I don't have the money to keep going :( My next appointment im going to try an anxiety medication and see if i can get some relief.


Hello I've had this same feeling for 14years happens when stressed had every test going every thing normal wouldn't believe it was just stress.I was a taxi driver and in the end had to give in work very stressful job.since stopping work 18months ago only happens twice which was 16months ago got to the stage that I wouldn't go out hated it. But much better now just starting to get my life back together hope this help but defo sounds the exact same you will get there it just takes time

J agree with all the above comments, I used to get just the same, In the end, I had to take migraine tablets, first you take the pink one, then if it doesn't go, then take the yellow one. I also found I was spending too much time on my computer battling with blue light, then I found out that I had ARMD and it became worse. I am an anxious person who also suffers badly coping with stress, so know how you feel. I advise you to see your GP and get some information and possibly some medication to relax you. Tension is bad for you, as it leads to further complications in your health. I now wear special yellow tinted glasses over my own middle distance computer glasses that block out the blue light. This helps me enormously when I am on the computer. Also the way you sit, whether you use a tower computer or a laptop or tablet can make a difference to whether or not you will get any migraine type headache, Always take a rest from it now and again and sit with your neck straight and try to relax.

Regards, Val.

I call it snakebelt lol like someone has put snake belt on your head and tightens it gradually, its tension headache, the more you worry the more tension its stress related, uncomfortable but will ease when you relax xxx 😊 mandy

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yeah I've had tension headaches but this sensation just feels different. Like a "whoosh" feeling. it's a tension/fullness feeling that builds up into my temples and then subsides. That's the best I can describe it. Thank you for your response.

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I completely know what your feeling! I couldn't explain it to my doc either! The best wait I was explaining it is out of nowhere it feels like weights will be in a portion of my head!

And I can actually fee it when t starts to happen.

Only with me, it will happen in my neck... Or the top of t head.. Or around my eye! Or even on the area around my nose and upper lip! Lol.

Also I'll get a sensation like I'm on fire! Just on a spot orrrrr like I'm tingly or cold there.

They told me it's complicated headache.. Stress related. And I stress over my Heath! Because the smallest thing can happen and I start thinking the worse.

I do this yoga on YouTube for panic and anxiety hosted by Katrina Repman, or w/e her name is, "psychetruth"... It usually calms me down sooo much

Please see your doctor and check about migraines. As with panic attacks, I find that deep breathing can help the symptoms by helping the body's systems to slow down. You can find articles online about deep breathing.

One month ago I had what I was told a migraine with aura. I had vision problems and a lightening bolt in my left eye for about 20 minutes. Followed by numbness in my right side, from my face including nose and tongue down my right arm.

I was fine for 3 days after. I then all the sudden had constant brain fog. 24/7. Numbness in my head, face and arms and sometimes feet. I also have pressure in my head, nose and eyes.

Doctors seem to think it's anxiety/depression. Mostly anxiety. I'm now on Zoloft and haven't seen any improvements. I don't even dare drive most days the brain fog is so bad. :(

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yes that's how i feel too! constant brain fog. i had the aura too... like a kaleidoscope in one eye for 20 mins and then afterwards my eyes are very sensitive to light and i see black spots and floaters. sometimes part of my vision will be blocked like if i'm looking at someones face i'll only be able to focus on one eye and half the face, so scary! I'm supposed to start with Lexapro soon. I hate anxiety. I just want to be normal!

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I haven't had any reoccurring visual disturbances other then eye pressure and flashes of light when I close my eyes to try to fall asleep. I am very sensitive to light though and need to wear my glasses all the time now which I never did.

I tend to "feel better" at night in the dark or dim rooms and especially after the kids go to bed. But the brain fog is still there. Just not as strong.

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Hi Jill, I just read your post, and Iv had similar situation where I just felt so disconnected and anxiety/depression might seem like an easy diagnosis for all of that. However you want to look at the root of WHY that's happening. Believe it or not- there are plenty of things regular doctors don't check for. Vitaminwater levels- parasites- toxicity.

Sometimes a natural Pathic doc can help in many more ways by your symptoms. If I were you, I would consider trying to detox -

- a lot of times neurological things we deal with come from toxicity in our bodies- chemicals and junk that we eat builds up and needs to be released. Also parasites can have similar reactions and go undiagnosed from docs most of the time. The symptoms come from them dying and eliminating in our bodies.

Everyone should do a good detox system/parasite cleanse every few years. Give it a try and

Switch to organic foods for 1 month. See if you start feeling better

It's a tension headache I get them once in a while

That's what I suffer every day. No one understands it xcept u who is suffering from it not even ur doctor. I only use some menthol robb to message those areas then I inhale eucalyptus oil. Sorry about ur pain.

I've had migraines and occipital neuralgia for years and years and I know what's happening to me, but it always feels just a bit different enough to send me into a panic attack.

Brain things are scary, and we anxiety sufferers always jump to the worst conclusion. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

This happens to me! The weird feelings in your face and head. The hospital told me that complicated migraines can give us these weird affects

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