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Anxiety symptoms

So in total, I've sxperienced approximately 65-70 anxiety symptoms. Over the course of a year.

Anyway, my symptoms right now are

-feeling tired

-no energy. Like I don't even want to get up

-spaced out in my own house. I'm scared I'm just gonna collapse

-noisy stomach

I get freaked out thinking I've got an illness, and though the last bloodwork I had done was last year with similar symptoms, I'm scared something new has developed. Like I freak myself out with diabetes but no one in my family or distant family has that and I'm not really thirsty or anything. Then i think ovarian cyst like a doc told me when I was experiencing pelvic discomfort, but I don't think that's right either because my pelvis no longer has that and I actually wonder if it's coming from my back since my posture got bad so I have constant back spasms. I'm scared that I'll pass out or something though that has never happened and this weird tiredness and "weakness" only came on after I spent a lot of time freaking out over the aforementioned pelvic stuff. Like I was crying and researching and went to a doc that was completely dismissive of it (not in a rude way but in a this-is-no-big-deal way) and then my mom went out of town twice which was stressful, so yeah.

I'm trying to get my insurance transferred but I'm scared something paramount will happen within the amount of time until the transfer is complete. My mom suffers with anxiety and continues to assure me I'm fine and that she will only be taking me to the doctor to have him assure me nothing is medically wrong. Can anxiety make you feel incapable of even standing let alone going out and "ignoring how you feel"? I seem to feel worse when I'm coming off of panic,mso could that be another cause?

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I actually have been feeling those same symptoms recently and its miserable my legs are wobbly and sometimes they have s dull ache does this happen to you?

I e been reassured many times that all these symptoms can be anxiety but it's hard to believe. Though I notice if I'm very distracted I usually feel better.

Hope you feel better soon


A lot of people have anxiety over their health including myself. I take a low dose of a antidepressant which seems to help the chatter in your brain. There is no reason to suffer. Good luck!

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I'm having the same symptoms now!!! I feel so weak, exhausted and tired and don't want to do anything & I feel dizzy, lightheaded and I'm so scared im going to pass out. It's not a nice feeling, I hope we're both free of this soon <3

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Talk with the doctor if you not sure.

good meals and alot of drinking.

Walking or jogging 3 times per weak.

Positive thinking and stop pay too much atenttion to your body.

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Do u get a constant fast heart rate?


Not sure about him, But I do.... lol sorry for jumping in. What does that mean? Because one fine day I was resting, and suddenly my heart rate went so high, I could feel it... that I was convinced enough that I am getting a heart attack. When I reached the nearest hospital, I was immediately hospitalised. Even the doctors feared it to be a stroke. Then came the angiography to see if there were any blockages. NOPE. Then came a 2D echo report. Nothing unusual in it. And all this at the age of 22. I was later declare to be cardiac-ally fit. I am not sure what this is. I am going to right a detailed post about this later. But please let me know what this could be?


Sometimes, but since I don't worry about my heart, I don't notice it much


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