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Hi everyone,

I'm a 30 years old fairly fit guy. A month ago at work I had 2 very sudden but small surges of uneasyness while eating and then I had an immense rush of adrenaline while walking some minutes later. I didn't know of in wanted to sit down or stand up my heart was racing and I was just getting waves and waves of butterflies through my body.

The doctors put it down to an anxiety/panic attack. In the days after I had a bunch of blood tests and physical examinations to check if there was anything wrong and a part from a vitamin D deficiency (currently in norway) everything else was fine. I was given vitamin d tablets to boost it and everything else was fine. But everyday I have uneasy feelings especially when I walk. At first it was light-headedness all the time which has sort of gone away but now I'm just feeling like I'm not myself my head feels weird sometimes like everything is "intense" and too much.

I am seeing a therapist and doing meditation which does calm it down. I wanted to know if anyone else has had these symptoms with anxiety? And if they have any tips. My therapist for the time being is reluctant to medicate me.

Thank you,



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  • Hi Pete! I'm Cynthia. I've had the same experience and yes, it's because of anxiety. It's a very weird feeling. Like if you're out of it. I can't think clearly, it's so much adrenaline running all over my body and I start to feel light headed, like there's just so many things and it gets very intense. I try sitting down sometimes but it's like if I have to stay up. What I do, is i lay down if I'm at home, and I drink water and take deep breaths. If I'm out in public or at work, I take deep breaths as well but I immediately distract myself otherwise I'll start putting too much thought in it and it will eventually get worse and then I will have a strong panic attack. I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I really hope you feel better and try to look for ways that can help you feel better. Anxiety is scary and there's a lot of side effects to it but just know that it will pass.

  • Pete87, for whatever reason anxiety picks a time to hit us when most venerable either emotionally or physically. Sounds like you have a good therapist who believes what you are experiencing can be taken care of naturally with meditation. Deep breathing helps as well in keeping the adrenaline in control. Medication may need to be resorted to at times, just be aware that it has only a bandage effect since you would still have to work at controlling the symptoms. It's a weird and horrible feeling, but know that it is not harmful, Accept it as a sign that you may need to get more control of your life. Don't sweat the little things. Think positive and get rid of negative thoughts (they only due harm)

    I wish you continued good luck with your therapist. Also continue using the forum for additional support and most of all understanding. We have all been there Pete.

    Take it easy...

  • These are classic anxiety and panic symptoms. The best advice I can give you is to carry on your life as if they don't exist, do not let them hold any power over you. Anxiety hit me 5 years ago and it took 18 months to go away because I was terrified of the symptoms and let the fear control me. I'm currently going through a relapse but have been recovering much quicker this time as I know these symptoms are harmless. Find a good book that you can learn from and use don't use forums too often - they're full of horror stories that you really don't need to hear. Learn relaxation techniques, stay connected in your social circle and have good diet and exercise. If its really bad press your GP for talking therapy if you can. Good luck x

  • I may be repeating myself at this point but the majority of advice seems to fall in the grin and bear it column. Ignore the symptoms, carry on thru

    The suffering don't let anxiety escalate etc. somewhere along the line I would like some answers. How is it that this illness can strike without warning for some and be a lifelong chronic condition for others?

    What systemic damage occurs when a person is having a panic attack.

    The Pharmaciticals are getting rich on band aid meds that only soften

    Symptoms and ignoring research. Number one disability claim in America

    Is anxiety and depression. Demand answers and don't settle for a hand full of pills and a pat on the back.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your comments they really have helped. It is somewhat comforting to know that it's not just me as weird as that sounds as I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    It is getting a little better. I find it worst in the mornings with really dizzy and uneasy feelings lasting a few hours and gradually getting better throughout the day to almost fine at night.

    I will keep pushing and referring to this site for help.

    I really hope this isn't going to be a long journey as if it keeps up I fear I will need to quit my job.

    Thank you all again.


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