Constant head pressure, dizziness, eye pressure, nausea and headaches for the last 6 months

Hi all

My husband has been suffering for the last 6 month. Head pressure, dizziness, nausea, eye pain, dry eyes, disturbance in his vision, headache and other symptoms. But it's constant! He is really depressed because of it! We have been down every route. Firstly we went to an eye specialist as we thought maybe it was due to staring into a compter most of the day for work he has eye scans and tests. All came back normal. Then a full health check which costed £500, everything 100%. The doctor who conducted to health exam referred him to a neurologist. My husband had a check up and an MRI which all came back normal. The neurologist prescribed him with Sertraline which is a form of antidepressant and anxiety medication. He took the first one last night, he was very hesitant to take it as he says he isn't anxious or depressed, but decided to take it as he is so desperate to try find a solution. Today he is feeling very sick and I think it's due to the new medication! Has anyone taken this meds? And has anyone else been prescribed antidepressants for these symptom. Perhaps he has anxiety but doesn't even know it. But the symptoms he has is constant and is this anxiety?

God I hope we find something soon, he even cried the other day as he said he can't cope with it anymore!

Thanx all.


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  • Yes the medication has side effects but they settle down after a week or two, he may be nauseous, clenched jaw, more anxious, tremors and more if he can push through it the relief will start between 4-6 weeks of taking it. I do hope he feels better soon.

  • Do you wear glasses.. My partner is an eye specialist and thinks you may need glasses.. Or updated if you already have. You probably have dry eyes which can be treated with drops from any pharmacy... Hope you get it sorted soon xx

  • Thank you Cat for your reply

    My husband has been to an eye specialist for scans and all sorts of tests. Everything came back 100%. :-(

  • Has he been to an optician.. If not it's worth a visit xx

  • It definetanly sounds to me as if your husband has anxiety. I too was prescribed sertraline and it made me very nauseous and not able to eat. I couldn't even get out of bed I felt so awful and sick. Didn't even last on it two weeks. But I have heard the first two weeks are the worst. Hope he gets the treatment he needs to start feeling better.

  • Hi, i have similar issues with head pressure, weird sensations in my head, ear buzzing, lightheaded, difficulty to concentrate and dizziness in supermarkets etc. it all started after a flu 6 months ago. However I went to All possible doctors, all results are normal except lymphocytes are s bit high in blood count. My endocrinologist suggested blood test for thyroid antibodies, I was diagnosed with Hashimito disease and have done 4 times tests for thyroid hormones, which seem to fluctuate but within the range. My doctor believes all my symptoms are the result of thyroid not being healthy, they want to put me on hormones, but I am looking to find out similar cases and see which treatment to undergo... As hormones do have lots of side effects over time. Please let me know if you have done tests for thyroid hormones and antibodies? Thanks in advance and pray for strong health for all.

  • Hi, your issues sound very similar to what I have been experiencing. Were you able to address any of the issues?

  • I have the same issues. Dr's. Tested me for everything under the sun. All negative but I need glasses and because of the symptoms I have been having, I am experiencing anxiety but I will not be taking meds for it. He may need to see an optician.

  • I'm 18 and I have had all the same symptoms. Did you ever find out what it is? I have an appointment with a neurologists and I have had an MRI done but it came back normal. I am constantly getting dizzy and it has progressed to the point that I can't have anything touching my head because it hurts so much. I can't even lay down on my pillow at night. I have tried explaining this to the doctors but they look at me like I'm crazy. This has been going on for a few months for me and has progressively gotten worse. It is now to the point that I can't stand the pain anymore. Please let me know if you have figured out what it is because doctors here are worthless

  • Hello i cant stand for head to touch anything either i get this weird feeling like it goes all over my head then the headache starts like a sensitive nerve or something i"m waiting for my mri results hope u get relief i sleep sitting up with pillows on the side of me

  • Hi- I too have a lot of these symptoms which started 3 weeks ago. Through my research, a lot of these same symptoms can stem from sinus issues (which i never thought i had issues with).

  • You know what you is exactly right i never had sinus issue so i thought as well but my sister does & hers mainly dealing with her nose being stopped up really bad but after a week or so she be fine mines started with the worse headache ive ever had in my life 1 Dr. Told me it sound like a Trapped Nerve in my head which i belive was the problem which probably trigger my sinus to act up

  • Absolutely. I suffer from alot with my anxiety, stress, panic and depression.

    Lightheaded, headaches, light sensitivity, heat sensitivity, memory issues, brain fog, trouble swallowing and more.

    This a started this year with anxiety,Panic attacks then I added really high stress this year due to a shift in job and more which resulted in myself waking up 8 weeks ago with all the symptoms I explained.

    I have had every test under the sun. Blood work, thyroids, liver, kidneys, MSI, cat dcan, ultra sound, scope. You name it I've had it done.

    I started Prozac 3 days ago. The first 2 days were ok but today was awful for 4 hours. I took 20mg and was instantly sick but I also know it's very common to get sick from SSRIs.

    After the sickness kind of passed something awesome happend for about 2 hours.

    All of a sudden I felt a wright being lifted, the stress started to fade. My headache cleared a little. My thoughts cleared up some. Bad thoughts faded some. Then it all came back. So I just need more time on medication.

    These kinds of medications have a start up cost but will fade away. I did the same as you went to an eye doctor as well. After sitting on this website you read what other people are going through and you see wow they have almost every symptom or had every symptom I have now.

    I can't say anything about dizzyness as I have never suffered from that

  • Hello, wow he sounds just like me i"m going through the samething eye pressure pain headaches light dizzyness its worse during the day i sleep sitting up because when i lay down feel as if air is being pumped in my head ive had cat scam done nothing waiting on MRI i hope he get relief soon i cry to myself bc my kids thinks in in my head they are here for me but thats there way of dealing with it who wants something to be wrong with there mom right

  • ask him not to think negative thoughts as he knew that he is healthy. its just anxiety..

  • Has he been tested for Lyme disease? I experienced everything you're describing before my diagnosis.

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